Monster Paradise
1351 To Me, You’re Just A Sparring Partner
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1351 To Me, You’re Just A Sparring Partner

As Lin Huang remained where he was to rest and regroup after exiting the Tenth Palace, the God's Servants from the Ninth Palace had already quietly arrived.

In less than half a minute, the ten of them formed a circle around him.

Prior to entering the Tenth Palace, Lin Huang might have needed to expend some effort to deal with ten Virtual God rank-9 God's Servants. Now, however, he did not even bother to give opponents of this level more than a glance.

Seeing that the ten God's Servants had formed a battle formation from which a phantom giant beast 1,000 feet tall had swiftly materialized, Lin Huang made no move to stop them at all.

He gripped his sword by the hilt and swung it in a circular attack the instant the giant beast materialized fully.

A ring of blood-red sword gleam spread like a ripple on the surface of water. It charged through the phantom giant beast and the circle of ten silhouettes. 

The next second, the giant beast on the verge of attacking stopped completely in its tracks, while the expressions of the ten God's Servants in the circle utterly froze.

One to two seconds later, the giant beast's head fell onto the ground. The physical form that had just materialized disintegrated completely into fragments that filled the sky. 

On the other side, a thread of blood appeared on the necks of the ten God's Servants in a circle. Their heads slowly toppled from their necks. The headless bodies fell onto the ground one after the other, completely losing their life force.

From the beginning until the end, Lin Huang had not unsheathed his sword. His previous slash had been delivered with the sword still in its scabbard.

Lin Huang could not help muttering softly as he watched the ten bodies rapidly fade into nothingness.

"It's unfortunate that they hadn't materialized into physical bodies. Otherwise, I might still be able to plunder some loot…"

After killing the ten God's Servants, Lin Huang waited where he was for less than ten seconds before a dazzling golden palace slowly descended from mid-air.

This palace was completely golden in color and its exterior was magnificent beyond measure. At a glance, it gave the impression of being much more luxurious than Sword10's palace.

A moment later, the palace door—which was carved with dragon relief sculptures—opened slowly.

Lin Huang had very little hesitation when he saw that; he hurried in immediately.

This time, he was not attacked upon entry. After stepping through the door, the entire palace hall was displayed before his eyes.

Compared to the magnificence outside, the interior of the palace was decorated even more exquisitely. Not only it was dazzling, but the ceiling and windows were also adorned with countless precious stones of various colors.

There was a giant chandelier hanging from the domed ceiling. A glance was all Lin Huang needed to tell that this giant chandelier which weighed at least several hundred pounds was completely created from Divine Crystals. He even had the urge to cut it down and put it away in his storage space.

"This chandelier of mine isn't too shabby eh? It weighs a total of eight hundred and thirty-three pounds. The lampshade is completely forged from Divine Crystals. The lamp wicks are made from the fire elemental truth core left behind by a fire attribute heavenly god-level powerhouse after his death. I put in a lot of work to gather these nine wicks…"

A youthful silhouette walked slowly toward Lin Huang.

It was a young man in a white suit. He appeared to be in his early 20s and his looks were such that no one could nitpick about them.

His charisma was extraordinary. He was the kind of fellow who would be instantly noticed even if he were standing in a group of good-looking men.

He was a wealthy young master—not one born into a rich second generation, but one from an ancient family who had passed through many generations and still remained strong.

The expression on his face and in his eyes when he looked at others contained a lingering, faint superiority. Deep in his bones, he was sure that he was more distinguished than the rest.

At the same time as Lin Huang was checking him out, he was checking Lin Huang out too.

"Only mastered one type of God Rule Power and no Elemental Enlightenment at all…" Sword9 was clearly unsatisfied with Lin Huang after giving him a once-over. "Was Sword10 so desperate that he had to cheat to this extent?"

"Why don't you try me and find out whether Sword10 cheated or not?" Lin Huang did not take what Sword9 said seriously. If the circumstances called for action, he preferred not to talk.

"I'm just describing the facts I've observed. The energy waves on your body have already told me a great deal." Sword9 glanced at Lin Huang. "I've no idea what Sword10 told you in the last round or how much he bent the rules for you to be this confident.

"What I want to tell you is that I'm different from Sword10 who is in the Succession Sect. I'm in the Regression Sect. I definitely won't allow any participants to cheat in my round.

"There are only two ways to pass me. One is to defeat me! The other is to display talent and potential that astonishes me, as well as abilities that I approve of.

"To be honest, I don't expect much from you, but I hope that you don't perform too terribly later on, otherwise, I'd look down on Sword10. After all, you're someone that he chose. For Sword10's sake then, you'd better give it your all. Try your best not to lose too disgracefully."

"You're just a sparring partner, why do you spout so much rubbish?!" Lin Huang could no longer hold back what he had been thinking.

Sword9 was stunned when he heard that. When he snapped back to his senses, a faint smirk of mockery played about his lips.

"So that's what Sword10 told you; no wonder that you're so confident."

He had clearly misunderstood. He was under the impression that to give Lin Huang confidence, Sword10 had told Lin Huang that everyone else was merely a sparring partner.

Hearing that, Lin Huang immediately realized that Sword9 had misunderstood. However, he did not bother to explain.

He drew his battle sword from its scabbard and attacked, using God-slaying Power and Lightning Elemental Power within Divine Power as well as the rapid speed Thunder Eclipse. Although he had not added on Seraphic Speed divine ability and Light Elemental Power, the attack was already at peak speed.

In the blink of an eye, Sword9 saw a blood-red electric arc charging straight through the air toward his face.

Lin Huang's sword speed gave him quite a shock.

The rapid speed of the attack made him revise his opinion of Lin Huang's abilities in a flash.

"You're showing off rapid speed with me?!" Sword9 scoffed and immediately launched a counter-attack.

His main cultivation direction was rapid speed, so his attainments in rapid speed were several times more powerful than Sword10.

When he swung his battle sword, a perfect integration of Wind Elemental Enlightenment and wind attribute sword skills cut through the air together with the blade. A colorless sword gleam collided with the blood-red sword gleam instantly in the void, resulting in an explosion of dazzling scarlet sparks.

'Such a quick strike! This fellow's comprehension in Wind Elemental Enlightenment is obviously a cut above Sword10!' Sword9's ability was more powerful than Lin Huang had expected. However, that did not make him want to quit. Instead, he became more excited now.

'Perhaps I can use him to complete my breakthrough in rapid speed!'

At that moment, Sword9's voice drifted over from opposite him.

"That attack wasn't too shabby but it was just about on par with Sword10's level. If you want to pass my round, this sort of attack is far from adequate!"

"You really spout a lot of nonsense!"

Lin Huang ignored Sword9 and swung his sword for another attack. However, he added Seraphic Speed divine ability to the initial foundation; the sword swing was at least three times faster than before.

Even Sword9's eyes lit up seeing upon seeing this attack.

He hesitated no more and countered Lin Huang by swinging his sword again…


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