Monster Paradise
321 The Molten Dragon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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321 The Molten Dragon

In the Volcano Hell dimensional ruins, 28 young people stood in a row near a boiling spiritual lava lake. There were six women among them while the rest were all men. They were tied up by a black chain and they shook in fear. There were more than ten monsters, all of which had a powerful aura, surrounding them. Judging by their aura, they were commander-level 1 , white flame-level, and purple flame-level monsters and it looked like they were having a meeting.

Suddenly, there were massive bubbles rising from the lava lake. A gigantic shadow appeared on the surface of the lava lake. A gargantuan black dragon flapped its wings and landed at the edge of the lake.

"I sent out my instruction a day ago but you guys only managed to get more than 20 humans for me? Are you messing with me?!" The black dragon shook the lava off its body while glaring at the monsters present with its huge red eyes. Its powerful, ominous aura filled the space.

The monsters held their heads low, none of them daring to look at the Molten Dragon. Meanwhile, the 28 people lay weakly on the ground, not having the strength to even stand up. After a moment of silence, a tall monster in shadow form that looked like a lady spoke. Her voice sounded like a sweet, soft-spoken lady.

"Master, don’t be mad. The instruction has only been disseminated for a day and the humans are scattered all over the place, so it’s not easy to capture them. Moreover, there must be some of them who are making their way back from far away. These are only the first batch that they have captured."

The shadow-form monster was called Phantom. It was a double mutated undead monster. The shape of her body looked like she was dressed in a sophisticated manner and her shadow was stretched long. However, it was a three-dimensional shadow. As Phantom comforted the black dragon, it then suppressed its aura.

"Phantom will stay. The rest of you can leave." All of the monsters left immediately. None of them wanted to stay for one more second.

"Master Black Dragon…" Phantom was worried as she thought what she said had triggered the leader.

Seeing that other monsters had left, the black dragon said, "Don’t worry, I have a favor to ask."

"Please do tell if you need anything at all. I'll try my best." Phantom was relieved. She was a double mutated monster that had just leveled up to purple flame-level a while ago. She was not good in battling and she knew very well that she could not fight the Molten Dragon.

"It's nothing too difficult. I have some questions for the humans and I need your help to do that for me," the black dragon said.

"Interrogation is my expertise." Phantom smiled confidently when she heard what she needed to do.

"May I know what would you like to ask, Master?"

"Ask them if any of them know a person who owns a black dimensional relic," the black dragon posed his first question.

Phantom floated slowly before the people who were chained up. Her black irises turned white as a strange force covered the area the 28 people were. They started to panic. However, they soon became calm and their eyes were empty.

"Does any of you know a person who owns a black dimensional relic?" Phantom repeated the black dragon’s question. In her mind, she was guessing that it had something to do with the sudden appearance of the God's blood on the first day.

Everyone shook their heads at Phantom’s question. Lin Huang had never used his dimensional relic in public places. Besides Yi Yeyu, Li Lang and a few other people, nobody knew about his dimensional relic. Phantom then looked helplessly at the black dragon and she could sense that he was unhappy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Do any of you know if there are any Imperial Censors that entered this world?" The black dragon was silent before asking the question himself.

Most of them shook their heads. Only two people spoke at the same time.

"There are two Imperial Censors in the Hunter Association who joined the training…"

"There’s an Imperial Censor in the Union Government who joined the training…"

The two of them reported three names but Lin Hua was none of them.

Perhaps everybody in Division7 knew about Sword Genius but not Lin Huang. Nobody knew that he was an Imperial Censor as well.

"Good…" Although he was not sure if the person that he was looking for was among these three Imperial Censors, at least he got three names. With Phantom’s help, he managed to extract the faces of the three people. The black dragon’s mood got slightly better.

"Where's the foothold of you humans?" The black dragon asked his last question as he was losing his patience.

A person projected a map that was downloaded earlier and marked the coordinates of the mission submission place.

"This is the mission submission place of the second round of training. The second round will take ten days. Today is the third day, so we’re scattered everywhere. We’ll only gather at the mission submission place on the tenth day. Those who didn’t complete their mission will be sent out of this dimensional ruins…"

"That means I will need to wait for a week to capture all you humans!" This piece of news was priceless to the black dragon.

"Finally, a useful piece of information…" The black dragon sounded delighted.

It then transformed its claws into a sharp spear that was 10 meters long. Flashing through the air, the spear pierced through the abdomens of 14 people. They were lifted up like a skewer and the black dragon rolled them onto his tongue, devouring all of them. He enjoyed his meal as he munched on the 14 people…

Later on, he repeated what he did and ate the remaining 14 people.

"The taste of humans is simply delicious. It’s just that there are too little of them, it’s not satisfying…" The black dragon licked their meat and crushed their bones with his teeth, clearly enjoying the human flesh.

"It’s okay, I shall have a big feast a week later!" We’ve checked the raws and they do indeed mention commander-level monster here.


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