Monster Paradise
332 Killing the Dragon!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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332 Killing the Dragon!

Lin Huang had done his calculations before this…

The volcano beneath him was a spiritual volcano. He had gotten the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit to hide in the spiritual lava, so no matter how close the Molten Dragon got, it was impossible for it to sense the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s existence. Lin Huang had planned to fight the Molten Dragon by flying over to it and luring it closer to the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit to attack. He did not expect the Molten Dragon to come to him just by challenging it. Its desire of the God's Blood had oppressed its anger and they had chatted instead.

Lin Huang’s request for treasure from the Molten Dragon was a trap. The treasure that he received was just a bonus. Humans were always driven by wealth, therefore, Lin Huang pretended to be a greedy human to lower the Molten Dragon’s guard. His acting was so good that the Molten Dragon trusted him and even stuck its head closer to him.

Haltharad was not dumb, but its desire to obtain the God's Blood had blinded it, causing it to ignore many things that it should be aware of. When it heard Lin Huang talking about the God's Blood, it looked like it had been charmed by the devil and eventually, fell into his trap.

As Lin Huang revealed that he had the monster with the God's Blood, the attack came out of nowhere. The nine Punishment Chains were like hungry poisonous snakes that had been hiding for a long time. They pinned down the Molten Dragon’s head and neck when it was unaware. Haltharad struggled immensely while the Vampire Particles in Lin Huang’s right hand transformed into a bloody Seraphic Spear that pierced into the dragon’s left ear. As the Blood Spirit leveled up to Vampire Particles, they were no longer in the form of wings anymore. They could turn into any form and be placed anywhere on the body instead of just the back.

As the Vampire Particles pierced through the black dragon’s eardrum and arrived at its brain, the chains that were locking its head and neck broke. Lin Huang was flung away in the process. As the Vampire Particles had yet to leave the black dragon’s ear, not all the Punishment Chains were completely broken, so Lin Huang decided to transform the spear into a gigantic ball that was stuck in its ear.

"Explode!" As Lin Huang shouted, the ball that was formed from the Vampire Particles in the dragon’s ear exploded.

Without the defense from its Life Power, the left side of the black dragon’s head exploded. It convulsed on the ground but it did not fall. At that moment, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s chains that were broken shackled it again while Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle to get him. He took out his sword relic and filled it with Life Power. A golden glow gleamed at the tip of the sword. The black dragon was already badly injured from the explosion earlier, feeling very dizzy. It was stunned before it started to struggle and flapped its wings to attempt to break free from the chains. It knew very well that it would definitely die if its Life Power remained sealed by the Punishment Chains!

As the black dragon struggled, the Punishment Chains were losing their hold. However, Lin Huang had yet to charge his Worldly Purification. Seeing that the last chain was going to break, Lin Huang knew he had to use his trump card.

"Charcoal!" Lin Huang shouted as a powerful force oppressed the space around them. The black dragon that was struggling was shocked as it sensed the aura of a dragonkin. It was impossible that it was mistaken as the presence felt really close. Haltharad forgot to struggle while it looked at the direction where it sensed the aura coming from.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With it midnight black scales, Charcoal stared lethally at Haltharad. There was a young man sitting on its back. As Lin Huang summoned Charcoal, he recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and rode on Charcoal immediately as he knew that the Alexandrian Eagle was afraid of the Molten Dragon. The terrifying aura of a dragonkin was fearsome to most monsters and that fear also applied to monsters that were a level higher. The effect of deterrence worked best on monsters with a lower density of dragon blood, effectively suppressing them.

Under normal circumstances, Haltharad would not be affected by Charcoal’s aura due to their difference in level. However, it was weak and injured now, so its defenses against Charcoal’s deterrence was low. Because of that, Lin Huang had decided to summon Charcoal as his trump card because he knew that Charcoal could suppress the Molten Dragon. Haltharad’s head was blank. Seizing the opportunity, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit engaged its Punishment Chains around the black dragon again while Lin Huang, who was riding on Charcoal’s back, had five Life Wheels with Life Power inserted into his sword.

Sensing the chains, the black dragon finally snapped out of it and started struggling again. The appearance of the dragonkin had made it realized a bigger crisis. The human was much more terrifying than it had imagined! It had never thought that a human could get a powerful dragonkin to be his summoning monster. How could a triple mutated monster be captured by a human? All of these happened with the same human, which made it fear Lin Huang now.

"I must escape, or else, I’ll definitely die!" Haltharad only had one thought in its mind, which was to escape! Seeing that the chains were losing grip again, Lin Huang knew that it was his last chance to fight.

"Charcoal, go!"

Charcoal flapped its wings and dashed towards the black dragon. Since it had been a long time since Charcoal was let out, it was exceptionally aggressive. Although it was much smaller than the black dragon with a lower combat strength, it could feel the power of its own blood and the fear in the black dragon’s eyes. That allowed it to attack the black dragon without fear as it extended its claws towards the black dragon’s neck.

The black dragon that was already restricted by the chains was now compacted on its neck. It opened its mouth wide, attempting to shake off the oppression. Seizing the opportunity, Lin Huang used Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps as he advanced towards the black dragon. A sparkly golden sword pierced into the wound on the left side of the black dragon’s head. The black dragon’s vision was blocked by Charcoal but when it saw the golden glow, it moved its head aside by instinct.

However, Lin Huang, who was in the air, transformed the Vampire Particles into a pair of bloody wings on his back. It was his last bit of Life Power that he had. As the wings formed, he aimed for the black dragon’s wound. The black dragon wanted to run away desperately. Charcoal flapped its wings and released the black dragon’s neck. Charcoal knew that it was not as strong as the black dragon but it knew that it needed to help Lin Huang. Without any communication, Lin Huang noticed that Charcoal was buying him time. He rushed into the opening of the black dragon’s wound on its head.

Without the Life Power defense, his sword that was shining brightly like the Sun plowed into the temporal bone of the black dragon’s head and right into its brain. The golden glow from Worldly Purification was released into its brain and the Molten Dragon’s brain melted…

"Congratulations, you have completed a quintuple cross-ranking kill. You're rewarded with 20x card draws!"

"Congratulations, you have obtained Epic Molten Dragon card pieces x2"


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