Monster Paradise
1410 Fight Me One-on-one If You Can!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1410 Fight Me One-on-one If You Can!

After the Ankylosaurus was killed, it took more than ten seconds for the dimensional gateway to finally transmit a spatial fluctuation once again.

Lin Huang, who had been staring intently at the dimensional gateway, did not even wait to see what monster was being teleported before he started attacking again. 

He knew that this wave was critical. 

After completing this kill, the Crow God's plans would have been thwarted for the third time. There would be a high probability that he would not try to probe again for a fourth time, and it was even more likely that he would completely give up on this invasion. 

In the void, the body of the sword turned into a purple electric light and shot through the air.

Lin Huang did not hold back in this attack. 

Even though the Ankylosaurus from just now was a fourth-rank True God, it had terrifying defensive power that was comparable to a sixth-rank True God.

However, as even an explorer of such high caliber was subdued instantly, the third wave of explorers sent by the Crow God would naturally be even stronger and may possess other special abilities.

Coming to that assumption, Lin Huang did not dare to hold back in his attack even in the slightest. 

Sword Dao true meaning, Elemental Enlightenment, and God Rule Power were compounded into one. 

The point of the blade turned into a purple thunder light and instantly penetrated through the curtain of white light from the dimensional gateway that had yet to disperse. In the next second, a corpse that had been sliced into two dropped to the ground.

Lin Huang only realized after looking at the fallen corpse that what he had killed was a Void Hunter. 

A Void Hunter was a Void-type monster that specialized in Spatial Law. 

Judging from the residual aura from the corpse, the Void Hunter's combat strength was equivalent to the seventh-rank true god-level. 

Lin Huang now had a general idea of what the Crow God's intentions were. 

As the previous explorers were defeated twice consecutively, the Crow God had therefore sent out this Void Hunter for the third round. 

On one hand, this Void Hunter's combat power level was at seventh-rank, and its overall strength was much stronger than the Ankylosaurus from before. Moreover, it specialized in spatial-related powers, so even if it encountered a ninth-rank enemy, it would not have been killed easily, let alone within seconds.

On the other hand, if there really was a problem with the dimensional gateway, then the survival rate of the Void Hunter would be much higher than other types of monsters due to its spatial powers. As long as the Void Hunter was able to make it back alive, they would be able to identify the problem with the dimensional gateway and determine if it could be used. However, if even the Void Hunter could not survive the trip, that could only mean there was a major problem with this dimensional gateway and there was no hope in using it.

However, during this third wave of probing, the Crow God miscalculated once again.

He would never have thought that there was someone in the gravel world that would be able to kill a seventh-rank true god-level Void Hunter. 

He would much less have imagined that there was someone in the gravel world who was calculating his moves since the beginning, guiding him toward the wrong train of thought, and allowing him to make the wrong conclusions again and again.

Seeing that the Void Hunter was killed within seconds, the Crow God's will projection was in complete disbelief.

The Crow God's will projection possessed a big chunk of the Crow God's memories, so he knew very well that this Void Hunter was an expert at dodging attacks. An average ninth-rank True God would have had a hard time merely killing it, let alone annihilating it within seconds. 

But the person behind Lin Huang was able to do it, and instantaneously killed the Void Hunter the moment it was teleported over.

"Could there be a ninth-rank behind him?!"

As he considered the possibility, the Crow God's will projection was a little depressed. His Primordial form's original combat power was only at ninth-rank true god-level, and within the ninth-rank, his strength was nowhere near the top; it could only be considered upper-middle level at most.

Now, it seems that the person behind Lin Huang was also a ninth-rank True God, whose strength was not weaker than his Primordial form's. In fact, it may even be even stronger.

All of a sudden, he felt that conquering this gravel world would be more difficult than he had initially imagined.

Even if his Primordial form came here in person, it would be embarrassing if he ended up unable to go against this ninth-rank True God opponent that was behind Lin Huang. Furthermore, the prior preparations that he had been working so hard on all this time would all go to waste. 

However, after thinking about it carefully, he soon discovered another problem.

"In this gravel world with incomplete rules, there's no way a True God would be able to stay here for long. Even if there are special means to obstruct the world will, it would only be temporary. Moreover, the higher the True God's combat power level, the more they will be rejected by the world will, and the shorter the duration that they can stay. If I base my calculations according to my Primordial form, then if a ninth-rank true god-level powerhouse were to come to this part of the gravel world, they would only be able to stay here for about half a month at most."

Thinking of this, the Crow God's will projection felt that he had made a breakthrough.

"The powerhouse behind Lin Huang can only stay here for a limited amount of time. As long as we invade after his time is up, he won't be a problem anymore..."

However, what he did not know was that this so-called "powerhouse behind Lin Huang" was actually Lin Huang himself.

As a native inhabitant of the gravel world, combined with the fact that his combat power level had yet to reach true god-level, Lin Huang could stay in this part of the gravel world until the end of time if he really wanted to. 

Silently putting away the two halves of the corpse, Lin Huang once again turned his attention to the dimensional gateway. 

He was quite sure that the Crow God would not send a fourth wave of explorers. He kept his eyes on the dimensional gateway, just in case.

After three fruitless waves of probing, Lin Huang was almost certain that the Crow God Primordium would cancel the invasion plan.

It was simply impossible for the Crow God to hastily assemble a large army and send them through the dimensional gateway without confirming the problems with the dimensional gateway. 

According to normal logic, if even a Void Hunter could not make it through the dimensional gateway, then it would be even more impossible for others to make a trip, let alone a large-scale army.

Just as Lin Huang had expected, seconds and minutes passed by, and there was no new movement from the dimensional gateway.

He stood there and waited for three to four minutes, and when he saw that the dimensional gateway did not light up again, he knew that he had won this round of mind games!

He deliberately created the illusion that there was a problem with the dimensional gateway. After three times of careful verification, the Crow God finally fell into his trap, believed in the illusion, and temporarily gave up on the invasion plan.

Seeing that the dimensional gateway did not lit up, the Crow God's will projection had gradually become discouraged.

He could clearly see from this side of the gravel world that there was no problem with the dimension gateway, but his Primordium nevertheless gave up on the invasion.

It was not difficult for him to understand his Primordium's actions. If he had not witnessed the three waves of monsters being beheaded with his own eyes, he probably would have also come to the same conclusion that the three waves of explorers encountered an accident while in the dimensional gateway.

"I'm afraid that your Primordium will no longer have any contact with the gravel world for some time." After confirming that the Crow God Primordium had given up on the invasion, Lin Huang turned his head slightly and smiled at the Crow God's will projection.

Although his smile was warm and graceful, the Crow God's will projection felt a chill down his spine. Despite that, the expression on his face remained calm and composed. 

"Lin Huang, fight me one-on-one if you can, don't rely on a helper!"

This was the only way he could think of for a slim chance of survival. If the person behind Lin Huang were to make a move, he would probably be killed instantly.

"One-on-one?!" Lin Huang could not help but raise his eyebrows. He rarely heard other people making such demands from him. "Are you sure you want to go one-on-one against me?"

"Are you too scared?!" The Crow God firmly stared at Lin Huang. 

The corner of Lin Huang's lips quivered upward after hearing this provocation. The rays of the sun just so happened to illuminate his cheeks at this moment, and under the intertwinement of light and shadow, he looked more handsome than ever.

"Then… as you wish." 


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