Monster Paradise
1325 Let’s Fight For Real!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1325 Let’s Fight For Real!

Lin Huang sat up right away as soon as Warlord was done speaking. His action immediately drew the attention of many of the competitors.

"What's happening? Why did he sit up all of a sudden?!"

"Is it because he saw Fallen Star's mini team?"

Amid everyone's confusion, very soon someone sensed a powerful aura approaching.

"Someone is coming!"

"This aura is terrifying, I'm afraid it's on par with a BOSS!"

The incoming person did not bother hiding his powerful aura at all.

Even Fallen Star and the other two looked serious as they sensed the incoming aura.

Initially, Fallen Star thought it was Unrivaled God who was coming. However, there was only one person approaching. Not only that, although the aura intensity was on par with Unrivaled God, it was also completely different from Unrivaled God's.

'Who can that be?!'

Almost everyone who sensed the aura had the same thought.

As everyone was wondering, a silhouette entered Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis sensing range and revealed himself before the competitors.

It was a young man whose body was as muscular as a leopard. He looked to be in his mere early 20s, with lightly tanned skin and fiery-red short hair.

From head to toe, he looked exactly like a human. He did not have characteristics of any other tribes.

Almost everyone present immediately recognized that he was a Protoss. However, everyone looked puzzled as his face was unfamiliar to them.

It seemed like all competitors from the God Territory and Great Heaven Territory looked puzzled as soon as they saw him.

The red-haired young man leaped on top of another five-story building approximately 50 meters away from Lin Huang and observed Lin Huang from a distance.

Only then did he glance around him and announce confidently with a smile, "Let me introduce myself, I'm Forbidden Lamella!"

"So you're Forbidden Lamella." Lin Huang did not doubt his opponent's identity at all. After all, among all the competitors, one could count on one hand the people who possessed such a powerful aura. With his abilities, there was no need for his opponent to steal Forbidden Lamella's identity.

"Unrivaled God said that your abilities are above us so he invited me to hunt you with him. I considered the invitation for a bit; I didn't decline," Forbidden Lamella directly disclosed this secret, which stunned everyone, "However, considering that I'm nearer to you than he is and I'm rather impatient, I thought I would come first and test your abilities. If you're so powerful that I'm no match for you, I can only fight you when Unrivaled God and the rest are here. If your abilities are less than mine, I'm more than happy to kill you and win this Trial directly."

"You're certainly straightforward." Lin Huang continued lying down. "Aren't you afraid that I kill might you before they come? To stop you guys from forming a team?"

"If you're really that powerful, I can only accept my destiny," Forbidden Lamella grinned while his consciousness had already activated his Sword Dao. He charged at Lin Huang, using his hand as the sword, sparking over a hundred golden sword gleams in the air.

Everyone watching was dumbstruck at his attack. 

Even Fallen Star watched intently without a single blink, her expression deadly serious. 

Lin Huang continued lying down as he watched the sword gleams that filled the sky, coming at him from different angles. He merely chuckled as he lifted his hand to point a finger into the air.

The next instant, blood-red sword gleams coalesced from thin air. They filled the sky too and attacked even more rapidly.

Many of the onlookers could not help letting out shocked exclamations.

Only now did many of the competitors realize the gap in their abilities compared with Lin Huang and Forbidden Lamella.

Those who joined the Trial were sword cultivators. Naturally, they sensed the golden and blood-red gleams that filled the sky. Almost all the sword gleams were accompanied by terrifying Sword Dao aura.

Apart from a minority including Fallen Star, most of them knew very well that they could not defend themselves against a sky full of sword gleams.

What was even more discouraging was that the duo attacked at the speed of light. Not only could they not follow the sword gleam trajectories with the naked eye, but even their Divine Telekinesis also could not react fast enough.

Most of them merely saw the golden and blood-red glows appearing and colliding in the next instant.

Dazzling golden and red sparks exploded in the air one after another like flourishing fireworks.

The explosions sounded as if there were tens of thousands of thunderclaps echoing through the areas hundreds of kilometers away. All of the spectators felt intense shockwaves in the buildings beneath their feet.

The strings of red lanterns hanging at the corners of the little buildings were blown horizontal by the strong winds from the energy impact.

What made the spectators even more speechless was that the fight was clearly just a test match for the two combatants, but it had already caused such a shocking effect.

This led many of the spectators to abort their previous plan of seizing the opportunity to attack Lin Huang.

They knew very well that the duo's abilities were on a different level compared to them. They would be going to their deaths if they decided to even try an attack.

The three members of Death Sickle looked shocked as well.

Lin Huang's attack had stunned all three of them. 

"I've always thought that his power came from some other techniques, not Sword Dao. I never imagined that his Sword Dao was so powerful!" Twin exclaimed.

"He deserves to be called Boss Xie Lin; I'm guessing his Sword Dao is already halfway to Sword Dao true meaning." As a peak level-6 Sword Dao powerhouse, Destiny could naturally sense the Sword Dao levels of the two combatants.

"That's right, we can see Sword Dao true meaning's form from the attacks alone," Fallen Star agreed, nodding slightly. Her eyes betrayed a complicated mix of emotions. She had always thought that Lin Huang was powerful due to a combination of abilities, but that he was below her level in Sword Dao. She only realized how wrong she was at this moment.

Lin Huang did not use Sword Dao true meaning in this attack. Instead, he suppressed his Sword Dao to half-step Sword Dao true meaning. If he was to use Sword Dao true meaning, Forbidden Lamella might have already been ground to a pulp.

From the start, Lin Huang had no intention of killing Forbidden Lamella. It was hard enough to encounter an opponent who could teach him a thing or two. It would be a complete waste to kill Forbidden Lamella before wringing dry his knowledge of Sword Dao.

Lin Huang even planned to drag out the battle until Unrivaled God and the rest arrived. He wanted to see if the few of them could enlighten him further on Sword Dao if they were to fight him together.

However, Forbidden Lamella had no idea what Lin Huang had in mind at the moment. He did not even know that Lin Huang had suppressed his Sword Dao. He believed that, like him, Xie Lin had achieved half-step Sword Dao true meaning but had yet to break through.

"To be honest, I was a little concerned before attacking because I thought my opponent this time might've already achieved Sword Dao true meaning. But I can rest easy now." Forbidden Lamella said in relief, "Since your Sword Dao is still at half-step Sword Dao true meaning just like me, I don't need to fight this battle alongside Unrivaled God at all."

A battle sword coalesced in Forbidden Lamella's hand as soon as he was done speaking.

It was a black and gold battle sword, wide at the blade and over ten centimeters longer than a regular sword. The blade was the color of flame-gold, while the handle and the spine of the blade were inky-black.

With the infusion of Divine Power, the sword blade was soon suffused with a layer of gold flame. At the same time, Forbidden Lamella seemed to have been ignited, his entire body covered in golden fire.

"Now the warm-up is over, let's fight for real!" A deep yet husky voice drawled from the humanoid golden flame.


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