Monster Paradise
1323 Three Against One, We Have The Upper Hand!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1323 Three Against One, We Have The Upper Hand!

Although Lin Huang could not see anybody else's coordinates, he was absolutely certain that many people would be making a beeline straight for him right now.

As expected, the first wave of "visitors" came after he had lain down for some mere ten minutes.

Two people approached Lin Huang in the first wave of challengers. One of them had bull horns on his head while the other had the head of a sparrow. However, the duo seemed mistrustful of each other. Although they arrived almost at the same time, they had been keeping some ten meters away from each other.

The monster with the sparrow's head halted when he sensed Lin Huang's aura from far away. Instead, he shouted at Lin Huang when he was at the periphery of Lin Huang's 1,000-meter sensing range.

"Mr. Xie Lin, we're just here to watch. We have no ill intentions, neither will we attack you."

"Yes, I agree with him. We're just here to watch so we can learn. We won't attack," the monster with the bull horns added hurriedly.

Lin Huang's lips twisted into a mirthless grin. Of course, he did not believe in the duo's nonsense.

If they were really here to watch the battle, it was impossible that they would have arrived so hastily. Even though they were close by, there was no need for them to get here at the earliest opportunity. Furthermore, if they were just here to watch, there was no need for them to stop at the 1,000-meter sensing range, as one could sense the battle situation through the energy waves from 1,000 meters away. These two had crossed into the 1,000-meter sensing range so they could check out the strength of his aura.

The reason why the duo did not attack right away was that they sensed Lin Huang's life-threatening aura. They knew that it was sure death for them. Perhaps they did not expect that they would be the first to arrive, neither did they dare to attack first. It was easy for Lin Huang to guess what they were thinking. They just wanted to wait for more people to come, and then they would participate in killing him together with the rest.

'Since you guys are already here, you may as well just stay here,' Lin Huang thought to himself. Instantly his Sword Dao coalesced into two blood-red gleams, shooting toward the duo before they could retreat out of sensing range.

The duo's Sword Dao was at level-5; they received a shock when they saw the blood-red sword gleams coming at them. Although they could not tell whether or not Lin Huang had broken through to Sword Dao true meaning, they sensed clearly that his Sword Dao was at least at peak level-6, based on the aura coming from the sword gleams. They knew that they were no match for him.

The sword gleams Lin Huang had activated with his Sword Dao traveled as fast as the speed of light. They reached the duo almost at the very moment he had thought of attacking them.

The bull-horned monster and the sparrow-headed monster suddenly realized that the sword gleams they had sensed were now almost simultaneously in front of them.

Since they did not have the time to dodge the attack, they tried to block it immediately by raising their swords. 

Both of them were depending on sheer luck to carry them through.

'Although Xie Lin is powerful, it's impossible that we can't block such an unplanned attack! As long as we manage to block this, we can seize the opportunity to escape!'

However, the sword gleams accelerated the next instant and pierced straight through the duo's battle swords, impaling them.

Two monster heads shot into mid-air. The headless corpses toppled to the ground while fresh blood spurted furiously.

"Participant has killed a competitor, +41 points were gained."

"Participant has killed a competitor, +37 points were gained."

Lin Huang had killed the duo merely by using Sword Dao. He had not drawn his sword; in fact, he had not even gotten up.

It was not that he underestimated his opponents, it was just that he could now immediately tell the strength of a person's Sword Dao with a single glance.

The duo's Sword Dao was stagnant at peak level-5. They were not even level-6; nobody could blame Lin Huang for his lack of enthusiasm in wanting to fight them.

In the current line-up of competitors, there were probably only a few at peak level-6 who might pique Lin Huang's interest a little. After all, achieving peak level-6 was considered to be already at the threshold of Sword Dao true meaning. Fighting with one of those people could give him actual battle experience. If he was lucky, he might even be able to learn a thing or two. 

From the very beginning of the Trial, Lin Huang had had no intention of plundering other competitors. His priority upon entering the Trial space was to battle with Sword Servants in order to learn. If not for the announcement of the new Trial rules, which meant that it took time for Warlord to locate Sword Servants, he would not have stopped hunting Sword Servants at all, let alone waste time on competitors.

Now that many competitors were coming at him, Lin Huang was not killing them to obtain points, but to avoid trouble. He would not start trouble with the competitors intentionally. However, he had little choice but to kill those competitors who came looking for him. That was about it.

In reality, even Unrivaled God and the other sword cultivator powerhouses who had reached peak level-6 were much less interesting than the Sword Servants. This was because Sword Servants were supreme powerhouses who had mastered Sword Dao heavenly rule. Even if these Sword Servants were under Sword Dao restrictions, Unrivaled God and the rest could not top their understanding of Sword Dao. To Lin Huang, who had already achieved Sword Dao true meaning, the benefits of fighting them were much higher than fighting with Unrivaled God and the rest.

After eliminating the first wave of challengers, which was the duo, the second wave of challengers arrived in less than five minutes.

This time, there were three of them, and they seemed to have formed a temporary team.

After all, it had been less than half an hour since the new rules were announced. Given the rush, it was quite impossible for them to locate teammates from the same organization, or friends whom they knew. In short, it was difficult to organize a temporary team within such a short period of time. 

Lin Huang guessed that this was a temporary team because the three members did not really watch each other's backs. Furthermore, they were in a mini formation of one person leading when they approached Lin Huang's sensing range.

The three competitors looked rather sick after realizing that nobody else was there apart from their tiny team. However, they were smart enough to not step into Lin Huang's 1,000-meter sensing range, stopping a few hundreds of meters away instead. They hid in a small building to watch from afar.

"Judging from the coordinates on the map, Xie Lin should be hiding some 1,200 meters ahead. However, based on what we can sense right now, there aren't any other auras around, and there's no battle impact either. We seem to be the first ones to have arrived," a short, brawny man said while pointing at the map.

As Lin Huang had disposed of the two monsters' carcasses from the first wave of challengers, the short brawny man thought that the three of them were the first to arrive.

"We can't be sure that nobody else is coming. Maybe Xie Lin's already killed the ones who showed up before us. Or maybe some of the other people are already here, but they're using some special techniques to conceal themselves that Divine Telekinesis can't pick up," added a monkey-faced monster beside the brawny man.

"That's why I said we didn't need to hurry here, but both of you refused to listen to me," the bloated monster next to them complained.

"Quit the nonsense, let's talk about business first." The short brawny man glanced at the two monsters interrogatively. "So what do we do now? Do we attack first and try for the prize? Or do we wait and decide after letting the rest be guinea pigs?"

"Since we're already here, let's just do it!" the bloated monster said with a laugh. "It's three against one, we have the upper hand no matter what." 

"If you want to die, be my guest. This is a monster that might be able to kill up to a hundred BOSSes. Do you really think we can kill him with our combined abilities?!" the monkey-faced monster declined the suggestion immediately, "What sort of nonsense is this—we have the upper hand just because it's three against one!"

After the monkey-faced monster finished speaking, he glared at the short brawny man. "I'll withdraw myself from this temporary team if you're dumb enough to go with his suggestion. Have fun, the two of you. I don't want to die just yet!"

The short brawny man smiled and nodded. "Actually I'm of the same opinion. If the two of you decide to go ahead and attack, I'll withdraw myself from the team and leave. Fortunately, there's only one of us who's as dumb as that. It's two against one now; let's just watch and wait to see if there's an opportunity for us to sneak in."

"There are only three of us here, who's the dumb one you're talking about?" the bloated monster asked, feeling puzzled.


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