Monster Paradise
313 Unsealing Bai
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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313 Unsealing Bai

After the second mission had been submitted, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang stayed somewhere near the examiner. Lin Huang then left by summoning the Black Ink without any worries.

The first location that he was sent to was the forest of the Undying Bloodoaks as it was where Tyrant was unsealed. He summoned Kylie again and instructed her to keep watch over the place. Lin Huang then summoned the Black Ink and left again.

The next location that he had chosen was a huge, extinct volcano. He had accidentally discovered this place when he had been through here while riding on the Alexandrian Eagle. He felt that the extinct volcano was a good shelter, hence, he had bookmarked the location on the Black Ink. He never knew that it would be useful for him until now.

The location was set right at the entrance of the volcano. After the Black Ink was recalled, Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle. Riding on its back, they descended gradually and entered the volcano.

It was an extinct volcano which was quite humongous with a height of more than 5,000 meters. The diameter of its base was about 100 kilometers. There was no more lava beneath the volcano as it had now all become volcanic rock. Not even a hint of heat energy was released. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After he had confirmed that the internal space of the volcano was big enough, Lin Huang then restored the Alexandrian Eagle back to its card form and took out the Fire Phoenix carcass from its storage space. At the same time, Bai was summoned.

Right after Bai was summoned, upon seeing the Fire Phoenix's carcass, he was triggered. He clearly knew that the carcass could help him to unseal himself. However, he did not act first. He looked at Lin Huang instead, waiting for him to give an instruction.

"Drink it," Lin Huang ordered. He was quite satisfied with Bai's reaction. Bai was the most obedient monster among all his monsters in the monster card collection.

Upon receiving Lin Huang's instruction, Bai's eyes suddenly turned red and he pounced on the Fire Phoenix's carcass. He bit into the Fire Phoenix's wound on its neck with his fangs and began to suck the Fire Phoenix's blood.

Lin Huang sat on the ground and waited patiently. He was bored after a while, then he raised his head, gazing at the sky.

Despite the wide crater of the volcano, he felt like he was gazing at the moon through a well as he looked up from the base of the volcano that was thousands of meters deep.

Staring at the sky through the crater, Lin Huang fell into deep thought, "The sky that I can see from the base of the volcano is not a complete sky, just like the world that I see in Division7 is not how the whole world exactly looks like. The world is infinitely big. What I saw today, what I heard today and even what I encountered today, they’re all just a small part of the world… Perhaps I’ll be upgraded to holy fire-level soon, then I can then step out of Division7 to explore a bigger world…"

As time passed, Lin Huang still waited at the base of the volcano patiently.

The Fire Phoenix's dead body began to shrivel away as Bai was draining it of its blood. In less than an hour, it looked like a mummy that had lost a great amount of water.

Seeing the changes in the Fire Phoenix's body, Lin Huang knew that Bai was almost done. About ten minutes later, when the Fire Phoenix's body had almost dried out completely, Bai then released the carcass reluctantly.

Extending his tongue and licked the remaining blood stains on its lip, Bai's body gradually floated up into the air. His body was completely shrouded in a beam of white glow that looked like a spotlight in the sky. His white hair was ruffled despite the fact that there was no wind. Soon, a bloody mist gradually spread through the air and surrounded him. Lin Huang could sense that it was the Blood Spirit. However, it was his first time witnessing the Blood Spirit appearing in such a strange mist form as it would usually appear in the form of wings.

As soon as the Blood Spirit had appeared, Bai's aura rapidly grew stronger. The layer of bloody mist got thicker as well and eventually enveloped his entire body. It had even formed a huge bloody spawn mid-air. As the white glow from the sky shone on it, the layer of the bloody nucleus reflected a crystal clear radiance.

What had happened was beyond Lin Huang's expectations. When Kylie was unsealed, she had not gone through this process.

"It seems like it's different from Kylie's evolution…" Lin Huang lifted his head and looked at the huge bloody spawn in shock.

"He possesses the God's blood in his body but because his combat strength was too weak previously, he couldn't activate the God's blood. After he's unsealed, the God's blood will be activated by default. Therefore, the third evolution which is the so-called ‘ultimate mutation’ will happen," Xiao Hei suddenly explained.

"Is Bai going through the third advancement?!" Lin Hung then recalled the description on the monster card. He had not paid much attention to it previously. However, a question suddenly came to his mind. "Will it cause a big stir?"

Previously, during the second advancement, Lin Huang would always choose a place that was less crowded to avoid catching anyone's attention during the advancement due to the fluctuation of energy. Perhaps, it would cause a bigger stir during the third advancement. There were countless Transcendent monsters in the ruins and once Bai's aura was released, many of the powerful Transcendent monsters would hone in on Bai as their prey. This was because the probability of a double mutated monster going through the third mutation was higher as long as it could engulf a monster that had mutated three times.

"Yes, he'll definitely lure other monsters out. Therefore, after he has leveled up, he has to leave as soon as possible."

Lin Huang frowned when he heard the answer. After a short while, another question came into his mind. "After Bai has completed the third advancement, incidents like the Supreme Overlord won’t happen, would it?"

Xiao Hei gave a detailed explanation, "No, monster cards that are obtained from killing monsters or accumulated from monster card pieces will have no way of getting rid of the restriction rules of the monster card. Only monster cards that are sealed or being controlled forcefully will have the chance to go against the rules. In addition, since your combat level and authority have improved and my abilities are being constantly enhanced as well, it isn’t likely that such an incident will happen in the future.

"However, due to the restrictions on your authority, you'll not be able to use a legendary level monster card. Therefore, after Bai has leveled up, he'll be sealed. You'll not be able to summon Bai before you're upgraded to white flame-level."

Although Bai was not rebellious, Lin Huang would still be unable to summon Bai after the third advancement as his authority would be restricted.

"Alright…" Lin Huang was slightly relieved when he heard the explanation. He was somehow helpless as Bai used to be his most frequently used monster card. Although he rarely used it nowadays, he somehow felt different since he knew that Bai would be sealed.

The huge bloody spawn was rotating in mid-air. As the beam of light from the sky shone on it, it looked like a beautiful work of art that was presenting itself to the people.

Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and flew to the crater. He chose to keep watch at the crater as he was afraid that other monsters or humans would approach him, interrupting Bai's advancement process.

It had been more than three hours since the start of the process. Fortunately, no monsters came over throughout it.

While Lin Huang was waiting nervously, he suddenly heard a soft crack coming from afar. He immediately activated his Boundless Vision and looked towards the direction of the sound.

A small crack appeared on the huge bloody spawn that was lingering mid-air. A terrifying aura was then gradually released from the crack...


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