Monster Paradise
1411 Resolving the Crisis
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1411 Resolving the Crisis

Lin Huang did not know whether to laugh or cry when he heard his opponent suggest a one-on-one duel.

Because of Thousand Face's disguise, his externally displayed combat level was only Virtual God rank-3, but his actual combat level was already at Virtual God rank-6.

As for the Crow God's will projection, his combat level was only at Virtual God rank-2.

His combat level alone was four ranks below Lin Huang.

Moreover, Lin Huang had already been able to take down medium-rank True Gods when he was just a Virtual God rank-3. Now that he had been elevated to Virtual God rank-6, his true strength was in no way inferior to an ordinary ninth-rank True God. Even then, this was still not considered one of his trump cards.

Even if the Crow God Primordium personally came here, there was a high chance that he would have perished on the spot while facing Lin Huang. Furthermore, this current opponent was only the Crow God's will projection, and his combat level was only at Virtual God rank-2. 

The Crow God's will projection was ecstatic upon hearing that Lin Huang had agreed to his one-on-one challenge.

Although Lin Huang was a Virtual God rank-3 and therefore at a combat level that was a little higher than his own, the Crow God was not afraid at all.

"Since this is a one-on-one duel, let's determine the rules in advance. During the fight, any methods are permissible. If you lose, you must let me leave unscathed."

"Not a problem. However, what will you do if you lose?" Lin Huang asked with a smile. 

"I'll give up setting the teleportation coordinates, and will no longer be involved in anything related to my Primordium's plans to invade the gravel world." The Crow God's will projection strove hard to obtain a chance of survival for himself.

"You don't have to go through such a hassle. All you have to do is give up your life," Lin Huang said, casually laying out his demands. 

The Crow God's expression immediately filled with dread, but he was also aware that he had no other choice. If he wanted to survive, he had to win!

His mood soon calmed down, and his confidence returned as he remembered his trump card.

"Let's fight then. I hope you'll keep your word! If I win, let me leave safely."

"Don't worry, as long as you can win, I'll let you go!" Lin Huang nodded quickly.

The two managed to come to an agreement, and Xiao Mo swiftly stepped aside.

He was very confident in Lin Huang's abilities. If Lin Huang's opponent had been a True God, then Xiao Mo might have been a little worried. However, the opponent this time was just a Virtual God rank-2, and his combat level alone was a rank lower than Lin Huang's.

When Xiao Mo heard the Crow God's will projection suggest one-on-one combat, in his heart he even had a moment of silent mourning for the Crow God.

Lin Huang stood tall and proud on this battlefield of two but did not make any immediate moves.

The disparity in strength between himself and the Crow God was too great. If he were to attack, the other party would not stand a chance at all. Besides, Lin Huang also wanted to see what tricks the Crow God had that gave him such confidence to issue such a challenge against himself.

The Crow God was full of confidence in his own abilities; he also immediately used his trump card at the very first instance.

He stood on top of the sea king species' head and his pupils turned an inky-black color.

The next second, all the pupils of the sea king species under his feet turned pitch black as well, and it opened its blood-covered mouth.

Just when Lin Huang thought the sea king species would launch an attack, a number of figures suddenly sprang out from its mouth.

Lin Huang took a closer look and saw that they were sea monsters, all at virtual god-level combat strength. The one with the lowest combat strength was a Virtual God rank-1 while the highest was a Virtual God rank-4, and there were more than thirty of them. 

Seeing this, Lin Huang finally knew where the Crow God's will projection got his confidence from.

"Is this where your confidence to challenge me comes from?"

"A total of thirty-four virtual god-level monsters; the ones with the highest combat strength are the three Virtual God rank-4s. You can just surrender now and avoid any pain before I take control of them to attack." It seemed that the Crow God's will projection regarded himself as invincible.

"It seems that you still don't know enough about me." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled. "Don't you know that I'm an Imperial Censor?"

After saying this, Lin Huang snapped his fingers. 

The next second, a figure appeared in front of Lin Huang.

It was a white-haired man wearing a black robe, and running streaks of blood were faintly visible on the garment.

The one summoned this time, impressively enough, was Bai.

His True God aura was only briefly revealed for a moment before Bai immediately restrained his aura, quickly sealing his combat strength to Virtual God rank-9.

Even so, as soon as Bai's Virtual God rank-9 aura radiated forth, the Crow God's will projection was still instantly dumbstruck.

Of course, he knew that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor, but he had always thought that no matter how strong Lin Huang's imperial monsters were, their combat strength would be still limited. After all, the level of an imperial monster's combat strength was limited by the combat strength of their imperial master. However, the imperial monster in front of him with the terrifying aura had a combat strength that far surpassed his imperial master, Lin Huang.

"Spare only him; that will be enough."

At Lin Huang's command, Bai's figure flashed as he charged directly into the flock of monsters, launching a one-sided massacre. 

In less than three seconds, all thirty-four virtual god-level monsters had been killed on the spot, including the sea king species under the feet of the Crow God.

Just as Lin Huang had said, not a single soul was spared!

Xiao Mo, who was watching the battle from not too far away, was also dumbfounded. He had clearly sensed that a few of the monsters controlled by the Crow God possessed combat strength that was above his own. However, one single imperial monster summoned by Lin Huang had easily slaughtered them all as if they were just a flock of chickens or a pack of dogs. 

The Crow God's will projection, who was previously full of confidence, was now like a general without an army. He had even lost the mount under his feet.

The color instantly drained from the Crow God's face. He had already used up his trump card. Originally, he had thought that if he utilized his trump card right at the beginning he could win the battle without too much of a hassle, but he had not expected things to turn out like this.

After killing all the monsters, Bai only glanced vaguely in the Crow God's direction. He did not attack him further and returned to Lin Huang's side in a flash.

Even though Bai did not utter a single word from start to finish, he still caused the Crow God immense stress.

Especially when that pair of blood-red pupils glanced over at him just now—the Crow God could clearly feel the other's roiling bloodlust. If it were not for Lin Huang's instruction to "Spare only him" earlier, he feared that this fellow would come right up to him and cut him down without a word.

"You've lost." Lin Huang smiled as he looked at the Crow God.

Just as the Crow God was about to open his mouth and deny this, he suddenly noticed that Lin Huang—who had spoken just a while ago—had disappeared without him realizing it.

Almost at the same time, he felt a slight coldness against his neck.

He turned his head and looked to his right; goodness knows when Lin Huang had appeared there. The slender silver blade in Lin Huang's hand was now in front of the neck of the Crow God's will projection, and the blade had already cut into his flesh by about one millimeter. The incision on his neck was starting to bleed.

"Tell me the Crow God's plan," Lin Huang's unwavering voice came from beside him.

"I'll die whether I say anything or not, so why should I tell you?" The Crow God's will projection still chose to resist.

"As long as you tell me, you don't need to die." Lin Huang turned his head and looked at the Crow God's will projection. "Even if you live, you won't cause any problems."

Hearing this, the face of the Crow God's will projection turned pale once again. He did not know whether he should be glad to hear that or feel insulted by it.

However, he hesitated for only a moment before coming to a decision. 

"I won't say anything." 

As the will projection of the Crow God, although he had his own will, his consciousness still prioritized the interests of the Crow God Primordium. The Primordium's benefit was more important than his own life and death.

This was actually what Lin Huang had expected.

"Well, in that case, I'll have to take a less friendly approach."

Right after Lin Huang said this, a figure appeared in front of him again.

It was a cat-like creature with a strange appearance, resembling a saber-toothed tiger with a long nose.

After being summoned, the creature's pupils quickly locked onto the Crow God and instantly turned pitch black, as if soaked in ink.

The Crow God's will projection suddenly stopped moving, and the pupils of his eyes also turned an inky-black color.

After a moment, the Nightmare Tapir suddenly gave a grunt. 

The pupils of the Crow God's will projection also instantly faded from black and turned scarlet.

The pair of scarlet eyes instantly locked onto Lin Huang.

Then, a blood-red beam shot out from the pupils of the Crow God's eyes, traversing the void like a thunderbolt and aiming straight for Lin Huang.

The speed of this attack was no less than that of a ninth-rank True God. 

It was obvious that the one who launched the assault was no longer the Crow God's will projection, but the Crow God Primordium. 

If anyone else from the gravel world faced this attack, all they could do would be to close their eyes and wait to die. 

However, this was Lin Huang that the Crow God was attacking.

The corner of Lin Huang's lips quirked up slightly, and he met the attack without hesitation, sword in hand.

The sword gleam also turned into a blood-red lightning bolt and charged even more rapidly toward the blood-colored electric arc unleashed by the Crow God.

The two rays of brilliant red light collided together almost instantly, and boundless Divine Power surged forth wildly, turning into a Blood-red Vairocana within the void and completely illuminating the entire sky. 

The dazzling Blood-red Vairocana blazed for more than ten minutes before gradually dissipating.

Only Lin Huang was left standing in his original position. The Crow God's will projection, on the other hand, had dispelled the moment the two attacks collided, turning into dust in the wind. 

Obviously, there was no way the Crow God's will projection would have been able to sustain the arrival of the Crow God Primordial. After unleashing that attack, his physical body could not withstand the burst of energy and had thus automatically collapsed.

Seeing that the Crow God's will projection had been defeated, Lin Huang turned his head and looked in the direction of the dimensional gateway. 

He unleashed Sword Dao true meaning, God Rule Power, and Elemental Enlightenment unrestrainedly, aiming one attack after another at the dimensional gateway. 

Unlike the Space Rule of the Abyss Brink that had accumulated space rifts throughout hundreds of millions of years, the Space Rule of this newly-created dimensional gateway had yet to completely stabilize. 

Under the influence of various Rule Bending Powers, the Space Rule of the dimensional gateway quickly became unstable. 

Seeing that the inside of the dimensional gateway was beginning to undergo a change, Lin Huang did not halt his efforts. Instead, he continued to unleash attacks, putting his all into every blow.

Just like that, after more than half an hour, the dimensional gateway finally let out a rumble and collapsed entirely.

The space rift in the gravel world also began to close up at a speed visible to the naked eye. In less than three minutes, the space rift finally completely disappeared. 

Only then did Lin Huang sheathe his sword and stand up, letting out a long sigh.


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