Monster Paradise
1340 The Three Of You Have Been Sold To Me
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1340 The Three Of You Have Been Sold To Me

Lin Huang had learned many secrets from his conversation with Sword12.

Apart from the matters regarding Sword11 and the swordmaster's bodyguards, Lin Huang also asked a few other questions afterward, which Sword12 answered one after another.

Once he had answered all the questions put to him, Sword12 voluntarily conceded defeat and soon vanished in front of Lin Huang.

Seeing the push notification about defeating a Sword Servant, Lin Huang then turned his head and looked over to where Unrivaled God and the rest were.

The situation was getting more and more dangerous for Unrivaled God and the others. Apart from Fallen Star's team of three, the remaining two groups were having a hard time of it. Out of 18 mini sword formations, there were only 10 left currently. At the moment, almost all the members of the 10 mini sword formations were thinking of how to escape. They had completely lost their will to fight. If not for Unrivaled God and the other three who would come in occasionally, the two teams would have been defeated by the two BOSSes from the start.

Lin Huang also noticed that Unrivaled God and the other three had not recovered much of their Divine Power at all. However, he had already expected that. After all, most of their Divine Power had been drained completely. They would need at least ten hours to fully recuperate. 

Seeing their situation, Lin Huang smirked slightly and made his way unhurriedly to the scene of battle. He watched, standing on a roof not far away.

Only when Lin Huang made his way back did everyone realize that Xie Lin had taken care of another BOSS. They had had no time to look at the recent push notification at all. However, it was not hard for them to guess what the push notification said, seeing that Xie Lin was now here.

Lin Huang watched the battle in silence. It seemed as if he had no intention of interfering.

Unrivaled God and the other three had thought Lin Huang would join the battle. When he still did nothing after they waited a moment, they finally could not help but communicate with him through voice transmission.

"Xie Lin, we'll yield all three BOSSes to you."

"I can't do that. After all, these three BOSSes came for you guys," Lin Huang replied through voice transmission, smiling. He still had no intention of joining the fight.

Unrivaled God and the other three cursed secretly to themselves. They roughly figured that not only did Xie Lin want the BOSS, but he wanted other benefits as well.

As the four of them fell silent, some of the competitors from the two teams fighting noticed Lin Huang. Someone immediately shouted to Lin Huang, "Mr. Xie Lin, please kill these BOSSes for us. We really can't take it any longer!"

"That's right, come help us now!"

Many people among the crowd voiced their agreement one after another. They had completely lost their mood after being beaten up by the two BOSSes. Right now they could not even escape, as the BOSSes had them completely at their mercy.

"Help you? What's in it for me?" Lin Huang asked in a deep, serious voice.

"These three BOSS are yours, we won't fight with you over the points! After you've picked a BOSS, we can even keep two of them occupied for you so that you can fight at ease," a clear-headed young man in the crowd shouted immediately.

"There's no need for that, I can fight three on my own," Lin Huang declined the suggestion right away, "I'd just have to wait until the BOSS killed all of you, and then he'd be mine. You could help me as well by draining the BOSSes' Divine Power while you fight; why would I be against that?" Lin Huang switched topics after that, "But of course, I can help you too if you really want me to. However, my fee is very high…"

The crowd immediately realized that Xie Lin wanted to seize the opportunity to extort them, and their expressions turned sour right away.

"Which is more important, your money or your life? Think about it for a while; I'm not in a rush anyway. These three BOSSes will still be mine when you're all dead."

In reality, Lin Huang was anxious because every hour he wasted, the less time he had to kill every other BOSS. However, he could not show it at the moment or he might end up being delayed for a few hours by these people. The less nervous and more apathetic he seemed, the more anxious these people would be, and the more valuable the items he could ask for in exchange.

As expected, Unrivaled God's team could no longer take it after he waited for two to three minutes.

"What do you want? Name your price," Unrivaled God said expressionlessly.

Lin Huang grinned, "How about this—we'll calculate on an average of how many people are present now. Since there are so many of you, I'll give you a discount—five true god-level sword skill inheritances per person!"

"Why don't you just rob someone?!" Forbidden Lamella shouted unwillingly.

"How could I earn so much from mere robbery?!" Lin Huang responded while smiling. Forbidden Lamella was so infuriated he was lost for words. 

"Isn't it unethical for you to take advantage of us right now?" Departed Feather's expression was grim as well.

"Hey, let me make this clear. I'm not friends with competitors like yourselves. Not only that, but we're also enemies in this trial. Have you forgotten that you teamed up to kill me around half an hour ago?

"Now that you guys are in trouble, it's not my job to bail you out for free. Given that I'm proposing you hire me to help you, I'm already not taking into account past enmity. Even normal families pay nannies to look after their children, and you want me to save your lives for free?!"

Unrivaled God and the rest present were bereft of speech at Lin Huang's little speech.

"It's not that we want you to help us for free, but your fee is a little too high," Frontier could not help interrupting, "Furthermore, we've paid you ten sword skill inheritances earlier. We really don't have that many sword skills left. The others don't come from grade-7 organizations like we do. They're considered to have gone through intensive training if they manage to master two to three true god-level sword skills while they're at virtual god-level."

"Yes, he's right!" A group of bystanders agreed immediately.

"Xie Lin, why don't we give you two sword skills each? That should be within the range of what everyone can afford," Unrivaled God added on quickly from his place on the sidelines.

"Since that's the case, I'll compromise. Three per person. That's my final offer. If you disagree, I can only wish you guys the best," In reality, three sword skills were the figure he had in mind. He knew that no matter how many he asked for, Unrivaled God and the rest would definitely bargain. Therefore, he thought he would name a high price of five each, "You can leave after you've paid, I don't need you guys to buy time for me."

After a moment of hesitation, Unrivaled God and the rest finally agreed. In reality, the price Lin Huang named was within their expectations. They had already foreseen that Lin Huang would bargain when Unrivaled God proposed two sword skills each.

Including Unrivaled God and the other three, there were a total of 43 people present. Lin Huang delivered three consecutive slashes with his sword, throwing out the three BOSSes and appearing before Unrivaled God in a flash.

After quickly paying up their three true god-level sword skill inheritances, the other competitors fled the scene.

Lin Huang ran a scan with Divine Telekinesis after getting all 129 sword skills. After verifying that the sword skills were fine, he released Unrivaled God and the other three to go on their way.

Just as Unrivaled God and the other three left, a BOSS chased after them while another two blocked Lin Huang's way.

Lin Huang scoffed, using Sword Dao true meaning to toss aside the two BOSSes who were obstructing his path. The next instant, he appeared before the BOSS who was chasing Unrivaled God's group, blocking his way.

"I'm sorry, they've sold the three of you to me!"


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