Monster Paradise
1337 Messy Battle Situation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1337 Messy Battle Situation

"There's a four-story building 18,214 meters from us at two o'clock. There seems to be a humanoid Sword Servant there, a bald man who looks about 40 years old. He's 1.82m tall and plump. He's wearing a dark-green top with cloud patterns and he's standing on the balcony of the fourth floor…"

As he targeted the coordinates of suspected Sword Servants, Warlord also reported that person's characteristics.

The suspected Sword Servant was merely 18 kilometers away from Lin Huang's battlefield with Unrivaled God and the rest. Clearly, he had blended into the crowd to watch the battle.

In reality, however, according to Warlord's detection results, there was more than one suspected Sword Servant secretly watching the battle like this bald man. There were four of them in total. They most probably had sensed the battle impact since they were not too far away and had decided to come to check things out. As there were many spectators around and people rushing over, nobody noticed them blending in.

This was mainly because everyone had their attention on Lin Huang, Unrivaled God, and the rest, watching the battle. Given that the few Sword Servants came rather late in the game, none of the spectators who came earlier checked their maps at all. Otherwise, there should have been people noticing that there were BOSSes blending in since the beginning. After all, all of the competitors could see the obvious red dots which denoted the BOSSes on their map. 

Among the four suspected Sword Servants, the bald man was the closest—so naturally, Lin Huang chose to target him first.

After Warlord reported the bald man's coordinates, Lin Huang moved instantly in the direction of the Sword Servant.

All of the spectators thought Lin Huang would leave the area after defeating Unrivaled God and the rest. However, they noticed that he had unsheathed his sword after leaping a short distance. Simultaneous as he accelerated towards the four-story building, he swung the battle sword in his hand. His target was a bald man who was watching from the building's balcony.

Seeing that, the first thought that popped into almost all the spectators' heads was, 'This guy Xie Lin is attacking spectators now. Is he trying to blackmail all of us?!' 

Some of them turned around and fled far away immediately upon seeing that, not daring to stop at all. They were afraid that they would be the next target to be blackmailed.

Even Unrivaled God and the other three were stunned to see what was happening; they entertained similar thoughts to the spectators. After all, the four of them were too far away from the bald man and could not sense the anomaly. 

However, the bald man whose identity Lin Huang had exposed did not dodge at all as Lin Huang charged at him. Instead, he instantly unleashed terrifying Sword Dao.

Overpowering Sword Dao spread throughout the entire area. Unrivaled God and the other three instantly realized what was going on.

"So that guy is a BOSS!" Frontier raised his brows.

"I really thought Xie Lin was trying to blackmail him…" Forbidden Lamella was rendered speechless.

"He sensed the anomaly from so far away?" Departed Feather frowned lightly.

Although the competitors had the BOSS' coordinates on the map, it was impossible for them to locate the BOSS' exact coordinates from 20 kilometers away. Furthermore, there were a couple of spectators in that direction and the closest was standing less than ten meters away. It was very difficult for them to discover who among those few spectators was the real BOSS by relying on the map's coordinates alone. Departed Feather, therefore, found it odd that Lin Huang had managed to pinpoint the BOSS from 20 kilometers away.

"Perhaps participants have some privileges that we don't have…" Unrivaled God hazarded a guess, "Otherwise, he would never have managed to kill so many BOSSes before the map was made public!"

Unrivaled God had thought all along that Lin Huang managed to kill so many BOSSes in just a few short days because he had privileges as a participant, which allowed him to target the BOSSes' coordinates directly. Perhaps these privileges even provided extra details about the BOSS.

However, the reality was far from his assumptions. Lin Huang did not have so-called "participant privileges" at all; he did not even have a map.

As soon as the other spectators sensed the powerful Sword Dao from the Sword Servant, the excitement in the air rose several notches.

Even those with low IQ could guess what had happened.

"D*mn, a BOSS blended in to watch the battle!"

"I've just brought up the map for a look. It's not just one; there's a total of four BOSSes watching the battle!"

The crowd was thrown into confusion; many of them fled immediately once they realized there were BOSSes around.

One thing to be aware of was that BOSSes could take the initiative to hunt and kill according to the Trial rules this round. Nobody wanted to fall under the BOSS' blade and become a departed spirit.

Unrivaled God and the few of them frowned lightly after finding out about the handful of BOSSes. The battle with Xie Lin earlier had drained their Divine Power completely. It would be big trouble for them if they were targeted by any of the BOSSes.

However, fear attracted fear. 

No sooner had the thought occurred to the four of them, three silhouettes charged from three different directions not so far away.

"There are three coming at us now!" Frontier exclaimed, his expression rather unpleasant.

"Apart from Xie Lin, the four of us have the highest points of everyone present. Maybe their hunting gains are related to their prey's points," Unrivaled God analyzed calmly. It explained why the three BOSSes were coming at the four of them.

"What do we do now? We've traded ten true god-level sword skills for our survival trump card. It's been less than a minute, do we really have to use it now?" Forbidden Lamella said looking irritated.

"We'll ask for help if we really can't take it," Departed Feather hesitated for a moment and said spoke her mind anyway, "After all, there are over 100 competitors who haven't left yet. As long as they're willing to help, we might be able to kill the three BOSSes."

"Ask help from the spectators?!" Forbidden Lamella sounded disgusted.

"How about you suggest something else we can do now? With so little remaining Divine Power, we can't even run, let alone fight," Frontier turned his head to ask Forbidden Lamella.

Forbidden Lamella was about to retort but Unrivaled God interrupted.

"Right now we have no other options; we can only ask for the spectators' help. We don't have to beg them, just give them appropriate guidance to help them realize that this is a good opportunity to kill a BOSS. They'd naturally be willing to fight…"

The four of them noticed that the few BOSS were getting closer to them as they communicated through Divine Telekinesis for a quick moment. Unrivaled God began encouraging the remaining spectators to kill the BOSS for points.

As his persuasive words continued, many people who were initially planning to flee from fear of the BOSS decided to remain. A minority of them such as Fallen Star decided to stay too despite seeing right through Unrivaled God's plan. Besides, they had been planning to hunt BOSSes anyway! After all, the more teammates they had, the better. They did not expose the reason for Unrivaled God's persuasiveness since they needed all the numbers they could get if they wanted to confront the BOSSes.

Within some short ten seconds, Unrivaled God managed to gather a group of people together.

The three BOSSes had initially come because of Unrivaled God and the rest's high points. The BOSSes had not expected on arrival that their prey would have gathered close to a hundred people together. 

The three were unwilling to give up on the hunt just like that. They unleashed the full force of their Sword Dao and charged into the crowd…

Meanwhile, on the other side, Lin Huang and the bald man's battle swords collided almost at the same time…


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