Monster Paradise
1316 Sword126
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1316 Sword126

Under the night sky, red lanterns bathed the rows of uneven buildings in a reddish glow.

Lin Huang slowed his pace, gaze stopping at a small upside-down three-story building not too far in front of him.

Based on what Warlord had described, the surveillance bugs had disappeared after venturing into this area. It was most probably the work of a Sword Servant who was standing guard here.

Immediately after Lin Huang stepped into the area, his Divine Telekinesis detected someone's presence in the inverted three-story building. 

According to his Divine Telekinesis, this someone was a petite young lady who was currently sitting with her legs crossed in the middle of a living room located on the first story. Her eyes were closed, and she was pretending to be asleep. 

After seeing this, Lin Huang could definitely confirm her identity as a guardian Sword Servant. 

However, as soon as Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis registered her presence, the young lady detected the intrusion into her territory as well. 

Her eyes snapped open. Despite having her back to Lin Huang, she merged her Sword Dao with a ferocious determination and sent it shooting toward Lin Huang.

In the blink of an eye, a flash of purple starlight streaked across thousands of meters like lightning, aiming directly at the point between Lin Huang's eyebrows. 

Lin Huang responded almost immediately. Merging his will and his Sword Dao into a flashing blood-red gleam, he aimed a slash at the approaching beam of starlight. 

In the void, a needle-thin purple glow and a hair-fine blood-red gleam collided with each other. 

It was a pure clash of Sword Dao that was directed by sheer will. The attacks were devoid of Divine Power or sword gleam. 

For sword cultivators whose Sword Dao had yet to reach level-6, they would be completely unable to see that small glowing purple dot and the faint blood-red gleam, much less go up against such power. 

The two splashes of color canceled each other out as they clashed, without a trace of color or sound. 

However, the aftermath of the clash between two Sword Dao of near-True Meaning Level rippled across the material world—a gale rose from between the rows of buildings, causing lanterns in the vicinity of several hundred kilometers to sway violently. 

\"A very keen stroke !\" Lin Huang commented with a laugh. 

He did not commend his opponent's speed nor praise his opponent for having impressive Sword Dao. In a sentence, Lin Huang had honed in on the direction of his opponent's Sword Dao cultivation. 

Without haste, the petite lady stood up and turned around to look at Lin Huang. Her gaze seemed to pierce through the door and alight on Lin Huang's face. 

\"Yours isn't too bad either.\" 

\"Participant Xie Lin,\" Lin Huang introduced himself with a smile. At the same time, another god battle sword relic appeared in his hand. 

The petite lady's battle sword rapidly materialized in her hand as well. 

\"Sword Servant under Master Great Heaven, Sword126.\" 

Lin Huang experienced some surprise when his opponent announced her name. 

He once heard a similar name—Sword11. 

'Could it be that Sword11 is also a Sword Servant from Great Heaven?!' The thought flitted across Lin Huang's mind but was instantly suppressed. 'No, Sword11's real name is Liu Ren. He only changed his name to Sword11 after Swordfiend Abyss…' 

Lin Huang did not brood on this. The idea only lingered in his head briefly before it was consigned to the back of his mind. After all, with a strong opponent in front of him, a small distraction could potentially cost him the entire fight. 

The moment Sword126 spoke from a few thousand meters away, the main door to the first floor of the small building opened on its own.

Sword126 stood on the upside-down floor and gazed at Lin Huang who stood on the distant roof of another building. 

Lin Huang focused his attention on Sword126 too. 

Across from him stood a petite woman whose height reached slightly over a hundred and fifty meters. She had the youthful face of a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl. Moreover, she had breasts that were disproportionately large compared to the rest of her body. 

This woman who stood before Lin Huang perfectly encapsulated the phrase, \"big boobs with a child-like complexion\". 

She wore a plain black Taoist robe that could barely contain her ample bosom, and she had shaved her golden hair like a boy. Her sharp eyes scanned Lin Huang up and down. 

\"What are you looking at?\" 

The woman's gaze became hostile when she realized Lin Huang's gaze was fixated on her chest. 

\"I like the way you carry your Taoist robe,\" Lin Huang hastily changed the topic. He was well aware that he could not tell the truth at moments like this, otherwise, this lady might butcher him. One could never underestimate a woman's wrath. 

Based on her hairstyle and attire, Lin Huang knew this was a woman who prioritized Sword Dao more than anything. Paying attention to anything other than her Sword Dao would be a form of violation, as far as she was concerned. 

Knowing Lin Huang was deliberately avoiding the question, the anger in Sword126's eyes showed no signs of diminishing. 

\"Participant, attack!\" 

\"I won't hold back then.\" Lin Huang gave a brief nod. 

His right hand gripped the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it the next instant. The flash of a red gleam blossomed like a new moon in the night sky. 

Almost simultaneously, Sword126 unsheathed her sword too. 

The sword in her hand was very unique—it had an extremely narrow body the width of two fingers; other than the spine of the blade, the body of the sword was all blade; the tip of the sword was as thin as a sharp needle. 

Seeing the sword that was narrower than a saber, Lin Huang could not help raising a brow. 

However, he immediately identified the approach she used in her Sword Dao. 

Narrow swords like this were best suited for medium to short-range slashes and thrusts. 

True to his expectations, the moment the narrow sword cleared its sheath, Sword126 trained the point of her sword on Lin Huang—this was Single Sword Thrust. 

The point of the sword seemed to slice the air apart. Wherever the sharp edge of her sword sliced through, the body of the sword appeared as a blur, leaving only the sword tip blazing with an electric gleam akin to a flash of lightning. 

The next moment, the electric gleam shot across the sky, triggering blasts of air around the body of the sword. 

Despite making a move after Lin Huang, Sword126 moved much faster than him.

In the void, a blood-red new moon and a streak of purple lightning collided with each other. 

In an instant, blinding rays of reddish-purple exploded into the air and lit up half the sky.

It was as though dawn had arrived in the surrounding areas. 

It must be noted that they were not fighting in an empty space. The entire place was a sea of buildings. Despite the obstacles created by row upon row of interspersed buildings, the brightness of the rays still could travel hundreds of kilometers away, evidence of just how terrifying their moves were. 

It was different from their first encounter, which was merely a clash of Sword Dao. This time, both of them went all out unrestrained. 

Under the influence of two strong wills, maxed out Sword Dao and Divine Power were fully unleashed.

Explosive thunder boomed across the space tens of thousands of times. Countless buildings trembled as though there was an earthquake. 

In the Competitive Trial space, there were many competitors near the place where Lin Huang and Sword126 were fighting. 

The competitors freaked out when they sensed the anomalies that were happening.

\"Who's fighting?! Why is the battle so terrifying?!\" 

\"I can't even penetrate through the walls of the buildings here. Who in the world could cause such tremors?!\" 

\"This isn't caused by mere mortals. I don't believe anyone has that sort of power. Yep, it must be an earthquake!\" 

\"Great Heaven's inheritance lives up to its name indeed—it's hard to believe that there's such a powerful beast among us competitors. Who can it be, I wonder? Xie Lin, or Unrivaled Combat God? Or is it those fellows who've been training in secret?\" 


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