Monster Paradise
1332 Bloody Lightning Genesis
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1332 Bloody Lightning Genesis

In the void, all three auras from the three sword gleams were completely different.

The black flame-like sword gleam came from Forbidden Lamella, still imbued with terrifying heat from the Divine Lamella Fire.

The white sword gleam came from Unrivaled God. The elegant blade stroke almost seemed to float like a cloud, as if an immortal had attacked so perfectly there were no sparks at all.

The God Rule Power contained in Unrivaled God's attack was called the Sensation God Rule. A single strike could randomly cut off any single one of an opponent's physical senses, for instance, loss of sight, loss of hearing or even losing one's sense of time. However, Unrivaled God could not completely control this power at present. He could only realize an effect at random.

Meanwhile, the red sword gleam came from Frontier. The blood-colored sword gleam was potent in the extreme; not only was it imbued with endless bloodlust, but its aura filled the air, striking fear into the spectators' hearts.

The God Rule Power in Frontier's attack was called the Asura God Rule. Like Lin Huang's God-Slaying Power, Frontier's god rule was also a type of battle god rule. The effect of the god rule was that the more blood on the blade, the more powerful his sword would be. Furthermore, the wielder's body was immune to pain throughout the duration of the god rule. The wielder would not be affected by injuries either and could remain in peak battle condition. 

Lin Huang could not determine the effects of these God Rule Powers that his three opponents had mastered. However, he knew that he would not have to worry about being affected by the god rules as long as he was not hit. 

Under normal circumstances, sword skills would be the most powerful battle technique for sword cultivators who cultivated close-range combat. When they integrated god rule into their sword blades, this would naturally be the most powerful combination to boost one's ability to its peak. Therefore, most sword cultivators would directly integrate the god rules that they mastered into their battle swords.

Of course, there were exceptions to the rule. Unrivaled God and the rest were clearly not among these exceptions.

Three of the four attacked, yet Lin Huang did not panic at all. He shot a glance at Departed Feather who had yet to show her hand and fired off four consecutive strikes with his sword.

The four blood-colored sword gleams shot forth like lightning, their speed several times faster than the sword gleams that forced Unrivaled God and the others into battle.

Although he attacked later, Lin Huang's sword gleams reached Unrivaled God and the rest within seconds, as if he had been the one who attacked first.

The reason why he attacked Departed Feather despite her inaction was that she had not yet attacked, and he had misgivings about this. He thought it better to involve her in battle to avoid any tricks she might play when the other three surrounded him.

Departed Feather had not expected that she would be attacked too even though she had not done anything yet.

In a rage, she launched an attack with her sword.

A pure white sword gleam pierced through the air at extreme speed like a feathery arrow. Amazingly, it was as fast as Lin Huang's attack. 

The God Rule Power in this attack was called the Holy Feather and was a type of Purification God Rule. There were actually two kinds of effects in Holy Feather's purification power. One was positive, whereby it would cleanse bad things to assist in recovery, such as toxins, contamination or evil thoughts. The other kind was negative and would purify everything. Regardless of whether it was energy, one's mind or substances, all of it could be purified into nothingness. 

In the past, some people had said that the negative Holy Feather God Rule's effect was vaguely similar to the Fire God Rule. In reality, the Holy Feather God Rule's nature was that of the Fire God Rule. To be exact, it was a subset under the Holy Flame God Rule.

Lin Huang knew very little about god rules. He had no idea what kind of god rule Departed Feather had mastered even if he saw the form the god rule had taken, neither did he have any idea of the god rule's effect.

However, he had a rough understanding of this angel's Sword Dao cultivation direction upon witnessing Departed Feather's sword speed. In actuality, he had some basic understanding of Unrivaled God and the other two's Sword Dao now, not just Departed Feather's.

"Unrivaled God is taking the comprehensive path just like me. His Sword Dao has almost no obvious disadvantages at all. Frontier and Forbidden Lamella are the same; they go for close combat. Their emphasis is on strength, explosive force, and attack force. Departed Feather's going for extreme speed. She wants to achieve ultimate sword speed. Her attack force would be relatively much weaker. It makes sense that this beauty is unwilling to participate in a team kill. There's not much difference with or without her in this siege party. Her function is to pick up on my flaws, as well as to interfere with and contain me with her extremely swift sword speed."

After confirming the four's Sword Dao cultivation direction, Lin Huang was even more convinced that it had been a smart move for him to attack Departed Feather earlier. He was exposing a potential dark horse.

Watching the sword gleams collide and explode in the void, Lin Huang initiated the attack once again without hesitation. He cloned thousands of shadows on his right hand immediately, blood-colored sword gleams glinting countless times.

Within a split second, Lin Huang seemed to have transformed into Thor, the god of thunder. The battle sword in his hand seemed like Thor's hammer, shooting forth several thousand bolts of blood-colored lightning.

The next instant, countless blood-colored bolts of lightning shot towards Unrivaled God and the other three in an erratic route, enveloping all of them as if in a net.

The rain of blood-colored lightning bolts submerged Unrivaled God and the other three, shocking the surrounding spectators.

"Is that Xie Lin's actual ability?! It's terrifying! That's totally something that Virtual Gods shouldn't be able to do!

"My god, all those thousands of lightning bolts each contain terrifying power. I think even one of them could kill me instantly. That would instantly kill off anyone's will to fight. Can Unrivaled God and the rest handle this?!"

"I think I would be killed instantly by such speed before I could even react! It's completely surpassed the speed that my Divine Telekinesis can discern, let alone the speed of my reactions!"

The three members from Death Sickle were dumbstruck as they watched.

Initially, the trio had been concerned about Lin Huang. They were worried that he could not fight the team of four, but the scenario that had just happened right in front of their eyes completely shocked them.

"No matter how much I raise my expectations in regards to his considerable abilities, it seems I still underestimate him no matter what…" Fallen Star's throat was a little dry. She had always known that Lin Huang was very powerful, but certainly not as powerful as this.

"This is completely beyond a Virtual God's level; he could be a first-rank True God based on that attack alone." Twin was shocked as well.

Destiny was the only who remained as thick-skinned as ever. "He's definitely the slayer of Bug Queens and Bug Kings! I knew I was right about him!"

Lin Huang had not used any sword skills at all when fighting with Forbidden Lamella earlier. He had dragged things out on purpose, holding back to wait for Unrivaled God and the rest to come.

Now that Unrivaled God and the rest were here, he naturally would not have to restrain his abilities any longer.

However, Lin Huang knew very well that Unrivaled God and the rest could not be killed so easily. He did not expect that one major move alone could kill the four of them. Instead, he was quite excited to see what techniques the four of them would use to survive.

After all, the quartet were powerhouses whose Sword Dao was at peak level-6, and their skills were valuable for Lin Huang to learn and adapt from. Not only that, but he also could not kill any BOSSes now. Since he had nothing to do anyway, naturally he did not want to miss the opportunity to spar with the four of them in order to learn.


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