Monster Paradise
1347 Force-type Attack
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1347 Force-type Attack

"Force-type attack is different from the extreme sword speed and agility required for rapid speed in that it aims for the ultimate charge in an attack. You would need extreme strength and force, even extreme usage of Divine Power…"

Lin Huang was completely focused as he listened to Sword10's explanation.

Previously, he had never given these matters much thought. Although he knew that there was force-type cultivation direction in Sword Dao, his understanding of force meant fighting his opponent in the most unyielding manner! He thought that a force-type attack was swinging his sword with all his might and not holding anything back!

Sword10 seemed to know what was going through Lin Huang's mind. He continued, "Many people think that force-type attack means fighting without thinking. The assumption isn't exactly wrong, but real force-type attack isn't merely mindless combat.

"To me, a real force-type attack should have extreme strength, extreme explosive ability, extreme physical capabilities, and extreme usage of Divine Power… It's a combination of all these extreme elements; there should be no shortcomings whatsoever.

"If only a single aspect reaches its peak, or there's a clear flaw, that would not be considered a genuine force-type attack. At most that could be called a strength-type, explosive-type or Divine Power-type attack…"

After Sword10 finished this earnest explanation, he looked at Lin Huang across the distance. "Next, let's see what sort of level you're at for your force-type attack!"

As soon as he was done speaking, Sword10 withdrew the silver battle sword he held from its scabbard once more. Divine Power slowly spread from the sword hilt to the very tip of the blade. As Divine Power enveloped the blade of the sword completely, a layer of red flame surged up around it as well. At the same time, wispy blood-red sparks appeared

Lin Huang only needed a glance to tell that that Sword10 had not only added Fire Elemental Enlightenment to his weapon, but he had also endowed it with Lightning Elemental Enlightenment.

"The red Lightning Elemental Enlightenment seems to be different from the previous purple Lightning Elemental Enlightenment. The same type of Elemental Enlightenment probably has subdivisions of different functions and effects. He was using the purple Lightning Elemental Enlightenment earlier for rapid speed, which resulted in a boost to his sword speed. Now that he's using red Lightning Elemental Enlightenment for a force-type attack, the effect might be different…"

Lin Huang did not have a detailed understanding of Lightning Elemental Enlightenment. However, he knew that Sword10's sword power would certainly be terrifying with the addition of both Fire and Lightning Elemental Enlightenments.

In an instant, the battle sword in Lin Huang's hand was also enveloped in blood-red Divine Power. With the addition of Sword Dao true meaning and God-slaying Power, the blood-red glow on the blade was even more intense than before.

The blood-red glow very soon transformed into a state resembling flame and enveloped the entire blade.

This layer of "red flame" was naturally not a real flame like that of Fire Elemental Enlightenment. Instead, Lin Huang used Charcoal's Dragon Flame as a model and simulated the flame with Divine Power.

"I definitely can't fight his double Elemental Enlightenment attack with my God-slaying Power alone…" In his mind, Lin Huang was rapidly searching for skills and divine abilities that could be added to his force-type attack. He soon found the answer.

The Superhuman Strength divine ability!

The Superhuman Strength was a natural talent originally from Gong Sunying, who was born with this innate ability. However, when Tyrant elevated to virtual god-level and his Immense Strength skill evolved into Superhuman Strength, the Superhuman Strength natural talent integrated automatically with his Monster Skill to become a new Superhuman Strength divine ability.

Tyrant had the Celestial Giant bloodline, which meant that Superhuman Strength—his core skill—was no less powerful than God Rule Power itself.

The effect of Superhuman Strength on Lin Huang's attack was very obvious.

One could say that both combatants held nothing back in this attack.

In the void, two red gleams lit up half the sky. One was rather dim, while the other was as bright as a flame; they lit up the palace so brightly that there were no shadows anywhere.

The next instant, both red gleams transformed into two meteors and shot through the air, colliding with each other.

The second the dim and the bright red gleams collided, dazzling red light was released. At that moment, the red gleam was even faintly tinged with white. Endless bursts of red light surged in all directions like flowing water, completely blanketing all the spaces within the palace in the blink of an eye, turning it into a blood-red edifice.

If there were other living beings in this place, the residual red gleams of light emanating from the sword swings would instantly turn anyone below true god-level into dust…

The collision of these two similar red gleams came to an end in no more than ten seconds. However, a glaringly bright red afterglow remained where the point of impact had been.

Suddenly, a black silhouette shot out from the afterglow, landing hard onto the ground and stirring up a cloud of dust.

"Let's continue!" The silhouette slowly clambered up from the dust and stood up.

All of a sudden, it moved again, stepping out of the dust-covered area.

A figure in a black robe emerged; it was Lin Huang.

Lin Huang did not seem to mind being defeated in this first round of combat. He drew himself up without hesitation and initiated battle again.

Sword10 raised his brows slightly but did not say anything. He transformed into a stream of light again and charged at Lin Huang.

In the void, the dim and the bright gleams collided over and over. As a result of the tremendous impact, dazzling red star-like sparks illuminated the air continuously.

However, Lin Huang was repeatedly forced to retreat due to his opponent's attacks.

The first dozen or so times, Lin Huang was immediately sent flying. However, he was gradually starting to retreat less and less far away.

By the time Sword10 sheathed his sword and exited the battlefield, Lin Huang had reduced the distance of his retreat to within ten meters.

"Although I'm a Protoss with a naturally powerful physique that gives me a natural advantage in force-type attacks, if I compare myself to a genuine force-type powerhouse, there's still significant room for improvement.

"Of all those under the swordmaster, Sword3 is the person who has gone the furthest in force-type ability. Out of the ten of us bodyguards, he's also the one with the most in-depth comprehension of force-type attacks.

"He has the Celestial Giant bloodline, which means his strength, explosive ability and physique have surpassed even the Protoss. Given that he was able to cultivate using the Celestial Giants' methods, he's much more powerful in Divine Power usage compared to ordinary Protoss. You could say that he's reached the peak in all aspects of force-type ability.

"If he used no other technique except force-type Sword Dao to fight, at my ability level I would probably only be able to sustain three sword attacks from him at most. Even if I brought out all of my techniques, he would only need around ten sword attacks to kill me.

"Going by your current force-type level, you might be able to take one sword attack from him…

"If you'd like to take steps for a breakthrough in this area, overall, there are only two ways to go about it. You either achieve a breakthrough with your Superhuman Strength divine ability so it becomes a rule—or you can master another God Rule Power or Elemental Enlightenment that can be used in force-type attacks. An example would be the Fire Elemental Enlightenment; it would be quite effective if combined with simulated Dragon Flame…

"Of course, everything I've mentioned is based on my personal understanding. They're just some suggestions; they're not necessarily correct. If you have ideas of your own, you can try them out and find a suitable breakthrough method that best suits you."


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