Monster Paradise
298 Greatsword Fiend
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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298 Greatsword Fiend

The lightning bolts that were raining down lasted for 20 minutes before fading away. Within that period, Kylie had turned more than 50,000 struggling Undying Bloodoaks into ashes. With Kylie’s help, Lin Huang did not just level up to gold-level rank-3, he had also filled up all three of his Life Power Refill Cards. Even Bloody benefitted from the battle, leveling up from silver-level rank-3 to complete gold-level as well as acquiring a new skill.

After redeeming the Life Power Refill Cards with 20,000 card pieces, Lin Huang had 30,000 Undying Bloodoaks card pieces as well as more than 20 Undying Bloodoaks complete cards. He had no idea what to do with the cards yet, so he put them aside and summoned Tyrant in excitement.

"Tyrant, try the spiritual lava under the ground and see if it can unseal you." Lin Huang pointed under his feet.

Tyrant punched the ground hard, making it unstable all around, then it collapsed. He then reached for the spiritual lava with his hand. After a while, he retracted his hand which was completely red. Although there were no burn marks, it was clear that the spiritual lava could break through his defenses and injure him. However, Tyrant did not seem to mind at all. He smiled widely and nodded at Lin Huang.

"Alright then, stay here to cultivate for a while and I’ll get Kylie to guard the place. I’ll recall you back 12 days later after you are done with the unsealing."

Tyrant nodded and stomped hard on the ground before even waiting for Lin Huang to leave. The ground under his feet collapsed and he fell into the spiritual lava, disappearing altogether.

"Kylie, stay here to look after the big guy for the time being. Don’t let anybody interrupt him. If any monsters come close, kill them. If they’re human, just chase them away," Lin Huang instructed Kylie. Kylie stood there without giving any response, neither nodding nor shaking her head.

Lin Huang knew that she understood him as long as his instruction was not too complicated. Even a normal summoning monster of iron-level could understand his instructions through the mind connection. A double mutated monster could grasp a basic understanding of the human language, if not the basic instructions. Lin Huang figured that Kylie’s coldness might be a characteristic that the Nephilic Judge was born with.

He did not dwell further on it and looked at Bloody that just slithered back into his sleeve. Although Bloody was already a complete gold-level, perhaps its skills were not complete; Lin Huang had yet to see the unsealing conditions. Thus, he decided to unseal other monsters before Bloody. Among all of his summoning monsters, Kylie had completed the unsealing while Tyrant was almost there. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was already a white flame-level which did not require unsealing. The remaining ones would be Bai, Charcoal and the Ruthless Sword Master.

Charcoal would need dracaena to unseal its potential but there was none in the ruins, so it had to wait. For Bai, he would need to kill a double mutated monster and suck all its blood for the unsealing to be successful. The Ruthless Sword Master’s unsealing conditions were to kill nine different sword type Transcendent monsters. Both Bai and the Ruthless Sword Master’s terms were not easily met but Lin Huang wanted to try anyway.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Bloody, help me find if there are any monsters for Bai and the Ruthless Sword Master. One should be a double mutated Transcendent monster with blood while the other one should be a sword type Transcendent," Lin Huang instructed Bloody.

"I have done the investigation in this area. There’s one sword type Transcendent monster," Bloody replied through its mind immediately. It was past two in the afternoon and it had been more than 24 hours since the Ruthless Sword Master had performed the Absolute Life skill at 10 in the morning yesterday.

"Give me the coordinates," Lin Huang said while projecting the map. Bloody marked a red dot on the map immediately, then Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and headed to the coordinates. Seeing that Lin Huang had left, Kylie turned to the spot on the ground where Tyrant had broken and sat next to it without moving.

Almost one and a half hour later, Lin Huang arrived at his destination with Bloody’s guidance. After the Alexandrian Eagle landed, Lin Huang then launched his Boundless Vision and saw a gigantic human-form monster far away. The monster was more than 10 meters tall and it looked like a giant human except for its face and skin that were greenish-purple like it was poisoned. Black armor covered most of its body. There was a sword in its right hand that was almost 10 meters in length, which was almost of the equivalent of its height.

"This is…the Greatsword Fiend?" Lin Huang recognized it immediately. It was a demonic single mutated monster with immense explosive strength. With its sword, the fatality of its attacks was terrifying. Its armor that looked like a tortoise’s shell was practically impenetrable. However, its only disadvantage was its slow speed.

"It’ll have to use its ultimate move to kill this monster…" Lin Huang thought to himself before summoning the Ruthless Sword Master. He was curious about how the Ruthless Sword Master would kill this monster if it did not use the Absolute Life skill.

The Ruthless Sword Master wore black armor and held a black sword in his hand. There was a black mist surrounding it together with an aura of death. His red single-eye was like a laser beam and it was difficult to look into his eye directly. He was less than two meters away but as he appeared, the Greatsword Fiend seemed to sense his presence and looked at his direction.

"I thought I’m outside of its detection zone. How can it still notice us? Is this ability coming from its sword?" Lin Huang frowned as he did not expect the Greatsword Fiend to sense their presence.

The Ruthless Sword Master looked at the Greatsword Fiend. Without waiting for Lin Huang’s instructions, the Ruthless Sword Master dashed towards the Greatsword Fiend. Lin Huang raised his eyebrow, realizing that all of the double mutated monsters that he owned seemed to have their unique characteristics. The most obvious one would be Kylie which had just been unsealed.

"If all of them have their own attitudes, this team will be hard to lead…Luckily, it’s only Bloody who can speak for now." Lin Huang could not imagine if all of his monsters could speak one day.

Meanwhile, the Ruthless Sword Master reached the Greatsword Fiend. What surprised Lin Huang was the Greatsword Fiend’s apparent fear. It only performed up to 50% to 60% of its maximum ability during the battle. Besides, its defense did not seem to be effective under the Ruthless Sword Master’s black sword. Every swing of the Ruthless Sword Master’s sword seemed to cause it injuries. The battle only lasted less than half a minute and was finished when the Ruthless Sword Master defeated the Greatsword Fiend by piercing its sword into its head.

Just when Lin Huang was walking over to retrieve the monster carcass, a notification came in from Xiao Hei.

"Congratulations, you have obtained a new Monster Card - Greatsword Fiend (Sword Servant)"


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