Monster Paradise
335 One-trick Pony
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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335 One-trick Pony

The next morning, Lin Huang washed up and had his breakfast. He then summoned the Dimensional Portal.

Lin Huang had never been to the location where Li Lang specified. Therefore, he had never located the coordinates on Black Ink. He then chose a place that was nearest to the location specified by Li Lang so that they could be delivered safely.

After saying goodbye to Yi Yeyu, the both of them entered the Dimensional Portal and appeared in another region.

Upon arriving, Lin Huang took out a map and confirmed the direction to head towards. He then pointed in another direction. "We have to travel for about 2,000 kilometers by riding our flying mounts. We'll then arrive at the area you mentioned earlier. I'll ask Bloody to investigate the surrounding area. We'll probably get the results in a short while."

After Lin Huang finished his sentence, they summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and the Ashenquill Eagle.

Soon, both of the flying mounts then advanced rapidly towards their destination following Lin Huang's instructions.

About two hours later, both of them finally arrived at their destination. As soon as they landed on the ground, Lin Huang recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and summoned Bloody again.

"Bloody, please help us to look for the Hellish Spearfiend. It's a white flame-level monster that is within 200 to 300 kilometers around us," Lin Huang immediately briefed.

"Does it know how the Hellish Spearfiend looks like?" Li Lang started to feel worried when he saw Bloody pop its head out of Lin Huang's sleeve.

"Don't worry, it'll know how it looks like." Lin Huang was not going to explain Bloody's intelligence.

A few moments later, Bloody's leech pods were quickly spread around while Lin Huang and Li Lang were waiting for the results at their original position.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?" Lin Huang asked. Perhaps, it was related to Yi Yeyu. He had not asked about it previously as Yi Yeyu was there.

"Are you talking about the change of monster to extract the tinder?" Li Lang turned back, looking at Lin Huang. As Lin Huang nodded, he then answered, "I knew that there must be differences among monsters that have mutated once and those that have mutated twice. However, I never knew that there's such a huge difference…"

"Before Yi Yeyu leveled up to holy fire-level, how big was the gap between our abilities?" Li Lang suddenly asked.

"Without considering her unique physique, there's not much difference between the both of you," Lin Huang shared his observation, "She has just mastered the saber realm and you're halfway through mastering the spear realm. Both of you are equally good with combat skills and movement skills. You're slightly better than her in actual combat and battle experience. Let's ignore the equipment used as it's not considered an actual ability. Overall, both of you are on the same level."

Li Lang finally told him the reason why he had changed his mind, "I think so too. However, ever since she obtained the tinder of the Fire Phoenix, her abilities are incomparable with the earlier ones. I used to think that it's because of her unique physique that she can hunt monsters easily. I then realized that this is not the truth. She can still easily kill monsters that are uncontrolled. I do have a friend that is on white flame-level too. His abilities were almost the same as mine previously. However, he killed a monster that had mutated once and his abilities are far beyond Yi Yeyu's current abilities!

"I wanted to upgrade to Transcendent without risking my life. Therefore, I've chosen the Barbed Savage as my target. However, after noticing the difference in their abilities, I found out that I can't do that anymore. I don't want to be an ordinary person. I want to be strong! Even if I can't be as strong as you, I wish that I can be a true hunter or, at the very least, I can't be weaker than Yi Yeyu is. She's a woman and she dared to fight the Fire Phoenix. I'm a man and if I have no guts to fight the Hellish Spearfiend, am I not worse than a girl?!"

"It's good that you want to be strong. I'll try my best to help you to complete the kill." After listening to what he said, Lin Huang grinned. He never knew that Li Lang's target was only to achieve holy fire-level and live a peaceful life right after that. However, at least his fighting spirit had been reignited now. Lin Huang felt happy for him as well.

After expressing how he felt, Li Lang remained silent. Lin Huang had no idea what he was thinking about and he kept quiet as well, patiently waiting for news from Bloody.

About 20 minutes later, a notification from Bloody arrived. "Master, I found it! However, it's not a white flame-level monster as you mentioned. It's a crimson flame-level instead."

"Where's it?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

Bloody quickly marked the location on the map.

"Has Bloody found it?" Li Lang could not hear the conversation between Bloody and Lin Huang as they contacted through their minds. However, he saw that Bloody had made a mark on the map.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded and said, "It has found it but the monster has upgraded to crimson flame-level."

"Crimson flame-level… Can I handle it?" Li Lang panicked and he looked at Lin Huang desperately.

"There's nothing that we can't handle. It's just a crimson flame-level," Lin Huang said as he was the hunter that had killed the Molten Dragon on the first day after all. Of course, he would not be afraid of a crimson flame-level monster.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Let's go." Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle again and flew towards the sky, heading in the direction of the Hellish Spearfiend.

Li Lang immediately rode on the Ashenquill Eagle and followed after him. It took only five to six minutes for both of the flying mounts to travel over a distance of more than 100 kilometers and arrive at their destination.

The Alexandrian Eagle stopped at the side of the lava lake that possessed spiritual power and soon, Li Lang followed and descended.

"Where's the Hellish Spearfiend?" As soon as he reached the ground, Li Lang looked around. However, he could not find his target monster.

"Don't panic. Let's make some arrangements." Lin Huang summoned the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit and got it to hide in the lake.

"I'm a one-trick pony. I'm not sure if I can still directly kill the monster…" Lin Huang mumbled in a low voice.

"What're you talking about?"

"Nothing, just stay there and don't move. I'll then know exactly where the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit is hiding." Lin Huang asked Li Lang to stand at the side of the lake which was the position where the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit descended. He was standing less than five meters away from the lake.

"Do I have to stand still?" Lin Huang had actually briefed Li Lang about his plan on the first day. However, he had just described it shortly and Li Lang had no idea how he should do it.

"You can move, but not left or right. You can do anything after the monster is lured over here," Lin Huang explained. "Do you still remember when the right time for you to make an attack is?"

"I'll launch an attack right after it is completely locked in the Punishment Chains!" Li Lang nodded.

"It's highly possible that the monster will break the Punishment Chains. Therefore, its Life Power can't be sealed for a long period of time. You have to grab the opportunity to attack. You might miss the chance if you wait for me to remind you," Lin Huang emphasized again.

"Alright, I got it!"

"Wait here. I'll lure the monster!" Lin Huang rode on the Alexandrian Eagle again and moved forward…


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