Monster Paradise
320 Killing Plan
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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320 Killing Plan

Lin Huang managed to break the Fiery Swordfiend’s elbow, then he kicked its broken arm away. As he kicked it, the Fiery Swordfiend’s broken right arm created a trajectory and landed thousands of meters away. Lin Huang then leaped back far away. Flames were roaring from the Fiery Swordfiend’s body out of control. It looked like a cat that was burnt. In the embrace of the flames, it looked bigger than its actual size.

In the place of the broken right arm was bubbling lava flowing out. Witnessing this scene, Lin Huang did not panic. Instead, he was smirking like he was implying that it was game over for the Fiery Swordfiend. Two shadows appeared beside him. It was Lancelot the Ruthless Sword Master on the left and the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit on the right. The Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s nine Punishment Chains shot out like arrows, catching the Fiery Swordfiend before it could even move.

Meanwhile, Lancelot was ready to attack with his Absolute Life sword skill. It advanced towards the Fiery Swordfiend with the sword in hand. White glow shot out of the sword like a shockwave, covering the entire Fiery Swordfiend…

"Congratulations, you have received an epic-level Monster Card - Fiery Swordfiend (Sword Servant)."

Seeing Lancelot fade into pieces and returning back to card form after performing Absolute Life, Lin Huang recalled the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit that was standing next to him.

Winning the battle was much easier than he thought. He did not expect to break the Fiery Swordfiend’s arm so easily. Before the battle started, he knew that as long as he managed to chop off the Fiery Swordfiend’s arm, he would definitely win. The Fiery Swordfiend was powerful but it had a fatal weakness. As long as any part of its body was broken, it would need to be in silent mode as it regenerated its body parts. To the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, the Fiery Swordfiend’s silent mode was its best time to use its Punishment Chains.

Lin Huang had planned to chop off the Fiery Swordfiend’s right hand which was used to hold its sword before the battle even started. As long as it lost the sword in its hand, the Fiery Swordfiend’s ability would be taken away. It would need to regenerate its broken arm immediately to retrieve its sword. On the other hand, if any other part of its body was injured or cut off, it was not necessary for it to carry out regeneration in an instant.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In reality, since Lin Huang had made the Fiery Swordfiend his target, he had discussed the entire killing plan with Bloody. His intention of asking for Yi Yeyu’s help was to let her chop off the Fiery Swordfiend’s right arm and he would do the rest himself. Although Yi Yeyu did not manage to chop off its arm, she had made the Fiery Swordfiend mute its flame. That gave Lin Huang the opportunity to get close to the Fiery Swordfiend and carry out the rest.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, who were still in the air, were stunned as they watched Lin Huang win the battle easily. Yi Yeyu, who had fought the Fiery Swordfiend earlier, especially knew how powerful the monster was. However, it was unbelievable that Lin Huang had managed to kill the powerful monster in less than ten seconds. Yi Yeyu thought that Lin Huang was only powerful against gold-level monsters. As she leveled up to white flame-level, her overall ability should be higher than his. However, it seemed like she was too naive to have such a thought. Lin Huang’s abilities were beyond her imagination.

After putting away the Fiery Swordfiend’s carcass, broken arm and sword, Lin Huang walked towards Yi Yeyu.

"Are you alright?"

Yi Yeyu shook her head. She was still in shock. Meanwhile, Li Lang who was far away arrived on the Ashenquill Eagle.

"Killing a double mutated white flame-level monster in less than ten seconds. Your abilities have to be No.1 on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard," Li Lang smiled and complimented. He knew Lin Huang was powerful but he had not fought the Fiery Swordfiend earlier so he was not as shocked as Yi Yeyu was.

"You've been planning to kill this Fiery Swordfiend, am I right?" Yi Yeyu finally snapped out of her shock a while later and asked.

"Yes. Actually, it’s not my ability that killed it. I came prepared." Lin Huang nodded while telling his entire plan.

After hearing his explanation, Yi Yeyu finally understood why he had asked for her help. She looked embarrassed as she did not manage to complete Lin Huang’s plan. Fortunately, Lin Huang had managed to handle it and she did not drag him down in his plan.

"My great-grandfather told me that ability isn't everything. Throughout hundreds of years in the human history, there’re many successful Transcendent humans who fought those powerful monsters. What I thought was that the only way to do that is to form a large team of people. From what you said, I think a team doesn’t need that many people. What we need is to come up with a plan to tackle the powerful monsters’ weaknesses and assign the appropriate number of people with the relevant techniques within the team." Yi Yeyu understood immediately. She put Lin Huang’s teaming up with his summoning monsters together with the teaming up of humans in history.

"That’s right, planning is important." Lin Huang nodded.

Li Lang did not say a word as he listened. He seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"Where do we go next? Do we continue to kill double mutated monsters?" Yi Yeyu was excited.

"Where do we find so many double mutated monsters here for you to kill? We’re lucky that Bloody even managed to find one…" Lin Huang was speechless by Yi Yeyu’s addiction to killing now.

"That’s true. Although this is a grade-2 dimensional ruin, there aren't that many white flame-level double mutated monsters," Yi Yeyu commented.

"Where do you go next?" She asked.

"Let's go back to the submission spot to inform the examiner about the Molten Dragon. If we don't handle that on time, many people might die," Lin Huang said and summoned his dimensional relic.

Soon, they arrived at the mission submission spot.

"Why’re you guys here?" Zang Bing frowned as he thought that the three of them were being irresponsible. They had only been gone for less than two hours and they were already back.

"We heard something that we must tell you about." Lin Huang walked over to him and told him about the Molten Dragon’s interaction that the Fiery Swordfiend had informed them about.

"You mean a Fiery Swordfiend told you guys that a Molten Dragon is hunting humans down?" Zang Bing did not believe what he heard.

"How did the three of you manage to escape from the Fiery Swordfiend?"

Lin Huang then took out the Fiery Swordfiend’s carcass. Zang Bing was stunned when he saw the carcass, then he looked serious. His shock was not a result of knowing that there was a Fiery Swordfiend in the dimensional ruins, but that it had been killed by humans not long ago.

"Tell me everything that happened in detail!" Zang Bing looked at the three of them sternly.


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