Monster Paradise
329 No Commen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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329 No Commen

As they left the mission submission area, Lin Huang had been thinking of how to leave the group and get to the spiritual volcano to kill the Molten Dragon on his own. He did plan to let Li Lang and Yi Yeyu know about this as it would take them by surprise if he left so suddenly. Although the Molten Dragon had experienced a drop in its level, it was still a gold flame-level monster after all. Moreover, there would be a staff from the Union Government’s Demon Slayer Legion following them and he did not want to reveal his ability in front of a stranger.

As they left the mission submission area for some distance, Li Lang could not help but ask, "Where are we going?"

"I found a non-fire element monster for Yeyu to train," Lin Huang said then paused.

"But I have something to settle on my own, so I’ll send you guys there and leave," Lin Huang added.

"I suggest you don’t leave the group. I can’t be looking after two teams at the same time," immediately warned the poker-faced staff who was following them when he heard what Lin Huang said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If you insist on leaving, I’ll have to follow the team that has more people and your safety will be your own responsibility."

"Thanks for reminding. I have the ability to take care of myself, so please take care of the two of them." Although the staff’s attitude was unpleasant, Lin Huang could tell that he genuinely did not want him to be in trouble but he rejected the person’s kindness anyway.

Poker Face then looked at Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. Since the both of them did not stop Lin Huang, he did not say anything. Lin Huang then changed his black dimensional relic to a blue one and summoned it.

"Lin Huang, how come your dimensional relic…?" Seeing that Lin Huang’s dimensional relic had changed, Li Lang started to ask but was pinched hard by Yi Yeyu.

"Why did you pinch me?"

"Because I can. Can’t I do that?" Yi Yeyu gave an unreasonable excuse.

"Okay then…" Li Lang dared not fight back, looking at Yi Yeyu’s condescending expression.

"Let’s go." Lin Huang opened the dimensional relic. Soon, the blue dimensional relic disappeared as the four of them entered it.

In reality, the regular dimensional relic did not come with any function of changing colors or modes as it was unnecessary. The material to make a dimensional relic itself was pricey and changing colors was still acceptable but to be able to change its mode, the handling of materials would be much more complicated. This also caused the cost of the making of the dimensional relic to be a few times more expensive. Therefore, a dimensional relic with mode-changing function would usually cost four to six times more than a regular one of the same level.

In fact, that dimensional relic cost at least three times more than a relic of the same rank. Only people who had too much money to spare would purchase such a unique dimensional relic. Of course, the seller knew who their target market was. Mr. Fu was the perfect person for such fancy things. Besides, he had too much money. Therefore, when the nine basic colors for dimensional relic were introduced, he bought all of them without thinking twice.

He had given the black one to Lin Huang as a gift. Lin Huang intentionally changed the color and mode of the dimensional relic as they were with the poker-faced staff. From Luo Li’s analysis, he would have to be extra careful and not let the staff of the Union Government associate him with the monster with the God's Blood. Luo Li and the rest would definitely report the discovery of the monster with the God's Blood to the Union Government and there would be a thorough investigation conducted. Thus, Lin Huang had to get rid of all traces of him being related to the monster with the God's Blood.

After they stepped into the blue dimensional relic, the four of them appeared not far from a small lava lake.

"What are we looking for this time?" Li Lang did not see anything as he looked around.

"Smoldervenom Toad." Lin Huang pointed at the lava lake.

Smoldervenom Toad was a mutated monster. Despite having the word smolder  in its name, it was not a fire element monster but a venom-type monster. It could absorb heat to produce venom. The so-called fire venom was not actually made of fire energy but was made of venom instead. Such a venom was unique, because when it enters the human’s body, an excruciating pain that felt like intense burning would be experienced. The dead body of the poisoned victim would be severely dehydrated.

The Smoldervenom Toad had appeared several times in Division7, so it was not a stranger to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

"It’s in that lake?" Li Lang was excited.

"There’s no need to rush. Before I leave, I’ll need to buy some stuff from you." Lin Huang told him.

"What?" Li Lang thought it was such a strange request.

"Nuclear bombs. How many do you have with you? I want all of them." It was definitely not a spontaneous request. As soon as Lin Huang had found out about the black dragon that was hiding in the spiritual volcano from Bloody, he thought of using the nuclear bomb to lure the black dragon out as well as destroying its geographical advantage.

"Ahh, that toy! I only have two left." Seeing Lin Huang staring at him without saying a word, Li Lang felt guilty.

"Okay, I have three."

Lin Huang remained silent as he looked at Li Lang. He knew that he was lying. Li Lang was bad at lying. Every time he lied, he would bite his lips without noticing it.

"Okay, okay, I’ll give you all five of them for free since they’re not worth a lot of money anyway," Li Lang compromised. He had only spent less than 20 Life Crystals to get the nuclear bombs from the black market.

"Thanks then, I’ll treat you a meal when you get out." Lin Huang knew that Li Lang would not accept his money even if he was to offer it, so he gave the promise of food instead.

Learning from his lesson earlier, Li Lang took out the five nuclear bombs carefully and passed them to Lin Huang. Lin Huang was nervous as he was storing the nuclear bombs. The bombs had been around since the ancient epoch and it would be terribly disastrous if they exploded.

"Hey, what do you plan to hunt? Why do you need all these?" Li Lang was curious.

Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang curiously too. She remembered how powerful the bomb was. A single one was terrifying enough.

"It’s a secret." Lin Huang smiled mysteriously, not wanting to reveal anything.

"Lin Huang, you’re not being honest right now. I gave you these bombs, so I have the right to know!" Li Lang objected.

"No comment." Lin Huang grinned as he summoned a blue dimensional relic and stepped into it.

"Bye!" He waved at the three of them.


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