Monster Paradise
299 The Fire Phoenix Has Been Discovered!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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299 The Fire Phoenix Has Been Discovered!

"I get a complete Monster Card straight away? Why is there ‘Sword Servant’ on the back?"

Lin Huang took a closer look at the card.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type of Monster: Greatsword Fiend (Sword Servant)"

"Combat Level: White Flame-level"

"Skill 1: Fiend Armor"

"Skill 2: Superhuman Strength"

"Skill 3: Sacrificial Fiend"

"Skill 4: Edgeless Greatsword (Combat Skill)"

"Summon Authority: Restricted"

"Card Remarks: Passable"

"Remarks: The Ruthless Sword Master’s affiliated card cannot be used before the corresponding skill is activated."

"The Ruthless Sword Master’s affiliated card…can’t be summoned…?" Lin Huang’s eyes were wide open as he asked Xiao Hei.

"Xiao Hei, do I get a complete card right away from all the sword type monsters that Ruthless Sword Master kills?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You will get a complete affiliated card straight away. However, you will only get a maximum of nine cards limited to sword type monsters only."

Lin Huang came up with a calculated possibility in his mind and asked again, "Can I choose the card again if I’m not satisfied with the one that I get?"

"Once confirmed, no re-selection is allowed. If the monster of the affiliated card dies, the affiliated card slot will be emptied and be replaced by other cards."

"Hmm, so it can only be replaced if the monster is dead…Seems like I need to choose wisely for the next eight cards." Lin Huang’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"With the Ruthless Sword Master’s character, I can get eight complete epic-level Monster Cards if I get him to kill double mutated sword type monsters!"

Lin Huang looked at the Ruthless Sword Master with a burning desire.

"What should I name it?" Lin Huang walked over to the Ruthless Sword Master and put away the Greatsword Fiend’s carcass. He turned around and looked at the Ruthless Sword Master for awhile while sinking into his own thoughts.

"Since your sword is a ruthless one, I shall name you Lancelot."

The Ruthless Sword Master nodded, seeming to agree with the name it was christened.

"I’ve completed the mission of killing six Transcendent monsters but it’d be a waste to submit the double mutated Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. I shall kill another monster to replace that…" Lin Huang started planning to kill another Transcendent monster so that he could keep the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

As he was mumbling to himself, Bloody communicated with him, "Master, if you have any powerful double mutated monster carcasses in the future, you can give it to me to parasitize on it."

"You can do that to the carcass as well?" Lin Huang gasped in surprise.

"I couldn’t, but now that my parasitical ability is more powerful now, I can do that. However, the probability of inheriting the host’s memories is low. If the brain of the carcass is preserved properly, I can try to extract its memories and the probability of inheriting its memories would be much higher. However, I can only use soul monsters such as the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit without a brain as a puppet," Bloody explained.

"But I remember that you could only do that on creatures that are the same level as you or lower. Can you do that to Transcendent monsters already?" Lin Huang asked.

"Not yet, I’ll need to unlock myself to Transcendent level before I can do that. The coverage of the Leech Pods won’t be able to parasitize on creatures that are higher than my own combat level no matter what, unless mutation happens. Therefore, I need a powerful individual parasitical skill to get a cross-ranking parasitical ability. After all, survival skill isn’t my priority." Not only Bloody did give him a thorough explanation, it even told Lin Huang about its plan for which skill it wanted to obtain.

"Sure, we shall study it once we get out." Lin Huang agreed with Bloody’s idea.

"I haven’t found any sword type or double mutated Transcendent monsters at the moment. Master, if you’re just aiming to finish your mission, we could just get any Transcendent monster that is around the area. Am I right?" Bloody asked as it heard Lin Huang mumbling about wanting to kill another Transcendent monster to replace the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

"If that is so, let’s just pick the nearest one." Lin Huang nodded and projected the map.

"There’s a Blazecrystal Scorpion at 11 o’clock around 1,500 kilometers away." Bloody marked the spot on the map.

After recalling Lancelot, Lin Huang rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and headed towards 11 o’clock. Around one and a half hours later, Lin Huang arrived near the monster. The Blazecrystal Scorpion was a gigantic scorpion with a crystal red body. It barely resembled a living thing, looking more like a carving that was made of a red crystal mineral. Under the sun, its body was crystal clear like a delicate piece of art.

Looking at the Blazecrystal Scorpion from far away, Lin Huang knew very well that such beauty was fatal. The Blazecrystal Scorpion was a mutated monster with a powerful attacking ability. It had explosive attacking speed, especially its tail that was terrifyingly agile. It could kill a monster that was a level higher than itself. Not only powerful, it also had strong venom in its body which was fatal to many creatures. Besides its attack prowess, its body was hard with high defense. It could also spit fire and lava to heal itself.

Such a monster ranked on the list for the most dangerous single mutated Transcendent monsters. According to Lin Huang’s memory, it ranked at number 18 on the list.

"Doesn’t seem to be easy…" Although Lin Huang said that, he was actually smirking as he did not think that the monster was a real threat to him. Just when he was ready to strike, Bloody communicated with him again, "Master, I discovered a Fire Phoenix!"

"What? Are you sure?!" Lin Huang did not expect Bloody to find Yi Yeyu’s target as he did not have high hopes for that.

"I’m sure it’s a Fire Phoenix, I remember all the monsters in the monster encyclopedia. I can’t be wrong."

"It killed the parasite that I discovered it with. Without the parasite monitoring it, I don’t know how long it’ll stay there. We need to move now," Bloody advised.

Lin Huang was scared that the Fire Phoenix would disappear from Bloody’s probe. However, just when he wanted to leave, he noticed that the Blazecrystal Scorpion’s aura advancing nearer towards him.

"It’s too late, the Blazecrystal Scorpion has found me…"


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