Monster Paradise
312 Submission Of The Mission
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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312 Submission Of The Mission

Holy fire-level was categorized into five mini levels. To rank them in ascending order, white flame-level came first, followed by crimson flame-level, blue flame-level, purple flame-level, then gold flame-level.

Monsters like the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that Lin Huang had captured earlier and Kylie the Nephilic Judge that he had unsealed as well as the Fire Phoenix that he had just killed were monsters on white flame-level.

However, a white flame-level monster that had mutated a second time would have abilities that were on par with a blue flame-level that had not gone through any mutations yet. As the Fire Phoenix possessed phoenix blood, its ability was slightly stronger. Perhaps, it could even fight a blue flame-level monster that had mutated once.

Although Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu had no idea what the monster that they had detected earlier from afar was, they could sense just from its aura alone that it was on at least purple flame-level. It might be a gold flame-level monster as the aura of the monster was a lot stronger than that of the Fire Phoenix even though it was still far away from them.

Obviously, the monster was attracted by the aura released from the battle. A monster that dared to approach them even after it could sense that there was a battle among three double mutated white flame-level monsters must be confident that it was capable of gobbling up the three powerful double mutated monsters.

Fortunately, Yi Yeyu spent only half an hour to complete the ignition of the Life Fire. If she was a few minutes slower or if the monster came a few minutes earlier, the three of them would definitely become monster food.

Based on Lin Huang's current abilities in addition to the monsters that he could summon, defeating a monster that was on a level like the Fire Phoenix was his maximum limit. Fighting a monster that was stronger than that was beyond his capabilities. That was also the reason why he had chosen to run away at the very moment when he sensed the aura.

Passing through the Black Ink, they appeared at a place that was thousands of kilometers away, somewhere near the forest of the Undying Bloodoaks.

The place was one of the locations that Lin Huang had set previously in the Black Ink, so that he could come over to see Tyrant's condition at any time. Since they were in a hurry when the Black Ink was being activated, he did not manage to choose a specific place in time. Therefore, they were randomly sent to this place.

"What was that?! I felt like it was way stronger than the Fire Phoenix!" The thought struck terror in Yi Yeyu.

"I don't know, but it's at least on purple flame-level. We can't fight it." Lin Huang was slightly relieved. Right at the moment when the door was about to close, he could vaguely see the meteorite approaching.

"Was there a monster attack just now?"

Li Lang could only react to it now that they mentioned it. He had been dragged into the door by Lin Huang, not having any idea about what was happening at all. Listening to their conversation, he then knew why Lin Huang had suddenly summoned a dimensional relic.

Both of them were speechless and took a glance at the ignorant Li Lang.

"By the way, where's this place? It looks familiar." Yi Yeyu suddenly noticed that the surrounding environment was somehow familiar yet strange.

"You feel the same way too? I thought it was an illusion. I feel that it looks like the forest of the Undying Bloodoaks that we passed through previously…" Li Lang's voiced out. As he observed around, he felt odd.

"Yes, it looks like it… But there aren't any Undying Bloodoaks over there. Why have all of them have disappeared?" As soon as Li Lang reminded them of that, Yi Yeyu turned back and looked at the direction where the Undying Bloodoaks were supposed to be. She frowned.

"Lin Huang, why did you set this location as our destination? You're not the one who wiped out everything in the forest, are you?" After witnessing Lin Huang's skills, he felt that no ordinary person could do such a thing. Perhaps, only Lin Huang was capable of doing so.

"No, it's not me. I found out that the forest was being wiped out when I passed through this place a few days ago, so I set this location as I felt that it was weird that the forest has disappeared. I wanted to try and see if I can figure out what's happening by chance when I'm free," Lin Huang simply came up with some excuses.

Both of them easily believed what Lin Huang said as the forest of the Undying Bloodoak had completely disappeared as if it had never existed before. It did not look like it could be done by an ordinary human.

"Many of the unknown abilities that we can't defeat exist in the ruins…" Yi Yeyu sighed.

Lin Huang was slightly relieved as the both of them trusted what he said. In fact, he had revealed many of his abilities to both of them but he did not wish for them to know more of his secrets. It was not because he could not trust them. He felt that the knowledge of his secrets brought no benefit to both parties and it might even cause them trouble.

Glancing at the time projected, it was about eight o'clock at night. It had been more than 40 minutes since the Fire Phoenix had died.

"Lin Huang, is there anything that you have to deal with?" Yi Yeyu asked as she noticed that Lin Huang had also glanced at the time when he had requested for the carcass of the Fire Phoenix from her. He looked at the time again after a while and she could not help but feel that he had something urgent to settle. "Get your work done first. Once you're done, we'll meet again."

"Alright, I do have something to deal with. I'll bring the both of you back to the place for submission of our mission. We’ve collected enough Transcendent monsters. We might as well submit our assignment first. Wait for me over there and I'll join you guys right after I'm done with my work," Lin Huang suggested.

"If you're in a hurry, you may get your work done first. We're not in rush to submit the mission," Li Lang explained.

"I still have time, let's submit the mission first."

Lin Huang was worried that the both of them were going to stay here as he was afraid that they would discover Tyrant who was unsealing itself underground and that Tyrant's unsealing process would be interrupted. As for Bai's unsealing, although it was only about forty minutes since the Fire Phoenix had died, the submission of the mission could be done in a few minutes, so he would still be able to make it.

He summoned the Black Ink again, specifying the location of the place for submission of their assignment. They strode over to the door and the door gradually closed.

When they appeared again, they arrived at the place where they had gathered during the second round of training.

The examiner of the second round of training, Zang Bing, was startled the moment when he saw them arrive. Immediately, he noticed that Yi Yeyu had achieved white flame-level.

"Why did the three of you come back? Have you completed the mission?!" Zang Bing felt like it was only the second day since the assessment had started. Despite the fact that they had a member who had achieved white flame-level, it was impossible for them to complete the task of killing six Transcendent monsters as looking for the right Transcendent monster alone would take them some time.

"Examiner, we’ve completed our task and we're here to submit it," Li Lang said with a smile, "I guess we're the first team to complete the mission, aren’t we?"

"You'll only be considered to have completed the mission after passing the carcasses to me." Zang Bing stared at Li Lang as he hated glib-tongued people.

"Alright…" Li Lang felt bored and rubbed his nose after listening to what Zang Bing said. He then took out the Afflicted Weaver's dead body while Yi Yeyu took out the dead body of the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard and the Volcanic Giant that she had killed. Lin Huang took out the carcasses of the Undead Soldier, the Greatsword Fiend, and the Blazecrystal Scorpion. He kept the dead body of the double mutated Sanguine Skeletal Spirit under his care.

Seeing the three of them produce six dead bodies of white flame-level monsters, Zang Bing was surprised. Gazing at them, he suspected that there must be a person among them that possessed unique detection abilities. Otherwise, even if they were capable of killing the monsters, it was impossible for them to complete the mission so quickly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After scrutinizing the dead bodies, although he felt curious to know how some of the monsters had died, he just put the carcasses away and nodded at them.

"The three of you have passed the assessment. Tell me your names!"

"Yi Yeyu."

"Li Lang."

"Lin Huang."

After a short while, Zang Bing found their names on the name list projected and marked a tick beside their names.

"Before the third assessment begins, the three of you can do whatever you like. However, I'd suggest you guys not to be lazy and go kill some Transcendent monsters. You'll know why during the third round of the assessment," Zang Bing issued a simple reminder and did not say anything after that.

"Both of you can wait for me over there. Since it’s late now, you can set up the tent somewhere around here and make some food. I'll come back right after I get my things done."

Again, Lin Huang summoned the Black Ink and went through the door…


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