Monster Paradise
1329 Unrivaled God Has Arrived!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1329 Unrivaled God Has Arrived!

God Rule Power was the fundamental reason why the disparity between true god-level and virtual god-level was so wide, and why it took incredible amounts of effort to bridge the gap.

God Rule Power was, in essence, an elementary Rule Bending Power.

The so-called Rule Bending Power was a special power that could interfere with the material world directly.

For instance, gravity on earth was directed towards the ground; this was a type of rule. If the rule was changed, whereby gravity was directed towards the sky, seawater would pour down while people would float. The entire world would be completely different.

To a certain degree, Rule Bending Power could not be fought. Just as the flora and fauna on earth would be affected by earth's gravity eventually, as long as they were on earth and within the parameters of such a rule, this fact would not change.

God Rule Power was a completely different type of power altogether.

If a person mastered a God Rule Power by which anyone would be turned into a rock whenever he set eyes on them, the person being stared at would turn into a rock as soon as he was glanced at. It did not matter how much Divine Power, strength, speed, or Telekinesis power the person possessed. This was how compelling God Rule Power was, to where it did not matter how powerful or weak the person who had mastered it was.

The God-slaying Power that Lin Huang possessed was a god rule under the Kill Rule. It belonged to an attack subset of god rule which was particularly suitable for combat.

The terrifying thing about this type of god rule was that one would die soon as one suffered a cut from the God-slaying Power, even Gods. Even if one merely had a bloodless nick on one's skin, the God-slaying Power would destroy both the victim's body and soul.

Naturally, this only held true if the person who was being slashed had not mastered any God Rule Powers. 

If they had, the God Rule Powers would offset each other.

However, not all God Rule Powers could kill the opponent directly like the God-slaying Power. Many God Rule Powers could not kill the opponent immediately.

This was like Forbidden Lamella's God Rule Power. It was called the Divine Lamella Fire and was a god rule under the Fire Rule.

A living thing's skin would quickly turn into black flaming scales as soon as the Divine Lamella Fire's God Rule Power made contact. These scales would absorb energy in the host's body automatically. They would spread throughout one's entire body, exuding extremely high heat. These flaming scales would not only harm the flesh, but they would also burn one's soul, causing intense torment.

When the Divine Lamella Fire spread over the epidermis, it would soon sink into the subcutaneous layer of skin before spreading through the flesh and organs, then the bones and the brain…the flaming scales would spread within and without a person's body.

Eventually, not only would the infected victim die of extreme burns, their body and soul would go through a change of form from the Divine Lamella Fire. They would turn into a monster with black scales all over their body and become the Divine Lamella Fire's slave.

Naturally, Lin Huang had no idea what Forbidden Lamella's God Rule Power was called, neither did he know what kind of ability such a God Rule Power came with.

However, fire-type God Rule Powers usually involved extreme heat. Once one had come into contact with it, even if they possessed God Rule Power as a defense, it was a very unpleasant experience.

Even Lin Huang had to be on guard.

As soon as their God Rule Powers surfaced, the duo could be considered to have shown their trump cards. 

The spectators around watched with wide eyes. It was the first time that most of them had had the opportunity to watch a battle that was close to true god-level.

"No wonder Xie Lin and Forbidden Lamella managed to defeat the BOSSes; they've both mastered God Rule Powers!"

"If that's the case, could Unrivaled God and the rest of them who defeated BOSSes have mastered God Rule Power too?"

The competitors who were watching debated heatedly among themselves. They all thought that Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella had managed to defeat BOSSes because they had mastered God Rule Powers.

On Death Sickle's side, Twin and Destiny could not help but turn their heads to look at Fallen Star. After all, she had also defeated a BOSS.

Noticing the duo's stare, Fallen Star shook her head expressionlessly.

"I haven't mastered any God Rules." 

"So how did you defeat the BOSS?" Destiny asked immediately.

"I used all of my trump cards and with a little bit of luck, I was fortunate enough to win that battle," Fallen Star answered very straightforwardly. Noticing that the duo was still staring at her after she was done speaking, she added rather helplessly, "In reality, I've encountered three BOSSes before. The second one was the weakest, but I spent over 30 hours before I finally won by the barest margin.

"As for the other two, I wasn't in their league at all. The first one dominated me entirely after a few rounds of combat. Fortunately, I managed to retreat and escape the room that he was guarding. He didn't come after me. The third one emanated a life-threatening aura after merely releasing his Sword Dao. I'd just taken half a step into his sensing territory, so I retreated without hesitation."

As the Death Sickle members were chatting, Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella had already begun a new round of battle not so far away.

The red and black sword gleams in the air collided at even more terrifying speed.

Half the sky was soon filled with glaringly bright sparks of blood-red and inky pitch-black.

The energy from the collision between the two sword gleams sliced sword marks onto the roofs and walls of the surrounding little buildings. Some of the marks were merely a few centimeters in length while others were a couple of meters long. However, all were etched deeply into the surfaces.

Many of the watching competitors were terrified when they saw the sword marks.

Even if they were to swing their swords at full force, they might not be able to leave such deep marks on those houses. Not only that, but these sword trails were also merely an effect of the energy produced from the duo's battle.

Most of the spectators retreated even farther away after seeing the sword marks, worried that they might be affected by the battle impact. If they were unlucky enough to be struck by any of the resulting energy bursts, they might be killed instantly.

The red and black sword gleams collided in midair over and over again. Endless thunder-like booms reverberated to and fro.

The strong whistling sound from the winds caused by the energy impact was like the howling of a million demonic armies from hell.

Under the gale-force winds that blew from every direction, the rows of lanterns hanging on the building awnings would swing here and there, as if the gravity in the area was constantly changing direction.

The houses had not stopped quaking since the beginning of the battle. Given that many of the houses had been scarred by the sword marks left behind from the energy impacts, it felt more like an earthquake now than before.

Due to his advantage in strength and speed, Forbidden Lamella was still in top form.

However, Lin Huang was slowly reaching his peak state. 

As both of them were using God Rule Power, Lin Huang was slightly more serious than before as he was unwilling to come into contact with the Divine Lamella Fire.

He moved much more than before as well compared to earlier. Even his sword swings were more serious than before. 

In each previous collision, he had retreated hundreds of meters away. Now, however, he retreated less—maybe only about a hundred meters, about on par with the distance of Forbidden Lamella's retreat.

However, only Forbidden Lamella knew himself that it only looked as if he had the upper hand. Xie Lin was still using him to practice his sword skills. Although he was slightly more serious now, nothing much had changed—Lin Huang was still controlling the tempo of battle. No matter how hard Forbidden Lamella tried, Lin Huang did not seem to be treating him like a real opponent who required one's full effort to stay alive during combat. 

In reality, Forbidden Lamella was unaware that Lin Huang was not purposely underestimating him. It was merely that Lin Huang had treated all of his opponents as sparring partners since his Sword Dao had elevated to Sword Dao true meaning, even if his opponent was a Sword Servant under Great Heaven in the top 20 rankings. He would only use actual techniques to defeat his opponent when he was almost done learning everything about the opponent's Sword Dao.

The reason that Lin Huang did not kill or defeat Forbidden Lamella after learning about his level of Sword Dao was that Lin Huang was still waiting for Unrivaled God and the rest to arrive. He wanted to see what the effect would be if they were to fight him together and how much pressure they would give him. Moreover, Warlord's detection results were still pending and he was bored anyway. A sparring partner to study new sword skills from was a good thing.

Some ten minutes into the duo's intense battle, Lin Huang heard Warlord's voice transmission in his ears all of a sudden.

"There's a team of three approaching. The trio's aura intensity is almost on par with Forbidden Lamella!"

Lin Huang raised his brows at that.

Unrivaled God and the others had finally arrived!


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