Monster Paradise
1330 Come Fight Me Together
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1330 Come Fight Me Together

The three silhouettes that Warlord had picked up on soon came into the sensing range of many of the spectators, including the three members from Death Sickle.

"Unrivaled God and the rest are here!" Fallen Star's expression changed slightly. She was very familiar with Unrivaled God, identifying him almost as soon as he stepped into her sensing range.

"The other two—if I'm not wrong, the man should be Frontier while the other lady is most probably Departed Feather who's ranked No.5 on the leaderboard," Twin voiced her speculations even though she had never heard of the duo.

"Both of them should be like Forbidden Lamella—Sword Servants who were secretly trained by grade-7 organizations. The thing is, I'm not sure if they're from God Capital, Divine Clapnet, Xeno or Precious Treasure Pavilion," Fallen Star frowned a little as she spoke.

"The Combat God Temple already has Unrivaled God, there's no need for them to train another secret Sword Servant. As for God Capital, those pureblood fellows who are so proud of their bloodline aren't into training Sword Servants," Twin took over the conversation, "If I'm not mistaken, Forbidden Lamella, Frontier and Departed Feather should be from Divine Clapnet, Xeno, and Precious Treasure Pavilion respectively. I'm just not sure who belongs to which organization though."

"Together with Unrivaled God, that's four against one. That's outrageous!" Destiny was indignant on Lin Huang's behalf.

Even he had confidence in Lin Huang, he did not think that Lin Huang could win if the four joined forces.

After all, to Destiny, it looked as if Lin Huang was expending a lot of energy to take on Forbidden Lamella at the moment.

"This is the inheritance of Great Heaven, the No. 1 Sword Servant among the Heavenly Gods in the God Territory! Everyone is desperate to gain his inheritance as long as they're a Sword Servant. Moreover, the purpose of this Trial is for the competitors to challenge the participants so the participants can achieve the Trial quota. Let's not talk about four against one; even if it's four hundred against one, it's still in line with the Trial rules."

Twin did not feel there was anything unfair about this. By achieving the Trial quota Xie Lin had proved his ability. This Trial was just to test whether or not he was really worthy. If not, it made sense that he would be replaced. After all, Great Heaven, who had dominated other heavenly god-level powerhouses for an era, would definitely wish for his heir to be the most powerful contender.

"So what should we do now? Do we help?" Destiny looked at Fallen Star.

"Unless we really have to intervene, we try to stay out of things as much as possible. As soon as we show our hand, Xie Lin's identity as a Death Sickle member would be completely exposed. At that point we might become the other competitors' common enemy," Fallen Star said, shaking her head, "However, if they're going to kill Xie Lin, we'll just have to break cover and stop them. The best would be if we can convince Xie Lin to surrender and give up on his Trial quota. With the potential that Xie Lin is showing at the moment though, as long as he's alive, even if he doesn't achieve the level of a Lord, at the very least he'll be another Buried Heaven. We can't give up on him unless it's a very last resort."

As the three Death Sickle members were discussing ways of handling what might happen later, Unrivaled God and the duo had already come into Lin Huang's sensing range, finally revealing themselves in front of everyone.

Unrivaled God was dressed in white, his sleeves fluttering in the wind.

With him were another man and a lady.

The man wore a denim jacket over a white t-shirt and faded jeans. He had dark brown hair that came to his shoulders. His expression was somewhat dissolute, giving the impression that he was a rock-and-roll youngster.

Meanwhile, the lady had blonde hair, a curvaceous figure, and was clad in silver armor. She wore a silver necklace on her fair neck and a pair of black hoops in her ears. Her nails were painted blue. Her left little finger and middle finger were adorned with a ring each, and she wore a ring on her right index finger as well.

"I think that lady is definitely from the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Look at her, she sparkles from head to toe," Density said to Fallen Star and Twin softly.

The two ladies ignored him.

Twin was observing the few adornments that the lady wore, while Fallen Star was frowning slightly. She could sense that this lady's abilities seemed to be above her own level.

Sensing Fallen Star's scrutiny, the lady glanced in her direction but looked away immediately after.

Unrivaled God merely nodded slightly when he saw Fallen Star. He then looked over to where Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella were. 

Meanwhile, the long-haired man paid no attention to the people around him. As soon as he stepped into view, his eyes were fixed on Lin Huang.

The three of them did not immediately join in the battle. Instead, they stood on top of a five-story building while observing the fight between Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella from not too far away.

However, the appearance of the three created an immediate stir amidst the crowd.

Nobody knew who the other two were, but almost all the members from the God Territory knew who Unrivaled God was.

He was No. 1 on the God Territory's Virtual God leaderboard and was also the No. 1 Sword Servant among the virtual god-level powerhouses in the God Territory.

"Unrivaled God is really here! Seems like what Forbidden Lamella said earlier about joining forces was true after all."

"The man and lady who arrived with Unrivaled God won't be any less powerful than Unrivaled God and Forbidden Lamella, I fear."

"I think Xie Lin will lose this time no matter how powerful he is."

"If it's an issue for Xie Lin to handle one opponent now, he'll definitely lose if it's four against one."

The battle between Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella was still going on in midair.

Unrivaled God and the other two who were observing the battle had not yet joined in. The three of them were focused on watching the battlefield. To be exact, they were focused on watching Lin Huang.

"This fellow is very powerful! His sword comprehension is obviously higher than Forbidden Lamella's given that their Sword Dao intensity is the same," the initially careless Frontier said in all seriousness.

"He's very powerful indeed, he's controlling the entire tempo of the fight," Departed Feather who was in silver armor nodded lightly as well, "If not for the advantage in strength and speed, I'm afraid Forbidden Lamella would've been defeated early on."

"That's not the reason why Forbidden Lamella hasn't been defeated yet," Unrivaled God shook his head while frowning a little, "If I'm not mistaken, that fellow's purposely waiting for us to fight him." 

Lin Huang's shout came all of a sudden as soon as Unrivaled God finished speaking.

"Are the three of you done watching? Come fight me together when you've seen enough."

He did not bother masking his shout at all, so all the watching competitors heard it loud and clear. They were speechless.

Never had they thought that Xie Lin would initiate a challenge to Unrivaled God and the other two at such a time.

"Is he out of his mind?!"

"He must be lying! If he really can fight four people on his own, why didn't he kill Forbidden Lamella first and get rid of one burden?!"

"Is he full of himself just because he defeated so many BOSSes?"

"Xie Lin, you're a little too full of yourself," Frontier, who had shoulder-length long hair, yelled back right after hearing Lin Huang's shout, "Your Sword Dao comprehension is stronger than ours but this Trial isn't purely a test of Sword Dao."

"Whether or not I'm full of myself, you guys are going to fight me together anyway, right?" Lin Huang smiled at Unrivaled God and the other two, "I'm just being honest; you might actually be able to defeat me if you take me on together."

Including Forbidden Lamella, all four of them understood the underlying meaning of what Lin Huang had said—"If you don't fight me together, it's impossible for you to defeat me".

Frontier and Departed Feather's expressions were sour. After all, they were top Sword Servants secretly trained by grade-7 organizations. It was a little embarrassing that they had to join forces to take on a single opponent right now.

However, Unrivaled God's expression displayed nothing out of the ordinary. He messaged the duo through voice transmission though.

"We all know how powerful the BOSSes in this Trial are. Since this fellow's managed to defeat so many BOSSes, he's definitely not revealing the extent of his abilities at the moment. Don't be triggered or puzzled by what he said, just be prepared to fight at a moment's notice. The best would be to discover any of his flaws and go in for the kill!"


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