Monster Paradise
1412 Destroying Root and Branch
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1412 Destroying Root and Branch

After dealing with the matter of the Crow God and conducting a round of inspection to determine that there would be no future problems, only then did Lin Huang bring Xiao Mo and the group of Sword Servants back to Emperor City.

The matter of the Crow God was considered temporarily resolved. Although the Nightmare Tapir had been interrupted while it was reading the memory of the Crow God's will projection, it had still managed to retrieve a small part of it.

In the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang carefully examined the segment of memory obtained by the Nightmare Tapir before looking down at Xiao Mo below.

"The matter of the Crow God can be considered temporarily finished for now. It's unlikely that he will invade again within the near future. Xiao Mo, you can be at ease and go about your own affairs now—but if you sense any anomalies, remember to notify me at the first possible instant."

After he had finished speaking about Xiao Mao's affairs, Lin Huang turned and looked at the twelve Sword Servants who had been assigned to Xiao Mo.

"The mission that I entrusted to the twelve of you has been completed. Following this, all of you should join the Sword Alliance that has been set up. Later, report to Sword103 and let him arrange things as he sees fit."

After sending Xiao Mo and the others away, Lin Huang narrowed his eyes slightly; after pondering for a little while, he dialed a number.

A moment later, the video call connected; the image projected was Jiang Shan, the chairman of the Union Government.

"Emperor Lin, it's been a long time since I last saw you." As usual, Jiang Shan wore a smart suit, a genial smile on his face. He almost always appeared like this on any occasion.

More than a year ago, Lin Huang had been merely a junior in his eyes. However, now that Dynasty had grown to be one of the giants among the organizations, Lin Huang—firmly positioned as its Emperor—was already equal to Jiang Shan in terms of status.

"Indeed, it's been more than a year since we last met." Lin Huang smiled and nodded. "Chairman Jiang, I will visit and reminisce with you another day when I have more time. Today I will just get straight down to business without much small talk. The reason why I've contacted you today has to do with the matter of the Crow God's invasion of the great world..."

"The Crow God's invasion?!" Jiang Shan was taken aback when he heard that.

"Last year the Crow God sent his will projection down—all of you ought to be aware of this matter, right?" Lin Huang asked this because even if the Union Government had not participated in the affair at the time, a clash like that between Virtual Gods could not be hidden from the Union Government's eyes and ears.

"Wasn't the will projection of the Crow God routed at that time last year?" Jiang Shan obviously knew what had happened back then.

"We've always thought that the will projection of the Crow God had been taken care of back then. I only found out on my return this time that he escaped through Golden Cicada Molting; he's been hiding in the Peaceful Ocean for the last year or so. It took us three months to finally locate his hiding place and we just finished killing him ten minutes ago.

"Before I killed him, I also managed to obtain a small amount of information and plans about the Crow God through various means. In a little while, I'll organize this information in a document and send it to you. Apart from that, there is also a video that I took. It's a dimensional gateway opened by the will projection of the Crow God. I have already destroyed this dimensional gateway, and the Crow God should not be able to lead an army through for the foreseeable short-term.

"However, what the Crow God left behind in our world is definitely not confined to a single will projection. If they can open a dimensional gateway, it's possible that they may open a second and a third..."

"Do you want to make a move against Purple Crow?!" Jiang Shan immediately understood Lin Huang's intentions.

"It's not that I want to make a move against Purple Crow but we must eliminate this hidden danger," Lin Huang deliberately emphasized the word "we". 

"As long as Purple Crow exists, their plans for opening the dimensional gateway to welcome the arrival of the Crow God won't be entirely extinguished."

Lin Huang stared at Jiang Shan's projection intently; it was very obvious that Lin Huang would not be altering his decision already.

Jiang Shan pondered for a moment. "What do you want the Union Government to do then?"

"It's very simple. Spread the news of Purple Crow's futile attempt to release the Crow God. Dynasty can take the lead on the remaining matters. Considering that everyone's focus is mainly on the conquest of wastelands and ruins, the Union Government can even afford not to be the main force behind the clean-up operation."

"How about this. Why don't you send your document over first— I'll convene a meeting to discuss it and come back to you afterward," Jiang Shan chose to proceed cautiously.

"Very well, we'll be in contact later."

After hanging up the call with Jiang Shan, Lin Huang spent a few minutes organizing the documents and then sent them to Jiang Shan along with the video.

Once the information had been sent, he thought about it for a while and forwarded a copy of the same documents and the video to Dynasty's Huang Tianfu and Misery's Zhi Ji. He then dialed both their numbers at the same time.

In just a moment, the video call connected. Both Huang Tianfu and Zhi Ji were startled—this was the first time that Lin Huang had brought them together for a video call.

"Afterwards, have a look at the documents that I just sent to both of you. In the next few days, gather people and prepare to eliminate Purple Crow!"

"Eliminate Purple Crow?!" Huang Tianfu could not figure out why Lin Huang had suddenly come out with something like this. Based on his previous impressions, Lin Huang never had been a person who looked for trouble.

Zhi Ji also raised his brows when he heard this. Although he did not ask any questions, the expression on his face displayed some confusion. 

"The Crow God's will projection created a space dimensional gateway on the seabed of the Peaceful Ocean. If I had discovered it just a few days later, my guess is that the Crow God would have directly come through with an army of True Gods. For the specifics, you can look at the attachment afterward.

"I've already contacted the Union Government; once they've issued the announcement, Dynasty can immediately make a move. Misery can join in a few days later—wait for other organizations to come in first.

"Another thing—just the two of you gathering your people together will suffice. Don't disclose any specifics of your movements; as long as both of you know that's good enough. This is to prevent the news from leaking out, and the people of Purple Crow scattering and hiding before we can take action."

Once he had given his instructions, Lin Huang hung up the call again.

About half an hour later, he finally received Jiang Shan's video call request once more.

After the call connected, Jiang Shan's projection clearly showed that he was in a conference room and that he was not alone.

"Emperor Lin, thank you for waiting. We have read the documents and we have discussed a preliminary plan..."

The video conference with the Union Government lasted nearly half an hour before ending.

It was finally determined that the punitive expedition against Purple Crow was to be led by the Union Government.

As Lin Huang had expected, the main direction of the Union Government's discussion was still the distribution of benefits.

Lin Huang allocated the follow-up matters to Huang Tianfu and the others; he then entered closed-door cultivation once more.

It took three days to complete the refining of the Void Hunter's Divine Fire. Of the ten pieces of seventh-rank divine tinder, the first piece had at least finished being refined.

Although he did not elevate to seventh-rank Virtual God, Lin Huang could exceed one rank for a short time, temporarily increasing his combat strength by one rank without any side effects.

After refining the Divine Fire, he enquired about the progress of Huang Tianfu's discussions with the Union Government. Once he knew that things were going well and they were ready to take action, he felt relieved and continued with closed-door cultivation.

In the Emperor Palace, he crushed Epiphany Cards one after the other, learning more sword skills every day...


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