Monster Paradise
310 Hunting For The Tinder
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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310 Hunting For The Tinder

Despite having its Life Power sealed, the Fire Phoenix was still powerful. The moment it noticed the impending danger, it unleashed an immense amount of strength, struggling to break free of the Punishment Chains to flee.

Unfortunately, the Fire Phoenix did not manage to get rid of all the Punishment Chains . While it flapped its wings desperately to escape, it still got entangled by the Punishment Chains and its escape route was blocked. Its movements turned sluggish in mid-air.

"Damn it, please break!"

Since it was being blocked, the Fire Phoenix then began flailing its wings faster. The remaining Punishment Chains began to break…

Just before the last Punishment Chain broke and the Fire Phoenix was about to flee, Kylie, who had transformed back to her real body, attacked. She grabbed Yi Yeyu's collar, transforming into a silver blur and quickly pounced towards the Fire Phoenix that was lingering in the air!

Looking at Yi Yeyu's red long saber that was about to attack it, the Fire Phoenix was filled with intense fear. It had never worked its wings at such a rate before in its entire life.

A cracking sound was heard. It had finally broken the last Punishment Chain . The moment when Lin Huang and the rest of them heard the crack of the chain, everyone's hearts sank.

As soon as it managed to break the chain, the Fire Phoenix immediately flew up high into the sky…

Yi Yeyu ground her teeth and demanded, "Send me there!"

Immediately, an immense power came up behind her. Yi Yeyu's slender body accelerated in a blink of an eye as she headed towards the Fire Phoenix that was flying in mid-air…

The Fire Phoenix could feel its Life Power being quickly unsealed. The immense strength it used to have had returned and it felt slightly relieved. Before it left, it sneered at the people watching from below. However, it then saw a terrifying scene -- the woman, who was armed with a saber, had sped up, dashing towards it…

The Fire Phoenix was unable to dodge her at all. Yi Yeyu's long green saber that was covered with bloody Life Power broke through its feather defense with ease. The blade completely punctured its stomach and only the handle of the saber could be seen outside.

"Jeez… I wonder what monster's soul Xue Luo inserted into Yi Yeyu's body. It can control fire element monsters to such an extent…"

Lin Huang clearly knew how powerful the Fire Phoenix's defense was. Seeing Yi Yeyu's long saber completely brushing off the Fire Phoenix's defense and penetrating through its body, he knew that it was the effect of her unique physique. He had expected this outcome the moment he saw the Fire Phoenix's strange reaction. The consequences of the attack on the Fire Phoenix had proven his prediction right.

Even Kylie was shocked to see this. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit then looked at Yi Yeyu with trepidation.

Mid-air, the Fire Phoenix felt severe pain burning its wound. Soon, a peculiar energy invaded its body through the wound and it had no idea what type of energy it was as it started engulfing the flame energy from its body. In just a blink of an eye, the Fire Phoenix felt that the fire flame in its body had been extinguished together with the remaining Fire Spark … Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After it had lost its flame energy, its body started to sink. It did not even have the energy to move its wings and soon, its huge body plummeted to the ground. Kylie dodged and carried Yi Yeyu in her arms.


The Fire Phoenix instantly fell to the ground and a cloud of smoke billowed up into the air from the foot of the volcano.

Even Lin Huang could sense it from afar that it was about to die. He noticed that Yi Yeyu did not strike its weak point though.

Kylie then carried Yi Yeyu and soon, they reached the ground. Her face blushed when she got out of Kylie's arms.

"Stay focused. Get ready to extract its tinder, it's collapsing really soon!" Lin Huang's voice was heard as he came up behind Yi Yeyu.

To avoid any unnecessary distractions, Lin Huang had recalled Kylie and the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. He then retreated hundreds of meters away. As a matter of fact, according to the rule of Life Fire tinder extraction, as long as there were no Transcendent humans around her, the extraction process would not be affected. Lin Huang wanted to play safe, hence he stayed away.

Since everything had now been decided, Li Lang rode on the Ashenquill Eagle and descended beside Lin Huang.

The huge Fire Phoenix gradually collapsed onto the ground and soon died.

Yi Yeyu, who was staring at the Fire Phoenix, immediately moved forward, pressing against its huge carcass as her red-colored Life Power penetrated through the Fire Phoenix's body like silk threads.

Inside the Fire Phoenix's body, the white Life Fire that was about to fade out turned into a white peanut-sized tinder. The tinder that was going to die out soon sensed the guidance of the red Life Power as if there was a chance for it to reignite and it attempted to absorb the red Life Power. As soon as the red Life Power was being absorbed, the tinder lit up. Apparently, it had sensed something delicious, engorging on the energy like a starving animal all the way…

Hunting the tinder was just like fishing; you had to use your own Life Power as bait to lead the tinder to enter your body.

Therefore, the first criteria to successfully extract a tinder was to make sure that the tinder would be partial to one's Life Power. If it was not the type of Life Power that the tinder preferred, the tinder would not be lured out. It would hide deep inside the monster carcass and disappear within an hour right after the monster had died.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the tinder hunter must be the one who killed the monster. Otherwise, even if one could get to the monster carcass before the tinder disappeared, the tinder would automatically collapse the moment that Life Power was inserted into the monster carcass and there would be no way of extracting it. Nobody knew where such a theory came from. However, everyone knew that it was a rule that could not be violated as it had been verified by the people who had tried to bypass it.

In a nutshell, the time limit to hunt for the tinder was one hour and the hunter had to be the murderer as well. Also, the hunter's Life Power had to be preferred by the tinder. An hour later, if the tinder was not drawn into the hunter's body, it would automatically collapse and one would fail in the quest for the tinder.

Without a doubt, Yi Yeyu was quite successful extracting the Life Power. In less than 30 seconds, she had successfully lured the tinder into her body.

As soon as the tinder entered her body, Yi Yeyu released her palm that was pressing against the Fire Phoenix's body.

"Can you really do it that quickly?!" Even Lin Huang was amazed by her.

Yi Yeyu nodded her head with a smile. She did not expect things to go so smoothly. "I'll need some time to reignite the tinder."

"Alright, we'll keep watch beside you." Lin Huang nodded.

Yi Yeyu then sat down and started controlling the tinder that was inserted into her Life Wheel. It was engulfing the Life Power within her body…

Lin Huang and Li Lang waited patiently around Yi Yeyu. From just a short distance, they could clearly sense the Life Power within Yi Yeyu's body being drained. In just a few breaths, the aura released by her Life Power had completely disappeared. It felt like she was engaged in an intense battle that drained her Life Power.

In Yi Yeyu's body, the peanut-sized tinder did not only engulf all the Life Power in her Life Wheel within a few minutes, it even absorbed all the Life Power within her body that had drifted away from her Life Wheel.

The crust of the tinder started to crack after all her Life Power had been engulfed and the energy of the white flame was released gradually. As time passed, more cracks appeared on the tinder and the white flame started to burn vigorously. Eventually, the tinder had completely turned into a white Life Fire, releasing a significant amount of Life Power. Yi Yeyu's empty Life Wheel and her body that was running out of Life Power had been restored…


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