Monster Paradise
1321 Xie Lin Is Gonna Be in Big Trouble!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1321 Xie Lin Is Gonna Be in Big Trouble!

Lin Huang could not help frowning when he saw the new rules.

Due to many previous \"global\" announcements, Lin Huang had realized that the terms \"participant\" and \"competitor\" were used differently. He knew that his identity had been exposed.

One of the reasons why he had not been targeted by other competitors all along was because they had a hard time locating his whereabouts. Secondly, they also faced difficulties finding the right people to team up with in hunting him down.

However, under these new rules, Lin Huang had now become the opponent of all the remaining competitors.

Any competitor who managed to kill or defeat Lin Huang would become the final winner of this Competitive Trial.

Not only that, but Lin Huang's coordinates had also been made accessible to everybody else. All other competitors would know Lin Huang's whereabouts without having to waste their GPS searches. This made it very convenient for other competitors to hunt him down.

Besides, competitors could also search for the locations of their teammates and form a powerful team to hunt down Lin Huang, who was the sole participant in this Trial.

Of course, apart from being hunted by countless competitors, another thing that frustrated Lin Huang was that the Sword Servants were now free to move about.

Back when the Sword Servants were not allowed to move around of their own free will, all Lin Huang needed to do was to just head toward the location that Warlord had pinpointed and hunt them down.

However, now that the Sword Servants could move around freely, this meant that Warlord could no longer lock down their positions anymore (his surveillance bugs would be directly destroyed by the Sword Servants). As a result, it was now much more difficult to hunt down a Sword Servant compared to previously.

However, the free movement of Sword Servants was not good news for other competitors either. After all, a Sword Servant's abilities were quite terrifying. If a lone competitor happened to encounter a Sword Servant, it was certain that he or she would be eliminated on sight.

After thinking for a while, Lin Huang came up with the following conclusion:

'In these three final days of the Competitive Trial, there are basically two things I need to do. First, I'll have to deal with those competitors who have decided to hunt me down in groups. Secondly, I'll have to spend quite some time locating the whereabouts of the Sword Servants before I can hunt them down.

'The first part isn't so difficult, as most of the competitors are weaklings. The real issue is the latter part. I have a feeling that it'll be much more troublesome than before.\"

While Lin Huang was still thinking about the fastest way to locate a Sword Servant, a series of heated discussions had begun among the remaining competitors.

\"Just like I suspected, the participant is completely different from competitors like us! I'd always known there was something fishy about this Xie Lin guy!\"

\"This participant is being treated exactly like a BOSS! Not only can we pinpoint his location, but we can also hunt him down in groups. He's even on the leaderboard and ahead of us all as well! Don't tell me he's the ultimate BOSS?!\"

\"I think I understand now. This so-called participant is actually the ultimate BOSS whose identity has finally been exposed! No wonder he was able to defeat so many BOSSes!\"

\"Let's team up and kill Xie Lin! I'll be the final winner of this Trial once I kill him with my own hands!\"


Meanwhile, the members of Death Sickle were speechless when they saw the modified rules.

\"Well, well, as expected of Boss Xie Lin! I never thought that he might be treated like a BOSS!\" Destiny said in admiration, as usual being the ultimate Lin Huang fanboy.

\"This fellow is indeed the one who gained access to the Great Heaven inheritance!\" Twin's two heads blurted out at the same time.

\"Being hunted down by groups of competitors is not something to be taken lightly. Unrivaled Combat God himself is already very powerful. If somebody like him were to form a team with other powerhouses, I'm afraid that even Xie Lin would have a hard time dealing with them...\" Fallen Star was slightly worried about Lin Huang's current situation.

Just as she closed the push notification, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

\"Unrivaled Combat God?!\"

\"Hope you're doing well, Fallen Star,\" Unrivaled Combat God, who was dressed in a white robe, smiled and greeted her with a wave.

\"Did you... clone yourself?\" After scrutinizing him for a while, Fallen Star realized that the person standing in front of her was not the real Unrivaled Combat God.

\"This is an awesome technique called shapeshifting that allows a person to create his own avatar to appear at a specific coordinate. I learned about it when I was bored back in the day, and I never expected it to come in handy right about now,\" Unrivaled Combat God laughed and explained.

\"Anyway, what brings you here?\" Fallen Star only now realized that he had managed to locate her by wasting one of his search chances.

\"I'm thinking of teaming up with you,\" Unrivaled Combat God directly informed her about the purpose of his visit.

\"Why don't you team up with your members from the Combat God Temple?\" Fallen Star asked doubtfully.

\"Well, first of all, they're not as skilled in combat as you. Secondly, we've known each other for years. I agree that we don't know each other very well, but at least I know a bit about your personality, so I don't think there'll be much of a problem when we team up. So the first person I had in mind was you,\" Unrivaled Combat God said earnestly.

\"You're planning to kill Xie Lin?\" Fallen Star blurted out.

\"Of course, that's my final goal. In the first few days, we can hunt down some BOSSes together and build up our teamwork skills. We can accumulate some points as well.\" Unrivaled Combat God had obviously come up with a plan.

\"Who else did you have in mind besides me?\" Fallen Star asked.

\"Forbidden Lamella and Frontier,\" Unrivaled Combat God told her upfront, \"Although I don't know them at all, I heard that they are quite skilled in combat. Besides, we have the same goal, so there shouldn't be a problem when it comes to working as a team. By the way, let me know if you have anybody else in mind, and I'll inform them after you'd located their whereabouts.\"

Forbidden Lamella and Frontier were ranked first and third respectively on the leaderboard, whereas Unrivaled Combat God was ranked second.

\"If I were to join, that's already a total of four members on our team, not to mention the other competitors we might recruit. Xie Lin is on his own though. How will you decide who kills him?\" Fallen Star asked again.

\"It'll be a fair competition among all of us. Whoever thinks they can kill him can take a shot. Oh, by the way, I have one condition: fighting among group members is prohibited.\"

Fallen Star went silent after hearing that.

At the moment, she was worried about Lin Huang, but Unrivaled Combat God thought that she was considering whether she should join his team or not. Unrivaled Combat God did not say anything else but waited patiently for her answer.

After a while, Fallen Star shook her head and said, \"I'm sorry, but I don't intend to join. I've indeed known you for quite some time, but I don't trust the other two competitors. I wouldn't want to be stabbed in the back. If you ask me, I don't think you should trust them completely either.\"

Unrivaled Combat God had never expected Fallen Star to make such a decision.

\"I understand what you're worried about, but I still hope that you'll reconsider. You should know how powerful a BOSS is, given that you've defeated one yourself. The fact that Xie Lin managed to defeat nearly 200 BOSSes proves just how powerful he is. This team that I'm forming might be the only team that can kill him.\"

Unrivaled Combat God continued to try and persuade Fallen Star. The reason why he desperately wanted Fallen Star to join his team was not only because he acknowledged her abilities; he hoped to be on the same page with her so that he could keep the other two unfamiliar team members in check.

\"I'm sorry, but as I said, I don't intend to join your team,\" Fallen Star rejected the offer once again, \"Indeed, your team might have the highest success rate in killing Xie Lin, but I simply can't trust strangers to watch my back.\"

There was a brief moment where Fallen Star actually thought of accepting the offer. By doing so, she would be able to help Xie Lin when he was in dire straits. However, after thinking it through, she realized that she might end up being held hostage by Unrivaled Combat God and his team members instead. There was a possibility that they would use her to threaten Xie Lin. Therefore after some consideration, she let go of the idea of being undercover.

\"Alright then. Since you've made your choice, I won't force the issue.\" After hearing the determination in her voice, Unrivaled Combat God knew that it was pointless to persuade her anymore.

Gazing at Unrivaled Combat God's gradually disappearing avatar, Fallen Star furrowed her brows and said, \"Well, well, it seems that Xie Lin really is in big trouble this time!\"


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