Monster Paradise
1343 Lin Huang VS God’s Servants
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1343 Lin Huang VS God’s Servants

Lin Huang ran at lightning speed through the dense jungle. He stepped on big trees and snapped them one after another, targeting the top of the mountain.

According to the description of this stage of the Trial, Golden Crow Mountain was actually a self-contained world of its own with an extraordinary Space Rule. As long as the Ten Palaces were not visible, Lin Huang could not get to the top of the mountain even if he was to run for a million years at the fastest possible speed.

In reality, the Ten Palaces were not located anywhere on this great mountain. The swordmaster's bodyguard would only materialize with the Palace when Lin Huang defeated the God's Servant under the command of that particular bodyguard.

Beginning with the Tenth Palace, Lin Huang could only enter the next Palace for the challenge when the swordmaster's bodyguard gave permission.

To put it simply, the entire process would be thus: Defeating the God's Servant under Sword10—the Tenth Palace materialized—obtaining Sword10's permission (where Sword10 was either killed, defeated or battled into submission)—defeating the God's Servant under Sword9—the Ninth Palace materialized—obtaining Sword9's permit…and so on. Lin Huang would only be considered to have completed the final Trial when he obtained permission from Sword1 from the First Palace.

Although this round of Trial did not restrict Divine Telekinesis at all, Lin Huang was only able to scan an endless sea of plants after sending out his Divine Telekinesis. He did not sense even a single monster.

As such, he chose to run in the dense jungle. He even damaged it on purpose, making loud noises to activate the Trial as soon as possible, as well as accelerate the appearance of the God's Servant.

If it had been anyone else, the person would definitely be cautious, making as little commotion as possible to prevent being surrounded and killed by the God's Servants. The person would then take the initiative to find the God's Servants and defeat them one after another a step at a time.

However, Lin Huang harbored no such concerns. Instead, he hoped that all of the God's Servants could come at him at once. This way, he would save time and kill all of them in one go.

His deliberate strategy of making a commotion worked very soon. In less than a minute, several overpowering auras appeared, heading in Lin Huang's direction at high speed. 

"There are only four of them?" Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis picked up the auras as soon as they appeared. He could also clearly sense that the four people's auras alone were above Sword12.

It did not mean that their overall abilities were definitely more powerful than Sword12. It was the unsealing of Martial Dao true meaning and God Rule Power that gave them a direct, significant boost to their auras.

As soon as the four auras appeared, Lin Huang halted immediately. Sword in hand, he waited patiently for the four of them to come.

All four God's Servants arrived almost simultaneously in the time it took for a few breaths.

Lin Huang did not wait for them to attack; he swung his sword as soon as he saw the first person appear.

He performed Thunder Eclipse at peak speed as soon as he attacked.

A blood-hued sword gleam cut through the void like terrifying lightning. Not only it was charged with full force Divine Power, but it was also powered by Sword Dao true meaning and the God-slaying Power under God Rule Power.

He did not hold back at all in his attack; he charged at full force.

The newcomer apparently had not expected Lin Huang to attack directly, neither had he expected the attack to be so fast.

A mere moment of being stunned, and he failed to dodge or defend himself.

The blood-hued sword gleam sliced through the void like lighting and impaled the newcomer. His gigantic head with six eyes flew into the air.

The muscular body that was running ahead stopped abruptly. It stood there, spurting blood for a moment before it collapsed onto the ground.

Within a split second of contact, one of the four God's Servants was killed.

The remaining three stopped immediately and did not dare to approach any further. They had fear in their eyes when they looked at Lin Huang now.

Sensing the swiftly-fading vitality, Lin Huang glanced over the remaining three God's Servants without even a look at the headless body.

These three God's Servants were not in normal human form. 

One could even say that they looked odd.

However, this did not confuse Lin Huang. All Protoss had human forms but most Protoss were too proud to become somebody else's God's Servant.

Being a God's Servant would mean becoming a vassal and losing most of their freedom.

Under normal circumstances, apart from a minority who would surrender themselves to a strong powerhouse to become a God's Servant, most of the God's Servants were forced to sign an agreement. They would usually die if they refused to sign it, therefore they had no choice but to surrender themselves. 

Lin Huang had no idea which category of God's Servants the three of them were. However, he was quite sure that the abilities of these three were most probably below Sword10.

There was a female among these three monsters.

She looked a little like a mantis but had a dark-purple body. The lower part of her body above the waist was that of a human female; she even had breasts similar to a human female. The only things that differentiated her from humans were her arms that were similar to a mantis' thorny legs. Below her waist were four long and curved insect legs. One could tell that they possessed explosive and powerful leaping force.

One of the remaining two male monsters was a beast-man with a feline head, four big eyes and tiger stripes all over his body. The other one was a black dog beast with five heads and three tails.

Lin Huang merely gave them a cursory glance and soon targeted the mantis lady.

This was because she looked as if she had the weakest defensive ability.

As soon as he locked onto his target, Lin Huang attacked again. The battle sword in his hand turned into blood-colored lighting again as it sliced through the void.

He was still using Thunder Eclipse!

He used this extreme speed technique in the hopes of killing his enemy as swiftly as possible.

A blood-red gleam shot through the air like lightning, targeting the mantis lady.

However, the mantis lady, who had seen her partner being killed, was prepared. She moved almost at the same time the lightning flashed. The four wings on her back fluttered slightly and she leaped with all four legs using God Rule Power. She dodged Lin Huang's sword attack easily.

The best way of using Thunder Eclipse was in a stealth attack. It was hard for one to launch a successful killing attack when the opponent was prepared.

Lin Huang realized that his plan had failed since his attack had missed. He had merely considered that the mantis lady might have the weakest defense, but he had not expected her to have such terrifying speed of movement.

It was not that he had not considered her speed of movement before he attacked. It was just that he assumed very few could dodge the speed of his Thunder Eclipse even when it was a head-on assault.

The mantis lady's speed obviously surpassed the peak of normal virtual god-level.

"Is this a Speed God Rule?" Although Lin Huang was not sure what kind of god rule his opponent had mastered exactly, he was sure that she had used a Speed God Rule.

After a moment of thought, Lin Huang shot a glance at the other two God's Servants and soon made up his mind.

The next instant, blood-red lightning lit up the sword blade again. However, this time, Lin Huang did not swing the sword. The blood-red lightning grew brighter and brighter; within the time it took for a few breaths, one could no longer look at it directly. It was like a red sun surrounded by countless blood-red electric arcs sparking in all directions.

The mantis lady and the rest attempted to attack but they were blocked by the electric arcs. They did not dare to approach Lin Huang.

Meanwhile, the initial sunny, cloudless sky above Lin Huang's head was suddenly covered in dark clouds without anyone realizing it. These depressing dark clouds blanketed the entire sky, turning daylight into darkness immediately.

Faint blood-red lightning flashed above the clouds.

"I didn't want to waste my Divine Power on this technique but fighting Speed God Rule is really annoying and you all can escape at a moment's notice. To make sure you stay put, I've no choice but to use this sort of containment attack…"

Lin Huang swung his sword again once he was done with his soliloquy.

A glaring, gigantic sun exploded the moment he aimed the point of his sword at the mantis lady. It transformed into countless electric arcs and spread in all directions like a flood.

At the same time, the blood-red lightning above the dark clouds in the sky rained down like a storm. They turned the entire space into a prison made of lightning!


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