Monster Paradise
308 Fire vs Lightning
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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308 Fire vs Lightning

Purplish-gold lightning that resembled a freak thunderstorm rained down from the sky. The Fire Phoenix who would not usually care about thunder element attacks immediately flapped its wings to dodge the attacks as it dared not fight it after being struck for the first time.

The Fire Phoenix seemed to have teleported to the best of its ability. Each time it flapped its wings, it would immediately disappear, avoiding the lightning attacks. Although it seemed like it was using Flicker , it was actually because the Fire Phoenix's teleportation ability had reached the maximum level.

Its wings continued to flap and Fire Phoenix was constantly changing its position in the air to avoid the purplish-gold lightning attacks.

Right after it had successfully dodged the attack, a huge black pit with a diameter of a few meters was formed on the volcanic rock.

Aside from that, the purplish-gold lightning caused the volcanic rock’s internal structure to melt due to the sudden release of energy with such high temperature. There were countless unique marks made by the lightning imprinted on the pit and the surrounding ground.

The rock with patterns formed by high temperature lightning was known as Thunderstrike Rock in this world. It was rare and was the ultimate collector's item for rich men. It was said that only three of the collectors in Division7 owned such an item.

Of course, Lin Huang did not know much about that but Yi Yeyu and Li Lang felt avaricious just looking at them.

"There are so many Thunderstrike Rocks here. If we can take any of them and sell them at art auctions, we can definitely fetch a good price. We're going to be rich!" Li Lang's saliva practically dripped from his mouth.

"Get one for our great-grandfather. He'll definitely like it…" Yi Yeyu mumbled, stroking her chin.

Both of them seemed to have forgotten their situation as they stared at the Thunderstrike Rocks and their mind went blank.

Although the battle was still as intense, the Fire Phoenix did not stop dodging but it had no more energy to attack.

Despite possessing the transcendent teleportation ability that gave it terrifying speed, it still could not dodge the lightning attack perfectly. It would occasionally get hit by the purplish-gold lightning. Each time the attack struck it, it would experience intense pain followed by numbness. The area where it was attacked would turn charcoal black. Even if it had strong recovery abilities, it could hardly recover in such a short period of time.

After being attacked several times, the thought of retreating arose in the Fire Phoenix. Trapped in an area that was shrouded in dark clouds, it was now in the worst possible situation. It wanted to get out of the dark clouds and wait for them to disperse.

Flapping its wings, it then fled towards the ocean of lava.

Right at that moment, flaming chains streaked across the sky, turning into a huge net and blocking its way.

Knowing that it was the Punishment Chains , the Fire Phoenix did not dare touch it at all. It quickly turned back and flew in another direction. Again, the Punishment Chains  appeared abruptly to block its way.

The attack speed of the Punishment Chains was actually on par with the Fire Phoenix's speed of flying. The reason why it could not be captured was because the Punishment Chains were unable to estimate its direction and dodging angle so quickly Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, knowing that the Fire Phoenix intended to flee, it would be easier to capture it with the chains as long the direction it was headed in was identified.

"Hehehe… The rare Fire Phoenix chooses to escape battle? How humiliating!" The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit mocked, "If you're willing to give me the phoenix blood, I'll let you go…"

"This fella…" Lin Huang was speechless as he heard that. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit's attitude was just as bad as it was before it was killed, having the guts to declare that it would let the Fire Phoenix go in front of Lin Huang. However, Lin Huang knew that despite having such an attitude, it would have no way of disobeying Lin Huang's order as it was restricted by the rules of the monster card.

Unexpectedly, the Fire Phoenix was not angry. It ignored the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit's provocation. Meanwhile, it dodged the lightning attacks as it thought of ways to solve the problem.

All of a sudden, it glanced at Kylie who was standing outside the battle. Kylie's body was flickering in a golden electric glow, her eyes flashing with a trace of fury.

"You're the one who did that. Since I can't get out of this area, I might as well kill you first! Once you're dead, the lightning will probably disappear!"

As the thought ran through its mind, the Fire Phoenix immediately pounced on Kylie.

Seeing the Fire Phoenix pouncing on her, even to the extent of ignoring the lightning attacks, Kylie picked up her spear and was ready for the fight without an ounce of fear.

The purple long spear in its hand clashed with the Fire Phoenix's claws again.

Despite having a huge difference in body size, the collision only proved that the both of them were equally powerful.

Apparently, the Fire Phoenix had chosen the wrong opponent for close combat. In terms of combat abilities, Kylie the Nephilic Judge was way stronger than the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. She had even controlled the Grimace Clown that had wicked intentions previously. The Fire Phoenix was enormous in size and looked intimidating. As a matter of fact, it was a monster that was skilled in ranged elemental attack with average close combat abilities. Using its own weakness to fight Kylie's strength, of course, it would not get its desired result.

However, the Fire Phoenix noticed its mistake right after the attack. Nine of its tail feathers vibrated slightly and soon, nine flaming tail whips appeared in the air out of nowhere and attacked Kylie.

Kylie was white flame-level. Once her Seraphic Speed was activated, she would be several times faster than Lin Huang's while his  Thunder Steps and Seraphic Speed ability was activated. Transforming into shadows in the sky, she could easily dodge the tail whips. She grabbed her purple spear and counterattacked.

Although Lin Huang who was standing on the ground could not join the battle, he was the one who controlled the lightning that streaked across the sky together with Kylie as she fought.

Kylie was engaged in a fight, so she could no longer control the lightning. Of course, Lin Huang would not let go of such a good opportunity to attack the Fire Phoenix. He controlled the descent of the purplish-gold lightning bolts and attacked the Fire Phoenix.

Encountering Kylie's counterattack, the Fire Phoenix was in dire straits as it was hit several times by the lightning bolts. The intense pain and numbness that followed affected its movements.

Kylie took the opportunity while the Fire Phoenix was not paying attention to her. She unleashed her Judgement Spear at full force, tearing its neck apart.

Its scorching blood resembled flames as it dripped out of its wounds. It was the first time the Fire Phoenix felt an injury.

Kylie launched consecutive attacks, turning her spear into beams of light and shooting them at the Fire Phoenix.

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit took a chance to launch another onslaught as well, blocking the Fire Phoenix's way to retreat with its chains.

At that moment, the Fire Phoenix's feathers started burning and in just an instant, it completely turned into a colossal flaming bird.

Kylie's spear directly penetrated through the flame.

" Elemental Transformation !"

Lin Huang frowned. After going through Elemental Transformation , the Fire Phoenix's body would no longer exhibit its usual characteristics. The effect of physical attacks would be rendered useless. Despite Kylie's spear penetrating through its body, the physical impact of the attack would no longer work. If she were to attack it with Life Power, the effect on it would be limited as well. Furthermore, the purplish-gold lightning that appeared in the sky could only remove part of the flames within its body and would not cause a significant impact on its body any further.

"The Fire Phoenix is forced to go through an Elemental Transformation . It's difficult to keep it with us now…" Yi Yeyu was slightly disappointed as she stared at them, feeling disdain as she would not be able to hunt down the Fire Phoenix.

Just then, golden beams of light were released from Kylie's body. In an instant, she turned into a golden human-like bolt of lightning. She had gone through Elemental Transformation as well…


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