Monster Paradise
1331 1V4
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1331 1V4

Unrivaled God and the other two had arrived but, being cautious, they did not enter the battlefield just yet. 

Not only that, but Lin Huang had also said, "You guys might actually be able to defeat me if you take me on together".

This caused many of the spectators who could not understand the battle situation to speculate about Xie Lin's ability all over again. However, there was still a minority who speculated that perhaps Unrivaled God and the rest were unwilling to fight, not because Xie Lin was too powerful, but because the few of them had yet to discuss how to divide the rewards. 

On the other hand, the three members of Death Sickle were relieved. Naturally, Fallen Star and the rest hoped that if Unrivaled God and the rest did join the fight, the later the better. The best would be if they did not come to Forbidden Lamella's aid and only fought if Forbidden Lamella was killed. If that was the case, the pressure on Xie Lin would lessen slightly.

Meanwhile, Forbidden Lamella was rather upset with the situation. He had noticed that Xie Lin had completely controlled even his own tempo of battle from the start. Although on the surface he seemed to have the upper hand, in reality, the tables could be turned anytime. He was initially relieved when he saw Unrivaled God and the rest arriving, expecting to finally break the awkward impasse. In the end, all three of them just stood by as if watching a show, with apparently no intention of intervening. As Forbidden Lamella had his pride, he naturally would not ask for help. When one party was unwilling to ask for help and the other party was casually watching the proceedings, it made for a very awkward situation indeed.

Lin Huang too was unsatisfied with the current situation. He had been purposely dragging out things out so that Unrivaled God and the rest could join Forbidden Lamella on the battlefield when they arrived. In the end, Unrivaled God and the other two were content to be mere spectators, unwilling to make a move.

Lin Huang was trying to verbally provoke the three of them to attack him. However, all three still held back.

Since provocation had failed, Lin Huang thought quickly and soon came up with an idea.

He moved and charged directly in the direction of Unrivaled God and the others in an attempt to force all three of them into battle.

Upon seeing this, Forbidden Lamella was elated—he had wanted to drag the three of them into the fight anyway. He did not stop Lin Huang; instead, he followed along.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the duo's battlefield had suddenly shifted.

Unrivaled God and the rest barely had time to react before they found themselves right in the middle of the battle zone.

The spectators were dumbstruck to see this change in the situation.

"What's Xie Lin doing?! Is he trying to get himself killed?!"

"He's fixated on this idea. Unrivaled God and the other two weren't thinking of attacking but Xie Lin challenged them himself."

"Forbidden Lamella had the chance to stop it but he didn't. Seems like he really doesn't have the confidence to defeat Xie Lin."

The most speechless ones were the three Death Sickle members. Fallen Star and the other two totally could not understand why Xie Lin would initiate the challenge with Unrivaled God and his companions.

Even Destiny, who had been confident in Lin Huang all this time, had no idea what to say now. 

Unrivaled God and the other two had completely not expected this.

The three of them had initially planned to just watch the battle from the sidelines. They wanted to see what techniques Lin Huang possessed and were also waiting for the best time to attack.

However, this sudden move on the part of Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella completely messed up their plans and they were now forcibly dragged into the fray.

Lin Huang swung his sword four times in succession as soon as the battlefield shifted.

These four swings of his sword were incredibly fast. Blood-colored sword gleams driven by peak level-6 Sword Dao and the God-slaying Power of God Rule Power shot forth like lightning. 

In an instant, the sword gleams sliced through the void and appeared right in front of Forbidden Lamella, Unrivaled God and the rest.

Forbidden Lamella immediately raised his sword to block the attack. Meanwhile, Unrivaled God and the rest had a slight change of expression while their auras instantly skyrocketed to peak level.

The three of them knew very well that this was an attack using God Rule Power. There would be terrible consequences if they were careless.

The three of them swung their swords without restraining any of their power. These attacks were also reinforced by peak level-6 Sword Dao and God Rule Power.

In the void, four blood-red gleams exploded almost simultaneously like four giant, blood-red suns, bathing the entire area in red light.

Forbidden Lamella and the other three retreated several dozen meters away, dodging the core area of the energy explosion. 

Lin Huang landed firmly on the roof corner of a five-story building after using his attack to force his four opponents into retreating. He looked at the four of them condescendingly and grinned, his black robe fluttering loudly in the strong wind.

Unrivaled God and the other three took a corner each, forming a square that surrounded Lin Huang. However, the expressions of all four were very serious.

Not only that, but the four of them were also in their God's form at present. Lin Huang's earlier attack had forced Unrivaled God and the other three to go into their God's form to fight him.

Unrivaled God's God's form was a white-haired human monster in a white robe and a white mask over his face. If one ignored the white mask with its blood-red designs, he looked a little like an immortal.

Frontier's God's form was a blood-colored one-eyed asura. He had purplish-red hair and a single scarlet eye on his triangular face, which was otherwise featureless. He wore blood-colored armor and his entire being radiated tremendous bloodlust.

Departed Feather's God's form was an angel with 12 wings. She had blonde hair and wore a white dress. The 12 white wings on her back fluttered lightly and there was a golden halo above her head. She looked extremely pure and holy.

Lin Huang's four sword attacks earlier were no longer at the level that he had been using to fight Forbidden Lamella.

It took Unrivaled God and the others just that single counter against Lin Huang's attack to realize that they might have run into an enemy of a power level they had not encountered before. 

All the spectators present, nearly 200 all told, were shocked and stunned to see the reactions of Unrivaled God and the other two.

Fallen Star and a handful of the spectators could tell that Lin Huang's sword attacks were now different. Their eyes betrayed their shock.

"What's wrong with Unrivaled God and the rest? Why do the four of them look like they've encountered a powerful enemy?" Twin's icy blue head could not help but ask. 

"Xie Lin's four sword attacks were perfection." The blood-red head next to the blue head had her eyes unblinkingly fixed on Lin Huang.

"That's not perfection, that's peak level and terrifying!" Fallen Star spoke up suddenly to correct Twin, "If I hadn't sensed that his Sword Dao remained at peak level-6, I would suspect that he might have broken through to Sword Dao true meaning already."

"I think I might not be able to reach that level even after a hundred years," Destiny joked self-deprecatingly, smiling.

On the battlefield, the auras emanating from Unrivaled God and the other three caused hearts to quail. At the moment, the faint aura traces from the battle swords in their hands conveyed a sense of intense threat to many of the watching competitors. The sword blades were clearly enveloped in a layer of God Rule Power.

Only Rule Bending Power could go up against God Rule Power. 

The sword gleams that Lin Huang had produced earlier were driven by God-slaying Power. Unrivaled God and the other three had no choice but to defend with God Rule Power, otherwise, they would be killed instantly.

Watching the various battle swords, many spectators secretly speculated about what type of God Rule Power each of the four had mastered and what kind of effect these powers would have.

Lin Huang too shot a glance at Unrivaled God and the other three. In reality, except for Forbidden Lamella, he was rather curious about what kind of God Rule Powers the three of them had mastered.

However, it was only a quick flicker of curiosity, after which Lin Huang snapped back to his senses.

This was because Unrivaled God, Frontier, and Forbidden Lamella had all attacked at the same time…


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