Monster Paradise
326 Suspended Training?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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326 Suspended Training?

After Luo Li left the submission place, Zang Bing looked at the three of them.

"Don’t go anywhere before Sister Luo comes back."

"How long would that be?" Lin Huang did not want to waste his time there.

"If everything goes as planned, she should be back in an hour. Perhaps, she might even make it within half an hour if she’s fast," Zang Bing answered.

Zang Bing's answer had proven that what Yi Yeyu had said earlier was true. She was not exaggerating when she said that Luo Yi could fight a triple mutated monster of the same level with the God’s Blood. After all, Yi Yeyu was not even a holy fire-level a few days ago, so her judgment on Luo Li’s ability might be subjective. On the other hand, because Zang Bing was on the same level with Luo Li, his judgment would be relatively more objective. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Let’s wait for a while then, since it’s only one hour at the most," Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

The both of them did not object to him as it was dangerous for them to be outside in these conditions. In usual circumstances, participants of the training would avoid territories of monsters that were above white flame-level. However, since the black dragon’s instruction had been issued, the monsters that were above white flame-level might leave their territory to hunt humans down, which made the ruins more dangerous than the night before.

Zang Bing and Si Kongjian got busy with their Transmission Snails. To prevent from confusing people with multiple instructions, the Union Government had given out three types of Transmission Snails to the staff. The first one was exclusively for the three examiners of the training. They used a Transmission Snail that only connected the three of them and none of the other staff had access to that. Zang Bing and Si Kongjian informed their own group of staff about what was happening to get them to secretly protect the training participants.

Just when the three of them were getting bored, a white dimensional relic appeared in the sky and Luo Li casually walked out of it.

"So soon?! It hasn’t even been five minutes!" Li Lang was shocked.

"It hasn’t even been three minutes…" Lin Huang looked at the time on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. Luo Li had been gone for only two minutes and 16 seconds to be exact. It was stupefying that she had managed to kill the Molten Dragon with such a short period of time!

"Didn’t I tell you that Sister Luo Li is powerful?" Yi Yeyu beamed proudly. As the white dimensional relic disappeared, Luo Li appeared before Zang Bing and Si Kongjian.

"You settled it so soon?" Zang Bing’s eyes were wide open. Although Si Kongjian did not say a word, the corner of his eye that was lifted slightly betrayed him. He did not expect Luo Li to be back so soon.

"No, the fella escaped by shedding its outer skin…" Luo Li grumbled annoyedly, "I didn’t expect the sky dragon to be such a pussy. It ran away before I could even do anything."

Luo Li did not bother lowering her voice, so Lin Huang and the rest heard her loud and clear. Li Lang rolled his eyes as he thought Luo Li was exaggerating. However, Lin Huang thought what Luo Li said might be true. Perhaps, the Molten Dragon sensed something dangerous from her demeanor, so it escaped. Some monsters were very alert to danger, and the Molten Dragon may possess such a supreme sensing ability.

Yi Yeyu, on the other hand, trusted what Luo Li said fully as she knew how powerful she was since she had grown up with Luo Li. The other two examiners trusted Luo Li too as both of them were well-versed with her ability.

"That black dragon was terribly lucky that it managed to escape from you." Si Kongjian teased, "But too bad for it that it escaped by shedding its outer skin because then, its combat level would drop a level or two lower."

"It won’t have such good luck next time!" Luo Li was furious.

"So, what should we do now? Since the black dragon is still alive, the other monsters will be striving to fulfill its order and hunting down all the training participants. If that is the case, our training difficulty will increase as well as the death percentage. Should we suspend the training?" Zang Bing looked at the both of them worriedly.

"Wow, look at you! You guys must be sick of being an examiner by now. My assessment hasn’t even started yet!" Luo Li objected.

"But it would be dangerous to proceed with the training now," Zang Bing insisted this time.

"What do you think?" Zang Bing looked at Si Kongjian.

"I have no comment. You guys can discuss. I’m okay with anything." Si Kongjian opened his arms in nonchalance and backed off. He did not stand on any side as he did not want to offend anybody.

"Xiao Bing Bing, it’s not as bad as you thought. I’ve heard many things from the little black dragon’s follower. The instruction isn't about killing humans, but to bring humans alive to it." Luo Li toned her temper down when she saw Zang Bing being all serious.

Although she was daring, there was nothing that she could do about Zang Bing’s stubbornness. Once he decided on something, it was impossible for him to change his mind. He would not give in even if he was beaten up. He would only change his mind with legit reasoning.

"An order is an order but the executor might not execute what it says exactly. Even though the decree is to capture humans alive, it might eat them later on. The goal of this training is to allow the young people to challenge themselves. That’s why they’re asked to kill white flame-level monsters. But now that they will be encountering monsters above crimson flame-level, blue flame-level and even purple flame-level, they might be killed instead. That would mean that there won’t be any room for them to train themselves, which defeats the purpose of the training. There’s no meaning to carrying on with the training," Zang Bing elaborated.

Luo Li was silent after hearing what he said. She knew that it would be too much if she insisted on carrying on with the training. She spoke again a while later, "How about this? We get all the participants to come back and tell them what’s happening. They get to choose to stay or to leave. If most of them choose to suspend the training, we do just that. However, if most of them choose to leave, we’ll send those who want to leave out of the ruins while allowing those who want to stay.

"However, we have to change the mechanics of the training. We’ll need to discuss further on how to keep everybody safe if we’re carrying on with the training."

Luo Li compromised in the end but she suggested the option of allowing trainees to stay as she did not want to give up the opportunity of being an examiner. Zang Bing stayed silent.

"Lao Zang, let’s do what Sister Luo suggested. After all, there’ll be some participants who don’t want to lose the opportunity of this training," Si Kongjian finally spoke, sidelining Luo Li this time. Zang Bing lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang and the others.

"What do you guys think?"

"I’d like to carry on," Lin Huang answered without thinking twice.

"I’d like to level up to white flame here," Li Lang answered.

"Although I have already leveled up to white flame, I still want to train myself by battling more." Yi Yeyu smiled at Luo Li.

"See, five over one." Si Kongjian patted Zang Bing’s shoulder smugly.

"Alright then, let’s get everybody back and decide later." Zang Bing nodded.


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