Monster Paradise
1314 Let Me Give You Another Piece Of Advice
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1314 Let Me Give You Another Piece Of Advice

Great Heaven's three hundred Saber Servants were Heavenly Gods during their lifetimes, so they were relatively bold and powerful in the great world.

The only thing was that because this Trial was initiated by Lin Huang, all three hundred Saber Servants' combat strength, physical qualities, and even their Sword Dao were significantly restricted. 

However, even so, the abilities of these Saber Servants could not be underestimated. 

After all, they had heavenly god-level experience and insight, so even at the same level as the others, their powers and abilities would definitely surpass those of most Virtual Gods.

Even Unrivaled Combat God, the number one Virtual God genius in the God Territory, was almost entirely at a disadvantage when facing the bearded man. 

It was not too much to say that even if the bearded man was hard-pressed in a fight, his various attributes were already at the very peak limits of a Virtual God rank-9. Given the disparity between personal combat experience and combat consciousness, it came as no surprise that a Virtual God genius as strong as Unrivaled Combat God could be easily defeated.

However, when the bearded man encountered Lin Huang, the situation completely changed.

The bearded man's Sword Dao had been suppressed to the level of half-step Sword Dao true meaning, whereas Lin Huang's Sword Dao had also achieved half-step Sword Dao true meaning.

The bearded man's will was restricted to that of a Virtual God rank-9 while Lin Huang's will was already at true god-level. 

The bearded man's physical strength had been limited to that of a Virtual God rank-9 as well while Lin Huang's physical strength was almost at true god-level, boosted by Tyrant and other imperial monsters.

The bearded man's Divine Telekinesis was limited to that of a Virtual God rank-9 while Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis was boosted to true god-level by Seamless.

The bearded man was restricted from using his true god-level God Rule Power but Lin Huang had mastered the God-slaying Power, which enabled him to directly use God Rule Power.

In every aspect, Lin Huang was no worse off than the bearded man. In fact, he might even be more powerful in certain attributes. 

Both figures collided in the air constantly, the battle swords in their hands clashing together nigh-on millions of times within a mere few minutes.

All the furniture in the room shattered into pieces. The walls, the floor, and even the ceiling were all heavily damaged without a single inch unscathed. 

However, the walls did not crumble, the floor had not yet collapsed, and the ceiling still seemed firm and solid with no signs of caving in. 

Lin Huang devoted himself wholeheartedly to this battle; he did not even use his God-slaying Power. 

This was not so that battle would be fair, but to further the absorption of his gains. 

Every strike against the bearded man's sword helped him absorb more Sword Dao nutrients. 

Even when his Sword Dao had reached its limit in absorption, he could sense the veil that separated him from achieving Sword Dao true meaning getting thinner and thinner.

The intense battle between the two continued for hours, where every stroke of the sword was met by an equally ferocious parry. The lightning-like sword gleams, red and black, were a flurry of motion in the air, but both combatants received not a single scratch. 

Immersed as he was in the battle, Lin Huang did not notice his change of rank on the leaderboard. 

As early as half an hour into his initial encounter with the bearded man, his 11 points had already been overtaken by the third and fourth-ranked competitors. 

Roughly about an hour later, his ranking dropped to thirteenth place. 

By the time another hour had passed, he had dropped to thirty-sixth place. 

Many people were secretly discussing why Lin Huang's points remained static. 

\"I told you so; Xie Lin is just a nobody. Look, two and a half hours have passed now and his points haven't gone up at all. It's impossible that they can't detect a participant after a whole two and a half hours, right?\" 

\"Like I said, which organization did this fellow pop up from? How is it possible for him to rival Unrivaled Combat God's unbelievable power?!\" 

\"His points skyrocketed just a few minutes earlier, but they haven't changed for more than an hour now. However you look at it, it still looks like his points were obtained by cheating!\" 


Several people in Death Sickle were confused as well. 

Lin Huang had shown his true abilities previously, but why had he suddenly gone quiet and become inactive for more than two hours?

\"What's going on? He's not hiding something up his sleeve again, is he?\" Destiny had complete faith in Lin Huang's capabilities and believed that Lin Huang was plotting a big move during this lull.

\"Can it be that the detection devices have malfunctioned?\" Fallen Star frowned slightly. Naturally, she would much rather see Lin Huang take first place instead of Unrivaled Combat God. After all, he was a member of Death Sickle. 

\"Xie Lin's quiet again. I wonder if he's just toying with us?\" Twin's fiery red-haired right head laughed.

\"There are many possibilities…for example, he might have suddenly had an epiphany, the detection devices might have malfunctioned, he might be trapped somewhere and can't get out, or he could be in a bad mood and doesn't want to do anything…\" Twin's icy blue-haired head did not find the situation strange at all. 

\"Which scenario do you think is the most likely then?\" The fiery red-haired head asked immediately. 

\"How would I know? You can ask Lin Huang yourself, then you'll find out,\" the icy blue head replied. 

Meanwhile, the battle between Lin Huang and the bearded man continued. 

Lin Huang had not yet stopped because every stroke of his sword meant his gains increased.

The bearded man showed no sign of stopping as well because it was his natural duty to train with the swordmaster's future heir. Even if the other party might not be able to obtain Great Heaven's inheritance, at least he did demonstrate the potential to become an heir. 

Of course, one of the conditions for the bearded man to be a training partner for the heir was that the heir had to prove their ability to counter his attacks unreservedly, and Lin Huang had proven himself capable of doing so. 

Time continued to tick by and more sword marks appeared on the walls of the room. 

All of a sudden, a swift slice and the edge of Lin Huang's sword grazed the bearded man's cheek, drawing a drop of blood.

Lin Huang smiled as he sheathed his sword. 

The bearded man instantly retreated several dozen meters away and sheathed his sword as well. \"I've lost!\" He folded his hands together and raised them in salute to Lin Huang.

\"It was just a casual duel; think of it as us comparing notes. There's no win or lose here,\" Lin Huang said with a smile as he shook his head, \"Besides, you had all kinds of restrictions put on you so you didn't get to show your true abilities.\" 

\"A loss is a loss, there's no excuse,\" the bearded man said with a wave of his hand. 

\"However, the swordmaster has over tens of thousands of sword cultivators. Even at heavenly god-level, there are over three hundred and sixty cultivators, all of whom are good with swords. Among the three hundred and sixty, I'm considered average. I know a bit of everything here and there; I don't really like to stick to just one path, so my abilities are average. If you want to earn more gains, challenge the other sword cultivators under other swordmasters. I believe you'll gain more.\" 

\"Let me give you another piece of advice. If your Sword Dao can't achieve True Martial Level, you should just forego the final assessment. Otherwise, you'll die!\"


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