Monster Paradise
314 The Vampire Monarch
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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314 The Vampire Monarch

Sensing the aura released from the huge bloody spawn, Lin Huang was startled.

"How incredibly powerful!"

The strength of the aura being released was far beyond the Fire Phoenix’s. In fact, it was even stronger than that of the Supreme Overlord that had mutated three times.

"The God's blood is one of the strongest blood vessels. Although both of the monsters have mutated three times, Bai, who possesses the God's blood, will be stronger than most of the triple mutated monsters after its evolution," Xiao Hei explained as though it could sense what Lin Huang was thinking.

"However, perhaps the aura that Bai releases will attract many of the Transcendent monsters…" Lin Huang frowned, expressing his worries.

"Yes. In fact, many of the monsters will be attracted during the third evolution. Some of the powerful monsters can even sense the God's blood as it’s the most valuable treasure to them. It might even be more attractive than a dragonkin. The ruins aren’t that big. It’s almost the same size as an A-grade foothold. Once Bai's aura is released, almost all the monsters in the ruins will sense it. Therefore, you’ll have to recall Bai back into his card form in the very first place and leave."

"All the monsters can sense it…?" Lin Huang did not feel relieved after listening to Xiao Hei's explanation. He felt heavy-hearted instead.

As time passed, more cracks appeared on the huge bloody spawn and the immense aura emitted got even stronger. Lin Huang frowned.

At about midnight, a layer of faint bloody fog spread out from the irregular cracks. Even the white glow in the sky appeared bloody as if the huge bloody spawn was completely enveloped by a huge, bloody light column.

As the bloody light column shone on it, even Lin Huang could not see what kind of mutation the huge bloody spawn was going through.

All of a sudden, a colossal aura burst out from the volcano as if something powerful had awakened from a deep slumber. Meanwhile, the intensity of the aura was increasing every second.

Lin Huang could vaguely sense that the aura being emitted was majestic. He guessed that it must be an effect of the God's blood. It would be easier for the monsters to notice the difference in Bai's aura since even a human like him could sense it as well. His facial expression changed.

"I'm not sure how long it takes…" As the aura was released more and more powerfully, Lin Huang panicked. The longer it took, the more likely the powerful monsters would approach him.

Ten minutes later, the bloody light column that appeared in the sky gradually faded. Bai, who was previously shrouded in the huge bloody spawn, slowly revealed his body.

Bai no longer looked like a teenager. He looked more like a young man that was in his early twenties. His height was about 1.8 meters tall and his appearance was 80% similar to how he looked like previously. However, he did not look as gentle as he once did. He had a craggy face and his hair was still pure white and maintained at earlobe-length. From the neck down, he was wearing a black robe…

Having a cold, stony facial expression in addition to his attire, people on Earth would describe him as a standard handsome guy.

"Congratulations, monster card Bai has been upgraded from epic to legendary level!"

"Congratulations, you have obtained a legendary monster card, Vampire Monarch."

After Bai had leveled up, he lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang in the sky. Placing one of his hands on his chest, he saluted Lin Huang.

The next moment, a notification from Xiao Hei popped up.

"Since you do not have the authority yet, you are unable to use a legendary level monster card. The monster card will be automatically sealed. After you have leveled up to holy fire-level and your authority is upgraded, the monster card will be automatically unsealed."

Several black chains appeared on Bai's body right after the notification was received and he was sealed. He looked calm and did not resist as he was completely trapped in the black chains. Soon after that, he disappeared.

The purple monster card that appeared on Lin Huang's hand then turned into a gray stone. He had no more access to the information behind the card either. Soon, he received another notification from Xiao Hei.

"Congratulations, Blood Spirit has leveled up. You have obtained a new skill, Vampire Particles."

"Don't worry. I'll unseal you really soon." Lin Huang did not bother checking the description of the skill as he fixed his gaze on the front of the card that had turned gray. Gently rubbing the sides of the card with his thumb, he then recalled the card.

When he was about to leave, Lin Huang suddenly sensed a terrifying aura was approaching. With a grin on his face, he then summoned the Black Ink and entered the door.

Right at the moment when the Black Ink disappeared, a loud roar was heard coming from the sky. Soon, a huge shadow appeared somewhere near the crater just where Lin Huang had stood earlier.

As soon as it gave out a warning roar, the remainder of the impending aura hesitated for a moment and left. Monsters that were rushing over did not dare go closer anymore.

It was a giant dragon with a completely black body. Sitting right in front of the crater, it released its threatening aura, terrifying any other monsters that were coming for the God's blood. It then popped its head slowly into the crater. Soon, it realized that its efforts were in vain.


There were growls of anger from its belly and the humongous dragon checked out the surroundings with its red eyes. Still, it got nothing.


All of a sudden, it sensed a familiar aura. The gigantic dragon immediately lowered its head, sniffing its surroundings. Soon after, it remained still at the position where Lin Huang had stood.

"It's a human aura. It's the aura of the people who escaped using the dimensional relic a few hours ago!"

Impressively, the black dragon was the Transcendent monster that had summoned meteorites to attack Lin Huang on the shore of the lava ocean.

"The monster that possesses the God's blood has disappeared so quickly. The human that used the dimensional relic must have brought it away!"

A trace of fury flashed through black dragon's eyes. "Human, how dare you snatch away the God's blood? F*ck!"

With a low growl, the black dragon flapped its wings and flew up into the sky…

Lin Huang did not know that Bai's advancement and the remaining aura released by himself had triggered such a powerful monster in the ruins.

As soon as Bai had leveled up, Lin Huang activated the Black Ink and set the location to the place they submitted their mission where the examiner, Zang Bing, was at.

It was about 1 a.m. However, the lights in Yi Yeyu's and Li Lang's tents were still lit up. Obviously, they were still awake.

Despite seeing that Lin Huang had just transported back, Zang Bing did not say anything.

As they heard the sound of footsteps, both of them unzipped their tents one after another.

"You're back." Yi Yeyu seemed relieved.

"Both of you are still awake," Lin Huang commented. He then took out a tent and set it up.

"I can't fall asleep. Perhaps it's because I've just leveled up today and I'm too excited," Yi Yeyu came up with an excuse.

"What about you? You got too excited as well?" Lin Huang turned around, looking at Li Lang as he teased him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Damn, I'm depressed, that's why I can't fall asleep. You're a genius and Yeyu has leveled up to holy fire-level. I'm the only burden!" Li Lang complained.

"Why are you depressed? Even before Yeyu upgraded to holy fire-level, you were still a burden," Lin Huang added.

Yi Yeyu sniggered.

"Damn, I'm not as mean as you!"

The three of them chatted for a while. Seeing that Zang Bing had fallen asleep, they went back to their own tents as well.

In the peaceful night, Lin Huang checked out the new skill that he had just obtained. He used to think that he would have no skill advancement since Bai was being sealed. It was because when the Supreme Overlord had been sealed, he did not obtain any skills. In fact, if the skill was originally possessed by him, despite the fact that the monster card had been sealed, the skill would still be upgraded in accordance with the upgrade of the monster card.

"Vampire Particles: The Vampire Monarch's exclusive skill. It is evolved from Blood Spirit. Naturally, it is a peculiar energy that exists in the form of particles. You can create any colors or forms that you prefer by using the particles including weapons, armors, wings, and more."

"Remarks 1: Vampire Particles has the ability to absorb blood automatically. The more blood is absorbed, the stronger the particles would become."

"Remarks 2: The number of Vampire Particles is restricted by the user's combat level. The higher the combat level of the user, the more Vampire Particles one can control."

"Remarks 3: When something is killed with Vampire Particles, it’s likely that the elemental attributes of the body of the one being killed will be absorbed by the particles."

"Remarks 4: Due to certain special reasons, the Vampire Particles that you own possess the fire elemental attribute by default."

"It's evolved from the Blood Spirit's wings. They can change into several forms and their strength is a lot stronger as well. I should spend some time to check out how the skill can be used…" After reading the skill description, Lin Huang did not continue any further as it was quite late already. Closing the skill page and switching off the light in his tent, he quickly fell asleep…


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