Monster Paradise
1328 You’re Treating Me as A Sparring Partner?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1328 You’re Treating Me as A Sparring Partner?!

Forbidden Lamella's abilities were already at peak virtual god-level. Now that he had activated his God's form, his abilities were boosted even further. Even though he did not have God Rule Power, he was almost like a True God in every other aspect.

If they were to compare all physical bodily aspects, Forbidden Lamella was slightly superior to Lin Huang.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang's Sword Dao was more powerful than Forbidden Lamella's. That was his advantage. Although he had restricted his Sword Dao to the same level as his opponent, his Sword Dao basics, experience and consciousness were more powerful than Forbidden Lamella.

Upon comparison, in reality, it was hard for one to predict who would win or lose.

The reason why Lin Huang was excited when he saw Forbidden Lamella using his God's form was mainly that he had felt no pressure at all battling with Forbidden Lamella earlier. Now, he was finally put under pressure.

He figured he would only be able to assimilate whatever Sword Dao comprehension that he had yet to absorb if he were put under pressure. 

In the air, the red and gold sword gleams collided repeatedly.

Lin Huang enveloped only his battle sword in Divine Power, just like he had earlier. Meanwhile, the flames on Forbidden Lamella's body were several times fiercer than before. Compared to the fair match previously, Forbidden Lamella was oppressively forceful at the moment. Almost every collision sent Lin Huang flying.

Seeing that Xie Lin had seemingly become the weaker opponent, many of the spectators began thinking to themselves.

Initially, they had been shocked by Lin Huang's ability. Some of them were uncertain about if they wanted to pursue their goal of attacking him, while some even chose to give up on the thought of fighting him directly. However, now that they saw Forbidden Lamella was even more powerful, they discovered that Xie Lin was not as terrifying as they imagined. As such, they began entertaining all kinds of thoughts.

Some daring ones were even thinking about whether or not they could snatch Forbidden Lamella's prey from under his very nose.

After all, whoever killed Xie Lin would become the final winner of this trial right away. Being the final winner meant that the trial would end very soon and everyone would be teleported out. Therefore, they would not have to worry about Forbidden Lamella's revenge.

Only the few members from Death Sickle were worried about Lin Huang.

The might that Forbidden Lamella demonstrated had shocked them. If Forbidden Lamella alone was hard for Xie Lin to handle, he might not have any chance of winning at all when Unrivaled God came.

"I'm afraid Xie Lin might be at risk in this battle…" Twin's icy-blue head could not help exclaiming. Although she did not cultivate Sword Dao, she could read the battle situation.

"This Forbidden Lamella's Sword Dao isn't as powerful as Xie Lin's but I'm afraid all aspects of his body might be at True God-level already. It might be difficult for Xie Lin to win." The fiery-red head nodded right away in agreement.

"Maintaining God's form drains Divine Power immensely. I think the only way for Xie Lin to win is to drain his opponent's Divine Power." Fallen Star frowned slightly; she too had lost confidence in Lin Huang now. "However, even if he manages to defeat Forbidden Lamella, there will be Unrivaled God and Frontier later…"

Destiny was the only one still rooting for Lin Huang the underdog.

"If Boss Xie Lin weren't conserving his Divine Power for the battles later on, this guy named Forbidden Lamella wouldn't be a match for him at all!"

The gold and red sword gleams continued exploding in the air.

The strong winds caused by Divine Power collisions sounded like giant beasts howling at each other ferociously. The tiny buildings beneath the spectators' feet seemed to quake.

Although Lin Huang was at a disadvantage throughout all of these attacks, the battle intent in his eyes did not fade at all. Instead, it kept growing.

He performed different sword techniques each time; some of them were not even complete techniques. In reality, he was continuously integrating the sword skills that he had learned before and trying them out on Forbidden Lamella.

However, as his mastery of each of these skills was high, all of them seemed to be complete techniques. As a result, nobody could tell anything was out of the ordinary.

However, Forbidden Lamella slowly began noticing that something was off, even as he continued fighting Lin Huang.

After all, he was a sword cultivator whose Sword Dao was at peak level-6. Not only that, but he had also been fighting Lin Huang for quite some time now.

"Damn it, you're treating me as your sparring partner?!"

Lin Huang did not mind that his opponent had seen through his motives.

"Yes, what else did you think? It's rare enough that a sparring partner turns up on my doorstep, it makes sense for me to seize this opportunity to practice!"

Lin Huang was telling the truth. In reality, Forbidden Lamella had not piqued Lin Huang's interest to practice at all until the latter had transformed into his God's form. He had not immediately killed Forbidden Lamella because he wanted to see what sword skills Forbidden Lamella possessed.

He had only treated Forbidden Lamella as a proper sparring partner after the latter had transformed into his God's form.

Forbidden Lamella flew into a towering rage as soon as Lin Huang gave him the definitive answer from the horse's mouth.

It was a moment before he was able to snarl, "Treating me like a mere sparring partner? In your dreams!"

His aura suddenly flared up terrifyingly as he finished speaking. 

Sensing the change of aura, Lin Huang looked faintly bemused.

"Is that…God Rule Power?!"

In reality, Lin Huang had expected this, as it was not easy at all to defeat a Sword Servant. Forbidden Lamella defeating three Sword Servants proved that he possessed power that surpassed virtual god-level, even if the Sword Servants were ones who ranked at the very bottom.

Moreover, there were indeed a handful of Protoss recorded in history who could use God Rule Power when they were at virtual god-level; this was no secret.

Lin Huang also knew that Unrivaled God from the Combat God Temple possessed God Rule Power.

Meanwhile, since Forbidden Lamella's accumulated points were higher than Unrivaled God's, it made absolute sense that he possessed God Rule Power.

Apart from Lin Huang, many spectators present also sensed the aura of God Rule Power right away.

After all, they were all outstanding Virtual God powerhouses. They came into contact with True Gods occasionally so it made sense that they were familiar with God Rule Power.

Low murmurs were heard among the spectators.

"As I expected, this fellow's mastered God Rule Power!"

"This guy's points are even higher than Unrivaled God's. He killed more BOSSes than Unrivaled God too, isn't it a given that he's mastered God Rule Power?"

"Do you guys think Xie Lin's mastered God Rule Power too?" After all, given Lin Huang's previous battle results, their speculations were to be expected. 

On top of a three-story building, the golden Divine Power flames that enveloped Forbidden Lamella faded slowly, revealing a body covered with golden scales. 

His sword-wielding right hand was no longer a human hand; it was more like the talons of a dragon.

Even stranger was that the black-and-gold battle sword was slowly being enveloped in a layer of black flame. Although it was only a thin layer of flame, somehow it felt a few hundred times more dangerous than the golden flame from before.

As soon as the black flame appeared, the temperature within the radius of several hundred kilometers went up at least ten degrees celsius.

There was no flame on Forbidden Lamella's body at all but he gave everyone the illusion of a fire god arriving in the world. Even his silhouette looked elusive from the extreme heat distortion. 

"So this fellow's God Rule Power is a type of flame?" Lin Huang raised his brows as he watched. One might have a layer of skin burnt off if they came into contact with this sort of God Rule Power.

One could only defend themselves against God Rule Power with power of the same level.

Since his opponent had revealed his God Rule Power, Lin Huang did not dare delay any further. His blood-red God-slaying Power gradually enveloped the blade of his sword.

As soon as his God-slaying Power surfaced, Lin Huang's inherent killing intent skyrocketed. He seemed to have transformed into an ultimate god of slaughter, which was shocking.

At the same time, almost all the spectators sensed that the surrounding air seemed to be much thinner now, and vaguely suffocating. 


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