Monster Paradise
1334 Supreme God-Level – Fiendish Corpse!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1334 Supreme God-Level – Fiendish Corpse!

"If you've got any techniques that you haven't used, now's your chance. If you don't use them, I'm afraid you might not have the opportunity to do so again."

Lin Huang had said something similar half a minute ago. However, at the time, almost everybody thought he was lying.

Even Fallen Star and the other two from Death Sickle had thought he was boasting.

However, merely half a minute later when he repeated this, nobody thought he was spouting nonsense any longer.

What happened earlier when he injured Unrivaled God and the other three with just a single move had proved that he really had the chops to say something like that.

None of the watching competitors doubted his abilities any longer. By now almost all of them had given up on planning to ambush Xie Lin. They knew very well that even if he was severely injured, he might be able to kill them anyway. 

Unrivaled God and the other three looked grim when they heard what Xie Lin had to say.

He had spoken to them in the tone that the strong would use to speak to the weak.

Although the four of them were indeed weaker than Xie Lin, they were naturally upset at being spoken to in such a manner.

After all, the four of them were the top favored ones in the God Territory; they had been trained by grade-7 organizations like Holy Sons. If one did not count Lin Huang, the four of them more or less had the abilities to be ranked No. 1 on the Virtual God leaderboard.

Even ordinary True Gods would speak to them as if they were of the same status; they would only acknowledge heavenly god-level powerhouses as seniors. Meanwhile, Xie Lin was merely a Virtual God of the same combat strength as them. It made sense that they were upset.

It was not just Forbidden Lamella and the rest; even Unrivaled God, long since over his fame, had a very ugly expression flicker over his face.

Lin Huang did not attack further, waiting patiently instead. He wanted to see if they could surprise him.

Up on the roof of a four-story building, Unrivaled God and the other three exchanged glances and soon came to a decision.

The four of them had already discussed their strategy before coming here.

After all, considering Lin Huang had defeated so many BOSSes, they figured he might have some terrifying moves.

They had indeed come with trump cards that they would only use as a last resort.

Now it seemed like Xie Lin was far more powerful than all four of them had expected. All of them would either die or lose all of their will to fight if Lin Huang used that same technique twice at most. There would be no chance for them to turn the tables if that occurred.

In order to win this battle, the only option now was to bring out their trump cards before their abilities suffered serious damage.

If they waited until Xie Lin attacked with Bloody Lightning Genesis for the second time, they might not have sufficient strength to play their hand.

Now was the best time to bring out their ultimate move. If they missed this opportunity, just like what Xie Lin said, they might not have the chance again.

As the four of them glanced at each other, they finished communicating via Divine Telekinesis. They had unanimously agreed to play their hand now as they were very aware of the current situation.

The moment they came to an agreement, all four moved almost simultaneously.

All of a sudden, a terrifying aura gathered above the heads of all four.

"Sword formation?" Lin Huang looked up. He could not help raising his brows as he saw what coalescing so quickly in the void, "It's quite something for them to come up with this sword formation in such a short time." 

Under normal circumstances, consolidating even a simple sword formation would take a team three to five days of cooperation. To use it with full familiarity was almost impossible if they did not spend at least ten days to half a month to acquaint themselves with it. The more complicated the battle formation, the longer the time needed.

Although this sword formation of Unrivaled God and his companions was only made up of four people, judging by the aura, it was clearly a complex sword formation.

It had been less than two hours from the time Lin Huang's identity as the participant had been exposed. Unrivaled God had definitely spent some time to form the team, which meant that all four of them had only had less than two hours to familiarize themselves with this sword formation.

What Lin Huang did not know was that in reality, Unrivaled God and the other three had not familiarized themselves with the sword formation at all.

This formation came from Unrivaled God, who had simplified one of the battle formations from the Combat God Temple. He knew the entire battle formation like the back of his hand. Therefore, he had come up with an easily understood version with that specific battle formation as its core.

To help Forbidden Lamella and the rest create the sword formation, Unrivaled God had cloned nine shapeshifts to simulate the sword formation and model it for the others. 

The main work after simplifying the sword formation was completed mostly from Unrivaled God's battle formation core. Meanwhile, Forbidden Lamella and the other two only had to remember the path of the formation pattern and release Divine Power, Sword Dao, and God Rule Power.

As prodigies in the God Territory, naturally, Forbidden Lamella and the other two did not have to spend much time to remember the paths of the formation pattern. Given that there were three shapeshifts simulating the sword formation, the three of them spent less than an hour to successfully master it.

Although the sword formation looked simple on the surface, it had been derived from a true god-level battle formation. At full power, it was sufficient to kill a ninth-rank True God.

Now that it had been simplified by Unrivaled God, its initial power was considerably diminished but a portion of its function remained. The fact that it could integrate God Rule Power alone meant it already surpassed the standard of a virtual god-level battle formation.

In the void, the sword formation soon coalesced into a silhouette as Unrivaled God and the other three continuously fed Divine Power, Sword Dao, and God Rule Power into it.

The resulting form was a humanoid monster in black armor. It stood on two legs and was some three meters tall with four silver-white swords in place of arms. Its entire head was featureless apart from eight blood-red eyes. Clearly, its mouth was not on its head.

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he finally got a good look at the monster that coalesced from the sword formation. He recognized it as soon as he saw it.

He had just seen such a monster not so long ago on the monster guide he had recently obtained.

"Four-armed Sword Fiend, class-5 supreme god-level Fiendish Corpse!"

Lin Huang was over the moon, it was his first time encountering a class-5 supreme god-level monster, though this one was just a phantom consolidated from a sword formation.

What one had to be aware of was that apart from Bai, most of the Monster Cards he had were quadruple mutated mythical-level. Even Bai was just class 4.5 pseudo-supreme god-level, not a true class-5 supreme god-level.

He was excited firstly was because it was his first time seeing a class-5 monster. The other reason was that Lin Huang clearly sensed a powerful threat from this phantom.

The threat was what he wanted. He could faintly sense that the silhouette before him could force him to absorb all of the Sword Dao comprehension within his body that he had yet to assimilate completely.

"Xie Lin, this is the feast that the four of us have prepared for you." The compelling power coming from the sword formation's silhouette gave Unrivaled God the vague illusion that he was invincible. The fear and hatred that he initially had for Lin Huang vanished completely for now. "I wonder if you can digest it!"

As soon as Unrivaled God finished speaking, the Four-armed Sword Fiend's four arms shook slightly. It looked as if it had never moved but yet at the same time it seemed as if a scattered shadow flashed by.

The next instant, four black sword shadows flashed indistinctly through the air like the Grim Reaper's sickle. The sturdy little buildings were sliced apart wherever the sword shadows passed through…


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