Monster Paradise
1333 Dominating All Virtual Gods
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1333 Dominating All Virtual Gods

Lin Huang's Bloody Lightning Genesis technique was delivered at practically full strength, apart from the fact that he had restricted his Sword Dao to peak level-6.

Although the surrounding spectators could not see Lin Huang's attack with the naked eye, they saw Lin Huang's Thor form. They also saw the terrifying scene of several hundred thousand lightning bolts striking at once.

While the spectators were having an exciting time watching, Unrivaled God and the other three who were fighting Lin Huang found themselves in a bad situation.

No matter how high they had gauged Xie Lin's ability, they had not expected his powers to be so terrifying.

All four of them had a dramatic change of expression upon seeing blood-colored lightning raining down on them like a fierce storm. Not only that, but the aura of each bolt of lightning was also at least as strong as any of their full force attacks combined. Immediately they utilized their own divine abilities to counter Lin Huang's deadly move.

Unrivaled God's Sensation God Rule filled his entire body in an instant, spreading out to a radius of 1,000 meters immediately. Under the Sensation God Rule, the trajectories of all the blood-colored lightning bolts became clear to him. He dodged quickly while raising his sword to block those that he could not dodge.

However, no matter how fast he was, he was still slower than Lin Huang's sword speed. Although he could see the lightning bolt trajectories clearly under the Sensation God Rule, his body could not react in time. Despite using everything he could to dodge and defend himself, he only managed to dodge less than half the lightning bolts, while the remaining ones struck him all the same.

Feeling helpless, Unrivaled God had no choice but to stubbornly take the blows with his physical body. He tried his very best to shield his vital parts, forming a defense layer of Sensation God Rule on his body to filter out some of Lin Huang's God Rule Power and prevent irreversible harm to his flesh. 

Meanwhile, the god relic armor he wore disintegrated completely after taking merely one hit from a blood-colored lightning bolt. After all, it was just a god relic and could not stand up against God Rule Power.

Unrivaled God cut a sorry figure, while Frontier, not far from him, was in even worse straits.

As the lightning bolts came down, Frontier swung his sword without hesitation and severed his left arm.

As the Asura Blood was activated, the Asura God Rule's power skyrocketed to its peak instantly.

At the same time that he became immune to pain, Frontier's abilities reached their peak. Body movement or sword-swinging speed alike, he was over a level more powerful than Unrivaled God. Although he was still subpar compared to Lin Huang's sword speed, he was not too far off.

Frontier dodged almost 80% of the blood-colored lightning bolts, while the destructive capabilities of the remaining 20% were weakened considerably by the Asura God Rule that enveloped his entire body.

However, he had paid a hefty price for his power; he had lost his left arm. This limb, sacrificed to the Asura Blood, could not be regenerated merely with Divine Power. He might need at least three years of rest to fully regrow his arm again.

Of the four of them, Forbidden Lamella's way of handling the attack was the most dangerous.

Seeing the multitude of lightning bolts coming down, he spread Divine Lamella Fire all over his body, knowing that he would not be able to dodge or handle Lin Huang's attack. He elementalized his flesh into fire, his entire body becoming a ball of Divine Lamella Fire. 

Although Lin Huang's blood-colored sword gleams were powerful, they were completely engulfed when they encountered the Divine Lamella Fire, becoming ineffective.

On the surface, it appeared that Forbidden Lamella was unharmed. In reality, however, each second that his flesh remained elementalized meant that his flesh was engulfed even further by the Divine Lamella Fire. 

As much as the God Rule Elementalization made him immune to Divine Power and Sword Dao, it could not entirely make him immune from the side-effects that came from Lin Huang's God-slaying Power.

Each time the God-slaying Power hit his elementalized flesh, Forbidden Lamella could almost feel the God Rule Power of the Divine Lamella Fire weakening a little.

Although the weakening of his power was minor in terms of a single attack, given that as many as 1,000 attacks rained down at once, he estimated that his God Rule Power would be weakened at least by half.

His expression was terrible to look upon, but he knew that there was no other way.

Of the four of them, surprisingly enough it was Departed Feather, the weakest, who paid the least in terms of personal cost.

The 12-winged angel's 12 pinions fluttered intensely as soon as she saw the lightning bolts approaching.

A fierce stream of white sword gleams instantly sliced through the air, swallowing up the blood-red lightning bolts.

Departed Feather was extremely quick; her sword speed alone could hold its own with Lin Huang's current sword technique. She knew very well that her weakness was insufficient attack force. Therefore, she countered Lin Huang's attack close to ten times more in quantity. 

Feather-like white sword gleams sped towards the blood-colored lightning bolts like moths to a flame.

The lightning bolts became paler each time a feather hit them, vanishing completely when hit by almost ten feathers consecutively.

Departed Feather was the only competitor who was unharmed during Lin Huang's current attack. She was also the only one who intercepted all the lightning bolts from Lin Huang's Bloody Lightning Genesis.

However, this did not come at no cost to herself. To counter this attack, she had drained her Divine Power and God Rule Power almost ten times more than Lin Huang.

A moment later, the battlefield fell silent again as the lightning bolts dissipated completely.

Many of the spectators finally caught a glimpse of what the four looked like now after they had been engulfed by Lin Huang's lightning bolt attack. 

Frontier looked the worst; he had lost his left arm and his clothes were stained with blood.

Unrivaled God's white robe was torn without a single inch of fabric that was not tattered. He had suffered many injuries and his body was covered in sword wounds.

Although Forbidden Lamella did not seem to have suffered any sword injuries, his face was extremely pale. There was blood at the corner of his lips and he was not very stable on his feet. From the looks of it, he had suffered internal injuries.

Departed Feather was the only one who looked no different, apart from panting heavily and being soaked with sweat. She glared in Lin Huang's direction, but rage was not the emotion in her gaze—there seemed to be slight fear and hatred too.

"Who would've thought this would be the result of Xie Lin versus four enemies?!"

"Frontier is already handicapped; I think Unrivaled God no longer has the will to fight. Forbidden Lamella and Departed Feather look fine, but I think they're hurt pretty badly internally. Xie Lin's ability is terrifying!"

"Seems like Xie Lin didn't lie after all. He really wasn't using his full abilities when he fought Forbidden Lamella earlier."

"No wonder Xie Lin was chosen to be a candidate! No wonder he defeated so many BOSSes! He really has the ability! Those who said that he cheated should slap themselves now right?!"

Fallen Star and the other two Death Sickle members were completely speechless.

They were already shocked at Lin Huang's sword swings earlier. They could not say anything at all now after seeing the effects of his attack. 

"This fellow can't even be described as a genius anymore. With his abilities, he could well dominate all Virtual Gods in the entire God Territory!" Fallen Star muttered softly after a long silence.

Unrivaled God and the other three competitors were catching their breath on the battlefield. The four of them were slightly relieved when Lin Huang did not come after them.

Lin Huang stood at a corner of an awning on a five-story building. He swept the area below with a condescending glance and pinpointed the four's current condition right away.

"I suppose the four of you must have done some preparation before coming here since you've dared to challenge me. If you've got any techniques that you haven't used, now's your chance. If you don't use them, I'm afraid you might not have the opportunity to do so again."


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