Monster Paradise
1324 Powerful Enemies Approaching
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1324 Powerful Enemies Approaching

Lin Huang lay on the roof, patiently waiting for Warlord's aura-detection results.

Although the sensing range of his Divine Telekinesis was limited to 1,000 meters, he had Warlord beside him, and Warlord was an aura-capturing robot that could sense all living things' energy waves within a radius of 10,000 meters.

He was very aware that many competitors were hiding 1,000 meters or more from him, waiting for the opportunity to attack. 

Lin Huang paid no attention to these people. One of the reasons was because the Trial space limited his Divine Telekinesis, which hindered him from accurately controlling any attack trajectory outside the 1,000-meter range. If it was really necessary for him to attack, he would have to kill his opponents one by one. Another thing was that he did not think it was necessary to kill them. These sneaky spectators might choose to retreat immediately after seeing him attack or they might choose to watch without attacking. Not all had ill intentions and not all would do what they came for. 

Apart from the trio in the second wave of challengers, there were some 30 people surrounding Lin Huang who had arrived one after another within half an hour.

The latecomers did not clamor and attack directly like the duo from the first wave as they seemed to have sensed the aura of the other competitors hiding nearby. Instead, they learned to hide like the rest. Since nobody was attacking at the moment, no one was willing to be the first guinea pig to test Lin Huang's ability.

Another half an hour passed rapidly. There were over a hundred competitors surrounding Lin Huang and watching, but nobody dared to attack first.

Warlord, who was on the roof of the small five-story building, spoke to Lin Huang through voice transmission all of a sudden.

"Three very strong auras are approaching, one of them has an aura that's very close to a Sword Servant. The other two auras are only slightly weaker than hers."

In reality, among the hundred-over people surrounding them, there were some 30 people that Warlord sensed to be threatening. However, only just now had he finally sensed an aura that was close to that of a Sword Servant. 

Lin Huang immediately looked at the coordinates that Warlord had marked out. There was curiosity on his face.

"Who will it be, I wonder?"

Judging by Warlord's feedback, this team of three should be the most powerful team to show up within the last one and a half hours. Lin Huang was also rather looking forward to having a strong team to start things rolling, after being observed by the others for one and a half hours. It would be a warning to the rest when he had disposed of the team.

As the team of three approached, many competitors sensed the trio's compelling auras. Some of them even recognized the group.

"They're from Death Sickle!"

"Death Sickle's Fallen Star is ranked No.4 on the Virtual God Leaderboard. Twin and Destiny next to her are also top 20 powerhouses on the Virtual God Leaderboard. Now all three of them are here, it's going to be quite a showdown."

Those who knew about Fallen Star and the other two were anticipating a fierce battle. Those who knew nothing about the three were excited too as they sensed the trio's intense auras.

However, nobody expected that the three of them would stop at a tiny building 1,000 meters away from Lin Huang. They did not go any further into his sensing range.

"Let's just stay here, we'll be sitting ducks if we go any further," Fallen Star said to her two Death Sickle companions, "We can't let on that Xie Lin is a member of Death Sickle. Otherwise, we'll become targets for the other competitors as well."

"Would it be alright for Twin at this distance?" Destiny, who was beside Fallen Star, asked immediately.

"Shouldn't be a problem. Although my Secret Communication Skill's accuracy is affected by Divine Telekinesis sensing range, we can see Xie Lin from where we are right now. We can speak directly at him," Twin's both heads nodded at the same time.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang finally got a good look at the faces of the trio who had just arrived. He was stunned to see Fallen Star and the rest, then shook his head with a faint smile.

"I thought it's a team that I could challenge, I didn't expect it to be Fallen Star and the other two…"

"Do you know them?" Warlord asked immediately.

Lin Huang nodded. "I do, we're from the same organization."

The minute he finished speaking with Warlord, Lin Huang heard Twin's voice in his ears.

"Xie Lin, we hurried here to tell you that your identity as the participant has been revealed to all competitors. Many are forming teams to kill you, including Unrivaled God and the rest. At the moment, Unrivaled God has pulled in Forbidden Lamella and Frontier to form a team and hunt you. Apart from Forbidden Lamella and Frontier, he might be gathering other members."

"We're not sure about Forbidden Lamella and Frontier's abilities, but Unrivaled God is at half-step Sword Dao true meaning. Not only that, but he's also already mastered a God Rule Power. In the God Territory, he's one of the few virtual god-level powerhouses who possess the ability to kill True Gods. You must beware!"

"We suggest that you try your best to not fight them head-on. After all, there are so many of them. Temporarily avoiding trouble isn't something embarrassing…"

Lin Huang showed no response when he finished listening to what Twin had to say. Everything he did was visible 360 degrees to over a hundred people at the moment. If he made any reaction at all to Fallen Star and the other two, they would become targets for the other competitors.

He knew very well why Twin had chosen to stay 1,000 meters away—she was using a secret method to communicate with him. 

Lin Huang thought for a moment. He then turned his body slightly so that his back was now toward Fallen Star and the others, hinting that he had received their message.

As for what Twin said about Unrivaled God, not only was Lin Huang not concerned at all, he was rather anticipating it.

According to what Twin said, Unrivaled God was at half-step Sword Dao true meaning. Meanwhile, Lin Huang had achieved Sword Dao true meaning. Unrivaled God had mastered a type of God Rule Power, while Lin Huang mastered God-slaying Power. He did not think he would lose at all.

As for Forbidden Lamella and Frontier from Unrivaled God's team, Lin Huang was familiar with both names.

He had seen the push notification that popped up when the duo killed BOSS during the

"global" announcement earlier. 

Furthermore, he had checked the leaderboard one and a half hours ago and noticed that the duo ranked first and third respectively.

Lin Huang knew very well that both these competitors had powerful abilities since they had managed to kill Sword Servants, no matter what their rankings were.

As for whether he was confident to go one against three, he could not guarantee that he would definitely win. He could only say that he did not think that he would lose.

Time continued ticking on, and Lin Huang remained lying on the roof as usual.

Fallen Star and the other two knew that Lin Huang must have received their message seeing that he had turned around in the beginning. However, he remained still even after a few minutes.

"What's happening? Did he not get the message?" Fallen Star frowned a little; she was quite worried. Every minute Lin Huang stayed, the chances of Unrivaled God and the rest arriving grew higher.

"I don't think so, I'm very confident in my Secret Communication Skill. Furthermore, he turned around after hearing my voice transmission earlier. He was clearly hinting that he heard us," Twin said with certainty.

"I think Boss Xie Lin must've heard us. I'm guessing he's staying put because he's not going to avoid the fight," Destiny voiced his speculation.

As the three of them were discussing secretly, Warlord, who was on the roof where Lin Huang was, alerted Lin Huang through voice transmission suddenly.

"An extremely powerful aura is approaching at high speed! This aura is even more powerful than the lady earlier. It's an aura close to that of a Sword Servant!"


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