Monster Paradise
297 Bloody’s New Skill
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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297 Bloody’s New Skill

Lin Huang arrived in the jungle where the Undying Bloodoaks were at an hour later. Many had suffered here a few days back. If not for Lin Huang, at least a third of the participants would have been disqualified during the first round of training. Initially, Lin Huang thought that he would get Tyrant to pluck out all the trees in the jungle as it was strong. It could do that easily without using its Life Power, but it would take some time. However, with Kylie’s Purification Light skill now, she would be able to clear the trees much faster than Tyrant could. Moreover, Kylie was a Transcendent monster now, so she was more powerful than the gold-level Undying Bloodoak.

Lin Huang smirked as he looked at the eerie jungle beneath him. He then summoned the Nephilic Judge, Kylie.

"Kylie, clear the jungle beneath."

Kylie then looked at the jungle beneath while golden electric arcs sparkled on her body with a white mist-like glow flowing out. A golden lightning ball formed on her purple spear and a white star-shaped glow was formed in the middle of the lightning ball.

Within seconds, the lightning ball grew to the size of an adult fist with its white glow spreading out like a mini star. When Kylie pointed her spear into the sky, the lightning ball pierced through the clouds and exploded. As a mellow boom was heard, the clouds started turning dark. There were golden electric arcs shining within the clouds and soon the clouds became white. The Undying Bloodoaks seemed to sense the purifying force from the sky and it started to get frustrated while swinging its branches around vigorously. Some of them even started attacking the other Undying Bloodoaks next to them with the attempt to absorb more Life Force to defend themselves from the incoming purification force.

Two to three minutes later, the first lightning bolt came hurtling down. It was white in color. Within seconds, it lit up the sky and hit one of the thick Undying Bloodoaks in the jungle. The Undying Bloodoak that was struck by the lightning stopped moving. On its surface, nothing seemed to have happened. However, as the Undying Bloodoak next to it touched it by accident, the second one burst into flames and turned into ashes.

"It’s burnt into ashes now…" Even Lin Huang was shocked when he saw what happened. Watching from afar, he could feel the purification aura that was released from the Undying Bloodoak that had been struck by the lightning. Soon, more and more lightning bolts struck and the lightning covered the entire jungle. Under Kylie’s control and oppression, the Undying Bloodoaks died one by one without having the ability to defend themselves. Notifications kept popping up to inform Lin Huang about the Undying Bloodoak card pieces that he had obtained. He accumulated up to a thousand card pieces within seconds.

Meanwhile, his Life Power was increasing as well. Within seconds, he leveled up from gold-level rank-2 to gold-level rank-3. Even the columns in the 12th Life Wheel that had just been activated were filled up at the speed of light. It only took two to three seconds for his initial Life Wheels to become full while the remaining four Life Wheels were filling up at the same time. Ten seconds later, all five of his Life Wheels were overflowing.

"Massive amount of Life Power is detected. Would you like to activate your Life Power Refill Card?"

Lin Huang just recalled that he had obtained that card not long ago when he saw the notification from Xiao Hei.

"Yes!" Lin Huang decided without thinking twice as his Life Wheels could not contain the extra Life Power. To move up from gold-level rank-3 to complete gold-level, he would require a repetitive rotation of Life Power compression. Before that happened, as soon as the 12 circles of gold-level rank-3 Life Power were full, the Life Wheels were unable to contain more Life Power.

Although Lin Huang had no idea how much of Life Power the Life Power Refill Card could contain, he decided to use it anyway. Suddenly, a fifth golden Life Wheel appeared on the black Life Power Refill Card. It was in the same arrangement as the Life Wheels in Lin Huang’s body. However, the columns on it were all blank. Soon, those columns were also being filled up. Within less than half a minute, the first 12 columns in the first Life Wheel were filled, followed by the second Life Wheel…

"That’s not enough. I shall get more Life Power Refill Cards then…" Lin Huang thought and communicated with Xiao Hei, "Xiao Hei, how many card pieces do I need to redeem a Life Power Refill Card?"

"You will need 10,000 level-1 Monster Card pieces to redeem one Life Power Refill Card. The restriction placed on your authorization only allows you to own three Life Power Refill Cards."

"Level-1 Monster Card pieces? There are levels to the card pieces now?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, there was none as you didn’t own any level-2 Monster Card pieces."

"So you’re saying level-1 card pieces are the Life Wheel-level Monster Card pieces? Does that mean iron-level to gold-level would be considered level-1 while holy fire-level would be considered level-2?" Lin Huang came up with the assumption as he had never received card pieces of Transcendent monsters before entering the ruins.

"Your assumption is basically right, but I’ll have to correct you. Most of the Monster Card pieces of the Life Wheel-level belong to level-1, excluding double mutated monsters and above. Monsters of double mutation and holy fire-level belong to level-2. Meanwhile, triple mutated and immortal-level monsters belong to level-3. You get the idea…"

"I understand now!" Lin Huang understood the breakdown of card pieces by level now.

"You said that I’m only allowed three Life Power Refill Cards. Does that include the one that I am holding now or do I get to redeem three more at the card pieces mall?"

"Including the one you are holding now, you can only buy two more from the card pieces mall," Xiao Hei replied.

"Alright then…I shall redeem two Life Power Refill Cards." Lin Huang figured that Xiao Hei would give him that answer but he tried his luck anyway as the card was useful.

"You don’t have enough card pieces now, so you can only redeem one at the moment. At the current speed of your obtaining card pieces, you can redeem the second one around three minutes later."

"Alright, I shall redeem one now. Please help me redeem the second one when I have enough card pieces later." Lin Huang nodded.

"Are you sure you would like to consume 10,000 card pieces to redeem one Life Power Refill Card?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang instructed immediately.

"10,000 level-1 card pieces have been deducted. Congratulations, you have obtained Life Power Refill Card x1."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The second Life Power Refill Card appeared on his hand. Two minutes later, the five Life Wheels in his first Life Power Refill Card were full and entered his body automatically. He then took out the second Life Power Refill Card and started filling it with Life Power. Not long later, he received the third Life Power Refill Card that he had redeemed automatically while his second Life Power Refill Card was filled at the same time. He started filing his third Life Power Refill Card immediately.

As the sky was raining with lightning bolts, tens of thousands of Undying Bloodoaks were killed by the purification force. A couple of minutes later, the third Life Power Refill Card was full. However, Kylie carried on with her massacre.

"It’s so wasteful to just let this Life Power slip away. Is there no other container that I can use?" Lin Huang thought to himself.

Suddenly, Bloody came out of his sleeve and said to him in his mind, "Master, share some of the Life Power with me so that I can get to gold-level rank-3."

"Sure!" Lin Huang agreed immediately. After his third Life Power Refill Card was filled, he started sharing his Life Power with Bloody from his Life Wheel. Bloody slithered out of his sleeve to the ground and returned to its original form of a thousand-meter giant bloody boa. Under the shower of Life Power, Bloody leveled up to gold-level in an instant. His size was much bigger than before now, its thickness growing from the size of an arm that of a pail. It looked like a real giant boa now.

After Bloody leveled up to gold-level, it did not stop and leveled up to gold-level rank-3. However, it did not stop there.

"Don’t stop, I can still get more."

Lin Huang was concerned that Bloody might not be able to take more Life Power. Just when he was ready to stop the Life Power transfer, Bloody requested to go on with it. Lin Huang did not reject it as it would be wasteful for the extra Life Power to just slip away like that. Since Bloody could handle it, he decided to go with it with the concern that it might overestimate its ability.

Although Bloody’s combat strength did not grow, it was growing fast in size. It was less than 1500 meters long when it was gold-level rank-3 with the thickness of a pail. Its length was growing rapidly to 2000 meters...3000 meters together with the increase in thickness from half a meter to a whole meter…As time passed by, it grew so big that it looked like a giant now. There were even purple flowers growing on its body and it was much denser than before with even more vibrance in its colors…

Lin Huang was concerned that Bloody would explode as he watched its growth. However, he noticed that the speed of its growth started to slow down…

"Congratulations, your epic-level Monster Card Bloody had acquired a new skill - Limitless Ingestion."

"Limitless Ingestion: Ability to ingest 100 times of force that the monster possesses."

"Remarks: Most of the forces including Life Power can be ingested besides limited special forces."

Lin Huang was surprised when he saw the notification from Xiao Hei. He did not expect Bloody to obtain a new skill under such a condition. Since then, Bloody started to shrink although its aura was increasing. It rose rapidly within minutes!

"Does that mean Bloody is a complete gold-level now?" Lin Huang did not expect Bloody to break through its combat strength once again.


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