Monster Paradise
323 The Luo Sha 16 Years Ago
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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323 The Luo Sha 16 Years Ago

Lin Huang was stunned when he heard Luo Li’s analysis. From the very limited information that he had provided, he did not expect her to come up with a speculation that was so near the truth. Her daring speculation shocked all of them present.

"But isn’t it impossible for a triple mutated monster with the God's Blood to be captured by a human?" Yi Yeyu was the first one who raised an objection to her sister’s speculation. Perhaps, she was the only one present who dared to talk back to Luo Li.

"Even if it leveled up from a double mutation, the monster could’ve broken the contract made earlier with the help of the force of the God's Blood and get an upgrade."

"That’s true. A monster with the God's Blood is usually arrogant and has a high level of intelligence. As it levels up, under normal circumstances, it’s very likely that it will break its contract and devour its own master. However, the Imperial Censor allowed his summoning monster to level up, so he must’ve done all the preparation possible with a solution to prevent the monster from devouring him," Luo Li defended her speculation.

"I think this could be one of the Imperial Censors who has joined the training this time," Luo Li said.

Li Lang and Yi Yeyu looked towards where Lin Huang was standing. Fortunately, the examiners did not know that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor.

"I don’t think it’s necessarily an Imperial Censor. Without a sealing relic, as long as the ability is sufficient, it’s possible for one to control the monster. It’s a triple mutated monster with the God's Blood after all. Even a demigod would be tempted!" Yi Yeyu suggested another possibility.

Luo Li laughed when she heard what Yi Yeyu said. She chuckled, "So, what Xiao Yeyu meant is, among the three of us, is any one of us the suspect?" She then scrutinized Zang Bing and Si Kongjian. After observing them for awhile, she proceeded to say, "It’s not possible that Xiao Bing Bing did it. He’s too honest, so if he did it, we’d be able to tell. However, it’s another story for Xiao Jian Jian…"

"Sis Luo, please stop kidding. We’ve no idea what exactly happened. The existence of this so-called monster with the God's Blood is still unknown. Even if somebody did it, it’s true that he’s the culprit, but it wouldn't be any help if we look for him now. Our priority is the trouble that the black dragon is causing." Si Kongjian changed the subject as he realized the finger was pointing at him.

"You’re behaving suspiciously now." Luo Li squinted her eyes.

"This discussion is never-ending if you guys are going to go back and forth like this. How about I take the blame for now? Just pretend that I have the monster with me. Our priority is to solve the problem. The longer we drag this out, the more people will be killed by the black dragon," declared Zang Bing, surprising Lin Huang.

Luo Li glared at Zang Bing skeptically again while Si Kongjian remained relaxed.

"Alright then, I shall handle the little black dragon. The management wanted to keep it alive but now that it’s looking for trouble by itself, we have to kill it. It’s been a long time since I have eaten a sky dragon. It’s a great opportunity for a feast." Luo Li did not want to dwell on it since Zang Bing wanted to take the blame. She licked her lips as she talked about the sky dragon’s meat.

"This lady is really dangerous…" Lin Huang raised his guard towards Luo Li while Yi Yeyu and the rest started to mourn for the black dragon in their hearts.

"The two of you will inform all the staff to protect the kids as soon as possible. I’ll make a move now," Luo Li said and summoned her dimensional relic.

"Oh yeah, what’re the coordinates of the little black dragon?" She raised the question as she summoned her dimensional relic. Zang Bing walked to her helplessly and projected his map.

"This black skull on the top right is where it is." He pointed the spot out.

"Alright, I know it now." Luo Li looked at it and waved her hand. She then stepped into the relic after setting the coordinates.

As the relic disappeared, Li Lang turned around and asked Yi Yeyu, "Who’s that little girl? Can she really handle the gold flame-level Molten Dragon on her own?"

"You might not have heard of the name Luo Li, but I bet you must’ve heard of Luo Sha?" Si Kongjian glared at Li Lang.

"You meant the Luo Sha who was named the most powerful gold-level hunter in Division7 sixteen years ago? The gold-level rank-3 who got 70 consecutive wins in Hunter Area before Sword Genius did?! What relationship does she have with that little girl?" Li Lang still did not get it.

"Luo Li is Luo Sha. Luo Sha is the nickname that she uses in the Hunter Area," Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang as she said.

Not only did Lin Huang obtain 70 consecutive wins, he got 90. However, it was even more difficult to bag consecutive wins at gold-level compared to silver-level.

"She’s the Luo Sha from sixteen years ago?! Why does she look like she’s only thirteen or fifteen?" Li Lang thought it was really strange.

"When she was thirteen and hunting for her bronze-level Life Seed monsters, she got a drop of youth fountain water by accident. Since then, she stopped aging at 13," Yi Yeyu explained and looked seriously at Lin Huang and Li Lang.

"Please be careful when you guys speak to her. Never bring up any topic about age and lady’s figures."

"Also, if you don’t want to die, never call her ‘little girl’. The last person who did that was a leader of the Demon Slayer Legion. After getting beaten up by Sis Luo Li, he was bedridden for three years and eight months. Sis Luo Yi has a special Life Power that will damage one’s body’s healing ability once her Life Power is inserted. It also brings immense pain to the person."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Could she be an immortal-level already?" Li Lang was terrified as he heard what Luo Li could do.

"Not yet. She’s been on gold flame-level for twelve years. It’s not that she can’t break through that. She’s been waiting for a commander-level monster. I heard that such a monster can break the effect of the youth fountain in her body." The Yis and the Luos were close. Because Yi Yeyu always played with Luo Li when she was young, she knew quite a lot about her.

Although it was Li Lang who was asking the questions, Lin Huang was paying close attention. He could understand why Luo Li wanted to wait to level up. To most people, the youth fountain was a dream come true but to Luo Li, it was more like a curse. She had always wanted to be like other girls, to grow like a normal human and date the man that she liked, even getting married and have kids. However, due to the single drop of youth fountain, it took away all that from her, giving her a face of a teenager eternally…

"Are you sure that with her abilities, she should be able to handle the Molten Dragon on her own?" Although Lin Huang had gotten the answer from the reactions of both the examiners, he wanted a confirmation.

"Don’t worry, it’s just a double mutated sky dragon. Sis Luo Yi has even killed a super genius commander-level monster on her own. At the same combat level, perhaps only a triple mutated monster with the God's Blood can fight her," Yi Yeyu affirmed.


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