Monster Paradise
1346 Sword10’s Approach
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1346 Sword10’s Approach

"The core of my rapid speed technique is wind attribute and lightning attribute Elemental Enlightenment. You've experienced two attacks previously, the next attack is the real sword swing at peak speed!"

As soon as Sword10 was done speaking, countless purple electric arcs began to radiate from the silver battle sword in his hand. However, the purple of the electric arcs soon faded into colorlessness very rapidly.

Lin Huang's pupils contracted slightly as he witnessed this.

His opponent had very obviously integrated Wind Elemental Enlightenment and Lightning Elemental Enlightenment, which was why the lightning arcs in his Lightning Elemental Enlightenment were now colorless.

As a result, it seemed as if Lin Huang was currently looking at a silver sword in Sword10's hand with no trace of energy at all surrounding it. Of course, this was merely an illusion. His Divine Telekinesis and perception could clearly sense the energy waves coming from the battle sword that Sword10 held.

It was definitely impossible that the integration of two types of Enlightenment would only have the effect of turning the electric arcs colorless. Lin Huang could almost guess that there would be a fairly good cumulative effect from the two Elemental Enlightenments.

If not, Sword10 would not say that this was his fastest attack.

Seeing that Sword10 had entered battle mode once again, Lin Huang did not dare to hold back at all.

If he failed to defend himself against the attack, it was possible that he might be killed by Sword10 right away.

The Divine Power within Lin Huang's body surged forth unrestrained, as he utilized Thunder Escape in a sword swing that encapsulated his most powerful Sword Dao and God-slaying Power.

To accelerate his sword speed further, Lin Huang had even activated Seraphic Speed—something that he had not used for a long time. 

This Seraphic Speed ability came from Kylie.

To be exact, the Seraphic Speed that Lin Huang had retrieved from Kylie was not a Monster Skill, but a Life Seed Skill which was part of one of Kylie's core abilities.

As Kylie elevated in rank, her combat strength had increased as well, which meant that the Seraphic Speed within Lin Huang's body had also undergone continuous transformation. When Kylie elevated to virtual god-level, this Seraphic Speed had evolved entirely into a divine ability.

Not only that, but Kylie also belonged to the Nephilic Judge Tribe—one of the most ancient Pure Blood Protoss bloodlines. 

Even though her current combat strength was merely at the level of Virtual God rank-8, the effect of the core Seraphic Speed divine ability was similar to the effect of a true god-level god rule.

With the support of Seraphic Speed, Lin Huang's Thunder Eclipse had instantly surpassed the original limits of its speed.

A blood-colored sword gleam flashed through the air; the speed of the electric arc was now many times faster than before.

Sword10 could not help raising his brows upon seeing this. "Seraphic Speed?!"

As a veteran heavenly god-level powerhouse, he had seen many divine abilities. A glance was all it took for him to identify that Lin Huang added the Seraphic Speed divine ability into his sword swing.

Almost simultaneously as Lin Huang launched his attack, Sword10 sliced down with his battle sword. A colorless sword gleam charged with double Elemental Enlightenment surged out from the sword point.

The next instant, blood-colored and colorless sword gleams both collided violently in the void. 

As the sword gleams collided, blood-colored and colorless electric arcs sparked wildly in all directions. They looked like countless electric snakes crawling distortedly everywhere. 

Oddly enough, the energy impact from the electric arcs and energy waves would vanish at once whenever they came into contact with the ground or the dragon pillars. No damage was done at all.

This was not because the duo's collision impact was weak. If the battlefield between the two was somewhere without Rule Bending Power limitations, the damage done in combat would spread as far as 10,000 kilometers.

Each electric arc that sparked from this collision of sword swings could collapse mountains and evaporate seas, destroying everything it came into contact with.

However, in this god sequence palace relic, mere true god-level power could not do anything to this place. It was even insufficient to activate the palace's defensive system. The internal construction material itself was immune to the duo's battle impact.

Lin Huang was in the midst of battle and did not notice these details at all, otherwise, he would have been envious all over again.

After that first clash of swords, he moved almost at the same time as Sword10.

The sword speed collision between the two was of equal power, therefore this battle of rapid speed transformed into an even more intense collision.

In the void, Lin Huang transformed into a blood-red electric arc and charged. Meanwhile, Sword10 vanished completely.

With Wind Elemental Enlightenment support, Sword10 turned completely invisible.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had turned into a bolt of blood-red lightning.

The two silhouettes collided wildly over and over again in the void.

If one was to observe with the naked eye, they would only be able to see a blood-red lightning bolt flickering non-stop. It would pause for a moment each time as if it had collided with an invisible wall. Right after that, dazzling blood-red lightning would explode in all directions.

This happened again and again, repeating almost several thousand times per second.

It was like an intense battle between a raging blood-red thunder god and an invisible deity.

Within a short four to five seconds, these high-powered collisions happened over 50,000 times.

In reality, Lin Huang's speed was subpar in comparison with Sword10.

After all, Sword10 had the effect of double Elemental Enlightenment in his sword swing. Not only that, but he had also mastered this technique for many years. Meanwhile, Lin Huang's Seraphic Speed divine ability was not a real god rule or Enlightenment power; he was still breaking in his divine ability and sword skills and had yet to reach perfection.

The single collision earlier might not have been enough to identify any disparity. However, as the duo charged at each other using rapid speed, even if a sword swing was just a little slower, the cumulative attacks finally exposed the gap between Lin Huang's rapid speed and that of Sword10.

Cold sweat broke out on Lin Huang's forehead as an invisible electric arc charged past his left hand and sliced through a little bit of his sleeve. The battle that had lasted less than five seconds paused all of a sudden.

Suddenly, Sword10 retreated hundreds of meters away and stood there after sheathing his sword.

"I could have severed your left hand with that attack earlier. It would end this way—your speed would drop further and you would be entirely dominated by my rapid speed. You would have lost your chance of turning the tables completely." Sword10 had no intention of going after Lin Huang. Instead, he began chatting with Lin Huang, entirely at ease. "There's a lot of room for improvement in your rapid speed."

"First of all, you don't have a thorough understanding of your Seraphic Speed divine ability or how to use it effectively. You're just using it to boost your speed. However, the Seraphic Speed divine ability can actually be a rogue element if you truly know how to use it. Not only it can accelerate, but it can also decelerate, change speed, enable explosive speed, enable rapid change of direction as well as space flickering… You haven't broken in your sword skills and divine ability properly either. You're completely at a beginner's level…

"In reality, as long as you familiarize yourself with how to fully utilize Seraphic Speed, you can absolutely offset the rapid speed gap between us. However, you'll be at a dead-end when you encounter Sword2 later on.

"There are only two ways for you to pass him. You can either elevate your Seraphic Speed divine ability to a god rule or gain understanding of a type of Speed Elemental Enlightenment. Otherwise, you won't even be able to counter one attack from him."

Lin Huang had an epiphany at this point. He had finally discovered Sword10's approach. Hurriedly, he asked, "You must be in the Succession Sect, am I right?"

"Seems like you know about the Succession Sect and the Regression Sect." Sword10 nodded slightly.

"Sword12 told me about this," Lin Huang explained.

"That's great, it saves me wasting words to explain." Sword10 glanced at Lin Huang and continued, "Our rapid speed sparring will end here. I already know what level you're at so we'll move on to the next round!"


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