Monster Paradise
309 Completing A Capture!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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309 Completing A Capture!

Golden lightning and red flames clashed with each other continuously in the sky.

Each impact caused a serious stir in the surrounding space. It seemed like the area where the both of them collided with each other became distorted.

The intense collision created wind pressure that resembled ripples, spreading everywhere. A growl that was even louder than the rumbling of thunder was heard, causing Yi Yeyu and Li Lang on top of the volcano to cover their ears as well.

After it had gone through the Elemental Transformation , the Fire Phoenix's speed had increased. The probability of it getting hit by lightning was reduced drastically and even the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit's Punishment Chain could not catch up with its speed anymore.

At the foot of the volcano, Lin Huang frowned.

"If this continues, the concentration of the Fire Phoenix's Life Power will stretch beyond Kylie's Life Power. With such an impact, we won't know who will win the fight in a short period of time. However, after a prolonged period of collision, Kylie will collapse…" Lin Huang noticed the problem after the both of them had clashed with each other several times. "Since lightning can no longer affect it, it's time to switch to wide-area attack. Kylie's one of those who can unleash the skill. Therefore, the lightning won't be affected."

Lin Huang immediately planned what to do. He then raised his head, staring at the sky.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds. The purplish-gold lightning did not stop dancing between the cloud layers and fury flashed within Lin Huang's eyes.

A few moments later, the lightning started to break away from the clouds.

"Get down!" Lin Huang said in a low voice and lightning began to descend from the sky, resembling a waterfall.

The Fire Phoenix was no longer the target of the lightning bolts. It hit the ground everywhere as if it was raining heavily, attacking the area shrouded in dark clouds.

Fortunately, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were hundreds of meters away from the region covered by dark clouds, so they were safe from the attack.

Lin Huang was not the one controlling it. When he had intentionally stacked the charges between the cloud layers, it had exceeded the load limit of the cloud layer which inevitably caused the lightning to completely break away.

In an instant, thousands of lightning bolts struck the ground at almost the same time, enveloping the entire region at the foot of the volcano.

Not only was the Fire Phoenix covered by the purplish-gold lightning, Kylie and Lin Huang were within the range of attack as well. However, since the both of them were the ones who triggered the lightning, they were not attacked by the lightning rods. However, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was not so lucky as it could only block the lightning bolts by controlling the lava to form a defensive layer on top of its head. By doing so, it had drawn all the lightning into the ocean of lava and successfully avoided the attack.

There was a significant increase in the speed and density of the lightning attack as the Fire Phoenix got attacked again and again.

Although the lightning did not have a significant effect on the Fire Phoenix's body, it was somehow depleting it of its elemental flame. Moreover, as there was a great amount of lightning energy associated with the lightning strikes, each attack consumed a large amount of the Fire Phoenix's energy. The energy consumed with each attack it took was comparable to when it collided with Kylie. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On the other hand, Kylie was not affected. She did not suffer any attacks from the lightning as it was her own skill. However, she took the initiative to absorb the surrounding lightning bolts, causing her aura to grow even stronger.

Then, the situation got warped. Kylie's attack that was initially being suppressed now grew stronger and she seemed to have gone insane as if she had no more fear or inhibition. On the other hand, the Fire Phoenix began to worry that its energy would be depleted and the period of Elemental Transformation would be shortened. It then switched from being on offense to being on defense. Knowing that such a high-frequency lightning attack would not work for a long period of time, it was getting ready to counterattack right after the lightning strikes stopped. In just an instant, it was obvious that Fire Phoenix was completely pinned down by Kylie.

Since the attack made no difference, in order to avoid greater consumption of energy, the Fire Phoenix had decided to use a small portion of its energy to dodge the lightning attack.

Looking at the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit's little trick in mid-air, Lin Huang grinned.

After Kylie had gone through the Elemental Transformation , she had grown larger. In addition to absorbing the lightning bolts earlier, her body had expanded as well. In this state of Elemental Transformation,  her height reached about 10 meters tall.

When the Fire Phoenix did not pay attention to her, she hid a few Punishment Chains behind her back. Before the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit activated its Punishment skill, the Punishment Chains were only ordinary chains and would not affect Kylie.

The Fire Phoenix was caught unprepared and a bolt of lightning struck it again. The next moment, Kylie took the opportunity and approached it.

Two beams of golden light and red light crashed into each other again. However, just then, red glows emerged from behind the golden beam of light at a terrifying speed, heading towards the Fire Phoenix.

Taking a nervous glance at it, the Fire Phoenix immediately retreated as it did not want to be locked down by the Punishment Chains .

The speed of the Fire Phoenix's retreat was alarmingly fast and it managed to get rid of the flaming chains in an instant. However, all of a sudden, it felt that its tail had sunk. As it turned back, it realized that its tail was entangled by a flaming chain that had appeared out of nowhere.

It attempted to escape. However, it noticed that its Life Power was depleting quickly. Right at that moment, it was locked by eight additional chains. Despite the fact that it had gone through an Elemental Transformation , its body instantly returned to its original state.

Nine of the chains quickly extended over the Fire Phoenix's body, locking its wings, claws and even its beak.

The Fire Phoenix's huge body immediately fell to the ground as it still struggled to break free of the chains.

It all happened very suddenly. Yi Yeyu was stunned for a moment, then she summoned a flying mount and rushed over.

In just a few moments, she appeared in the sky above the Fire Phoenix, summoning a long green saber.

"Quickly get it done. If it gets rid of the chains, it'll be difficult to capture it again," Lin Huang urged.

"Alright!" Yi Yeyu immediately gathered her Life Power to unleash the strongest saber skill she had without a moment of hesitation.

"Hmph, weak human ants. Even if my Life Power is sealed, you'll not be able to break through it!" The Fire Phoenix took a glance at Yi Yeyu and its voice boomed without even using its mouth. "Right after I break the chains, I'll immediately activate another Fire Spark and kill you all!"

"Aren't you afraid that your Fire Spark will be snatched away again?" Lin Huang grinned as he teased him.

The blade of Yi Yeyu's green, long saber relic was rapidly enveloped by the red Life Power.

The moment when the Fire Phoenix that was originally fearless saw the long saber's blade, its pupils dilated. With just one look, it could sense that the saber was dangerous. The extent of danger it was facing was way beyond all the opponents it had ever encountered. It then began to struggle.

"Damn, what's the red Life Power for?!" Fear bubbled in the Fire Phoenix's heart. It did not know what the red Life Power was. However, it could sense that it would definitely die if it was struck by it.

Cracking sounds from the Punishment Chains were suddenly heard. The Fire Phoenix struggled, getting rid of the Punishment Chains with its wings. It quickly flailed its wings as it wanted to flee. However, the Fire Phoenix's body was captured by the remaining chains.

Flapping its wings hard, the Punishment Chains instantly broke into pieces.

"Act now!" Lin Huang yelled.

Yi Yeyu's Rainbow Sparrow seemed to be frightened by the Fire Phoenix's power and dared not move forward…

At that moment, a silver beam streaked across the sky and grabbed Yi Yeyu before pouncing on the Fire Phoenix that was struggling to break the last chain…


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