Monster Paradise
1341 Ranking No.1!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1341 Ranking No.1!

After passing the job of getting rid of all three BOSSes to Lin Huang, Unrivaled God, the other three and the rest of the competitors beat a hasty retreat.

Apart from Lin Huang, the only ones who remained were Fallen Star and the other two members from Death Sickle.

However, Fallen Star and the other two did not participate in the one-against-three battle. Instead, they watched on the sidelines. Only after making sure that all of the competitors had left the sensing zone did they speak to Lin Huang.

"Xie Lin, we can't make it apparent that we know you. Otherwise, we might be targeted by all of the other competitors. We hope you'll understand."

"I know," Lin Huang nodded.

"We finally have a chance to speak to you alone," Twin's icy blue head on the left said while smiling.

"You've pretty much secured the No.1 ranking in this Trial now!" Twin's fiery red head on the right seamlessly continued the conversation, "Nobody can surpass you currently."

"Boss Xie Lin, I never thought your real abilities would be even more powerful than my expectations!" Destiny took over the conversation immediately, "You can participate in the Great Heaven Trial if you achieve the No. 1 spot! It'll be a piece of cake for you to get the Great Heaven inheritance!"

Lin Huang shook his head, smiling, "If it were really as easy as you say, that would be fantastic."

"Xie Lin, you're a participant, which is different from us. If I'm not mistaken, the Competitive Trial being initiated has something to do with you?" Twin could not help asking. She had wanted to enquire about this a few days ago, although, in reality, she had already guessed the truth. She just wanted to hear the confirmation from the horse's mouth.

"Yes, I initiated the Competitive Trial." Lin Huang did not deny it.

"So that's it. No wonder you're the only candidate, Boss Xie Lin, while the rest of us are competitors!" Destiny had an epiphany.

"Once this Trial ends, let us know if you need our help with anything," Fallen Star said after falling silent for a moment, "You can look for us if you need help in the Trial later too."

"I will," Lin Huang nodded, "However, apart from this Competitive Trial, the other stages for the Great Heaven inheritance are all designed for a single person. I don't know what the assessment will entail for the later stages. I'll contact you if I really need help."

"Are you confident about the stage after this?" Fallen Star asked again.

"To be honest, no," Lin Huang shook his head with a forced smile, "According to some information that I obtained, I more or less know that the stage afterward will be very difficult."

"Try your best then," Fallen Star comforted, "It'd be great if you can get the Great Heaven inheritance. If you can't, don't force it. You only need to fight to the best of your abilities; leave the result to fate."

"That's what I think too," Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

He never had been a sore loser. The main goal when he entered the Swordfiend Abyss was not for the inheritance, but to elevate his Sword Dao and ability, because he knew from the beginning that the Great Heaven inheritance was definitely difficult to obtain. Of course, if he really did manage to get the Great Heaven inheritance eventually, that would be an amazing extra reward.

Fallen Star and the other two left, but only after chatting for some time with Lin Huang. 

Lin Huang then focused entirely on fighting the three BOSSes.

Unlike Sword12 earlier, the abilities of these three BOSSes were similar to what Lin Huang had expected—roughly between 100 to 200 among the Sword Servants.

Lin Huang did not use Sword Dao true meaning. Instead, he maintained his use of peak level-6 Sword Dao from the beginning until the end. He only defeated all three Sword Servants teaming up to fight him after one and a half hours of battle.

"Candidate Xie Lin has defeated a BOSS, he has obtained 100 points!"

"Candidate Xie Lin has defeated a BOSS, he has obtained 100 points!"

"Candidate Xie Lin has defeated a BOSS, he has obtained 100 points!"

Lin Huang raised his brows as he watched the three "global" announcements popping up. It felt like the same announcement had been repeated three times.

Some competitors who were far away and had no idea what had happened thought it was strange.

"That's some special treatment alright! Three announcements for killing one BOSS?!"

"Why did the "global" announcement pop up three times when Xie Lin killed a BOSS this time?! Can it be that the BOSS he just killed is special?"

"Being a participant is really something else. Kill a BOSS and there are three announcements. Wouldn't our screens be occupied if he killed three BOSS and nine announcements popped up?!"

Only some of the competitors who knew what happened guessed the truth.

"Three announcements at once—did he defeat three BOSSes at once?!"

"Xie Lin is really something. We can't even fight one BOSS and he defeated them one against three!"

"I've always thought that Virtual Gods who got to the level of Unrivaled God and the rest would have reached their ultimate peak. Now that I've seen Xie Lin, I realize that I was too naive…"

Unrivaled God and the other three who were now far away from battlefield looked rather sour.

The four of them knew very well that the three BOSSes who had come after them had personal abilities higher than all of them put together. However, the BOSSes had still lost to Xie Lin even though all three of them took him on at once. Clearly, Xie Lin had not depended on luck to defeat Unrivaled God's group of four.

Forbidden Lamella and Frontier might have felt somewhat dissatisfied earlier, thinking they might have been able to win if they had sufficient time to prepare and familiarize themselves with the sword formation, or even use a more powerful sword formation. However, upon consideration now, they realized that the disparity between their personal abilities and Xie Lin's was far too great.

Lin Huang knew that he would definitely be discussed this time but he did not care at all.

"11 o'clock, 517 kilometers from where we are now. There's a suspected Sword Servant who's coming in our direction at high speed. He seems to have been attracted by the unusual phenomenon that was generated by the battle earlier. This fellow is a humanoid monster. His head looks a little like a red octopus and he has a beard on his chin that looks like multiple tentacles…"

After defeating three BOSSes, Lin Huang did not linger around. With Warlord, he headed to the next destination.

A few minutes later (everyone's flight speed in the Trial space was significantly slower since they needed to travel through the interiors of many houses in their journey), Lin Huang met the octopus-head.

After roughly half an hour of intense battle, Lin Huang defeated the fifth BOSS.

He did not linger either but proceeded straight to the 6th target.

Warlord had earmarked a total of 60 suspected Sword Servants as targets, while Lin Huang only had some 60 hours left. If he wanted to defeat all 60 suspected BOSSes, he could only spend an hour on each BOSS. That included traveling time, which made his schedule very tight.

After defeating the octopus-head, Lin Huang fought the sixth target soon after. It was a monster that looked like a crocodile but walked on two feet just like a human.

The crocodile's abilities were very powerful—his ranking was Sword21. Lin Huang spent a full one and a half hours before achieving a final hard-won victory without using Sword Dao true meaning.

After defeating Sword21, Lin Huang headed to the next target immediately.

He fought one battle after another. In the space of the next two days, Lin Huang had to spend almost 39 hours without rest before he managed to defeat all 60 suspected Sword Servants that Warlord had targeted.

In reality, all the 60 suspected Sword Servants were actually Sword Servants. Warlord had made no mistakes in his filtering. It was fortunate that none of the 60 were hunting targets of Unrivaled God and the others.

Later on, Lin Huang spent almost 20 hours to hunt down the second round of suspected Sword Servant targets that Warlord had come up with. A push notification popped up when he defeated the 37th Sword Servant.

"Congratulations to the participant and all competitors; all 300 BOSSes are defeated. This Trial ends ahead of time!"

Lin Huang was not surprised when he saw the pop-up push notification. This was because he had seen announcements popping up several times throughout his two-day hunt about Unrivaled God and the rest successfully killing BOSSes.

The Trial ended in advance approximately an hour before the official ending time. Of the 44 Sword Servants, apart from the 37 Sword Servants that Lin Huang had killed, it was obvious that Unrivaled God and the rest had killed the remaining seven.

"Congratulations to the participant for defeating 279 Sword Servants and obtaining a total of 27,911 points. He is ranked No. 1 in this Competitive Trial!"

"Congratulations to the candidate for becoming the champion of this Competitive Trial and achieving the qualifications for the final Trial!"

Lin Huang finally looked serious after seeing the two notifications that popped up one after the other.


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