Monster Paradise
1345 Rapid Speed Versus Rapid Speed
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1345 Rapid Speed Versus Rapid Speed

"Among the swordmaster's ten bodyguards, I have the weakest combined abilities and miscellaneous abilities. I don't like to learn only one thing and I've never been a fan of specializing in any specific path. However, I rank No.2 under the swordmaster on the number of sword skills I possess. I know a bit about all sorts of sword skills too."

"That swing of the sword you used earlier upon entry could be considered within the threshold of rapid speed. Let me see first how fast you are then!"

Sword10 delivered his monologue and swung his sword without waiting for Lin Huang to respond.

To an outsider, he seemed to have only swung his sword once.

However, to Lin Huang, Sword10 had actually swung his sword up to a hundred times within the blink of an eye. As each swing had a subtle change that the naked eye could barely discern, it made it seem like these hundred or so sword swings were merely one swing. If there was a cultivator who had stellar vision here, even if he were not well versed in Sword Dao, he would have been able to see the battle sword in Sword10's hand shudder for a fraction of a second at the moment he swung his sword. Up to a hundred shadows reverberated at minimal amplitude.

Just this one swing proved to Lin Huang that Sword10's Sword Dao basics were far ahead of him.

This was not only about the speed of the swing but also extreme control while using rapid speed. 

At the very least, Lin Huang could not do what Sword10 had just done. He figured the most that he could conceal in one sword swing of a similar technique would be 50 sword swings. People would be able to clearly see there was more than one sword swing if he did more than 50.

Up to a hundred colorless, formless sword gleams pierced through the air as Sword10 swung his sword. It was just as fast as the sword swing he had delivered at the door earlier, except that there were now a hundred times more sword gleams.

Lin Huang did not mind that he could not do what Sword10 had just done. He picked up his sword and swung it over and over again. Dense sword shadows filled the void.

One could say his technique was nothing in comparison with Sword10's sword swing. Lin Huang knew that he was subpar in this aspect compared to his opponent; he did not bother to compare at all. Although he might lose in terms of skills, it would be enough as long as the actual combat results were not inferior to those of his foe.

Furthermore, from an outsider's point of view, Lin Huang's sword swing was even cooler.

To them, Sword10's sword swing would be just a normal attack. However, Lin Huang's sword swings looked like they were ghostly aftereffects. The visual impact was much more powerful than Sword10's sword swing.

Countless blood-red electric arcs spread out like spider webs. They soon collided with the colorless, formless sword gleams and exploded into blood-red fireworks that filled the heavens.

Lin Huang seemed like he was in deep thought as he watched the blood-red fireworks exploding in the sky.

Although Lin Huang knew that Sword10's sword swing at the door earlier had utilized rapid speed, he had not managed to observe the exact specifics of the attack.

However, he had finally figured out what some of it entailed.

"It seems to be a wind attribute Elemental Enlightenment. The attack's effect of rapid speed seems to come from Wind Elemental Enlightenment…"

According to general classification, Elemental Enlightenment was actually a type of god rule power. However, unlike most god rule powers, the elements were a category with very clear rules. Therefore, someone took the elements out of the messy god rule power system and made them an independent system that people later called Elemental Enlightenment.

In reality, following general classification from earlier days, all sorts of Martial Dao true meaning were considered god rule power as well. It was only later on that people grouped them into an independent system.

Elemental Enlightenment powers usually came with very clear elemental features.

In the technique that Sword10 executed, for example, the sword gleam that contained Wind Elemental Enlightenment not only inherited the wind's rapid speed, but also its unique invisible feature.

Right as Lin Huang finally understood the secret behind Sword10's attack, Sword10, who was not far away, laughed all of a sudden.

"Pure rapid speed Sword Dao technique, that's rare!

"If I'm not mistaken, there's no Lightning Elemental Enlightenment. You've only imitated the lighting concept and created a rapid speed sword technique that's similar to a lightning strike."

Lin Huang was not surprised that Sword10 had seen through the secret of Thunder Eclipse.

No matter how his opponent suppressed his cultivation base, he was still a top heavenly god-level Sword Cultivator by nature and still possessed keen eyesight.

Sword10 proceeded to speak before Lin Huang could confirm his speculations.

"I'm a lazy person. Imitating Sword Dao to create sword techniques takes too much effort and time. I'd have to make mistakes and adjust over and over again. Meanwhile, my rapid speed is powered directly with Elemental Enlightenment, it's much easier.

"You must have seen that the sword swing earlier has a rapid speed effect resulting from Elemental Enlightenment. I've another sword technique that's also rapid. It's rather similar to your technique…" Truth to tell, Lin Huang could roughly guess what Sword10 was trying to do when he said that.

"Let's see which is more powerful—my rapid speed from Lightning Elemental Enlightenment or your rapid speed that imitates lightning!"

Purple electric arcs began sparking from Sword10's body after he said that. 

Purple electric arcs, easily seen with the naked eye, radiated from his body instantly. Even the silver battle sword that he was holding was soon enveloped in a layer of purple plasma. 

From far away, Lin Huang sensed the dangerous aura coming from the purple electric arcs. Lightning was the most powerful attack ability among all the Elemental Enlightenments. Techniques that came from such Enlightenment had terrifyingly powerful attacks.

As Lin Huang had his guard up, Sword10 smirked lightly and suddenly charged, battle sword in hand.

It was a thrust attack!

Charged with Lightning Elemental Enlightenment, this technique was already at its peak; Sword10's thrust attack boosted his sword's speed even more.

The extremely high-speed sword swing gave the illusion of being slow.

It seemed as if Sword10's sword swing was executed in slow motion, to the point that each image was crystal clear.

All of a sudden, the sword point seemed to pause in midair and countless purple electric arcs surged wildly from it. They turned into overwhelmingly dense webs that charged toward Lin Huang 

Meanwhile, on the other side, Lin Huang seemed to have grown hundreds and thousands of arms in the blink of an eye. They were swinging hundreds and thousands of blood-red battle swords. With every sword swing, blood-red lightning sparked randomly as if a giant tree made up of hundreds and thousands of scarlet lightning was spreading its branches to the heavens.

In the void, blood-red and purple occupied half of the sky respectively. They then expanded towards each other's territory. The two colors intersecting dazzlingly in the air, continuously entangled.

The entire palace interior was as bright as day under the dazzling red and purple gleams. Here and there the faintest hint of haze hung in the air.

A long time later, both colors vanished gradually after the collisions, and the deafening thuds finally stopped.

Lin Huang stood where he was, looking rather serious now.

He had held almost nothing back throughout the two attacks earlier—at least he had not held back anything in Sword Dao. He had charged with Sword Dao true meaning and God-slaying Power, as well as all the Divine Power within him. Despite that, he had not managed to do anything to Sword10.

Meanwhile, Sword10 was still faintly smiling. He seemed to have restrained his abilities still.

"Your rapid speed has a great deal of room for improvement. Since you're imitating lightning concept sword skills, if you can add on Lightning Elemental Enlightenment, this sword technique's speed and power won't even begin to compare with your current technique.

"Of the ten bodyguards under the swordmaster, there are four who can perfectly integrate sword skills with Elemental Enlightenment. Sword2 is the top one among these, his rapid speed sword skill is integrated with Light Elemental Enlightenment. Both of us can't compare with his sword speed. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that you would be killed by him in one sword swing if you encountered him now!

"Also, the two sword swings earlier were just warm-ups. My sword can be even faster than that!" 


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