Monster Paradise
296 Unsealing The Nephilic Judge
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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296 Unsealing The Nephilic Judge

It was almost 12:30 p.m. after they finished lunch. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had drained a huge chunk of their Life Power after the battle because they had to perform their ultimate move a couple of times before managing to kill the Afflicted Weaver. Lin Huang knew very well that with their condition, they would not be able to continue any battles for the day.

"You guys can rest here. Let me kill the remaining two monsters and I’ll come back to meet you guys after I’m done," Lin Huang suggested.

Their mission of killing six Transcendent monsters was halfway completed as they had already killed four monsters. Lin Huang planned to kill the remaining two so that he could do his own stuff for the next eight days.

"Although we have enough time, it’d be great if we could complete it earlier."

Li Lang was the kind of person who would take his own sweet time and delay until the last minute. Otherwise, he would have been more powerful than he was right now. Lin Huang could tell that his talent in spear-handling and his battle experience was excellent from the way he had fought the spider earlier.

Meanwhile, Yi Yeyu knew that they would have to part ways after the mission was completed. She was upset but she did not stop Lin Huang from leaving.

"We will wait for you here," Yi Yeyu said to Lin Huang.

Seeing that the both of them did not stop him, Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and headed far away with Bloody’s guidance.

As Lin Huang disappeared into the sky, Li Lang mumbled to himself, "Let’s finish this and part ways when Lin Huang comes back."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It’s great that we are parting ways. I don’t like following people around anyway," Yi Yeyu lied unwillingly.

"I didn’t expect Lin Huang to grow so much in less than a year. Besides his talent, he has put in unimaginable effort to get to where he is today." Li Lang smiled awkwardly. He clearly remembered seeing Lin Huang’s potential 11 months ago when he had treated him as a junior that time, thinking that Lin Huang possessed a talent in gun fighting and battle experience. He never expected Lin Huang to surpass him.

Yi Yeyu fell into deep thought after hearing what Li Lang said. Throughout the 10 months, she had only managed to level up from a gold-level rank-3 to a complete gold-level. However, Lin Huang had managed to level up from an ordinary person without any Life Power to a gold-level rank-2 now. What she could not accept was that Lin Huang who was only a gold-level rank-2 had managed to kill a double mutated Transcendent monster while she could not even kill a single mutated Transcendent spider.

Lin Huang had no idea that he had made the both of them contemplate their lives.

"Bloody, go find a dark creature."

Lin Huang was certain about what he wanted. His priority was to look for a monster to kill to unseal his summoning monster. His first choice was the Nephilic Judge as it was the easiest to unseal within these ruins. All it had to do was to cleanse a Transcendent dark creature.

Bloody nodded and pointed to a direction. Lin Huang then maneuvered the Alexandrian Eagle and headed towards the lead. Under the guidance of Bloody, Lin Huang arrived at the destination 40 minutes later. The Alexandrian Eagle landed outside the sensory coverage of the Transcendent monster.

Lin Huang recognized the Transcendent monster from afar.

"The Undead Soldier …"

The Undead Soldier was an undead monster that could turn itself into an undead creature from a dead body with a special kind of mutation. Such monster was difficult as it would not die even if its head was chopped off. The only way to kill it was to destroy its entire body.

Of course, it had a weakness. Similar to most undead creatures, it was terrified of the purification force some creatures had in their attacks.

"I’m not sure if the Nephilic Judge's lightning is considered a type of purification force…" Despite Lin Huang’s uncertainty, he summoned the Nephilic Judge who was excited when she saw where the Undead Soldier was. Lin Huang could sense her eagerness.

"Go then. If you can’t manage to finish it, I’ll help you." Lin Huang assured the Nephilic Judge. The six wings behind the Nephilic Judge shook slightly while she whizzed towards the Undead Soldier far away.

The Undead Soldier was wearing an old armor on it, its body similar to the Nephilic Judge’s. Seeing the Nephilic Judge heading its way, it attacked immediately. A terrifying force was released out of its greenish-purple hand. As it waved its hand, there was an explosion in the air. The Nephilic Judge did not run away. Instead, she took out her purple spear and aimed it at the Undead Soldier with golden lightning sparks flying out of the tip of the spear.

Lin Huang watched the Undead Soldier became stiff and fall onto the floor following her attack.

"Congratulations, you have received a Monster Card - Undead Soldier x1"

"Killed in one hit?!" Lin Huang was shocked. The Nephilic Judge floated in the air with a white glow beaming down from the sky. It looked like a giant spot light shining on her. Golden lightning filled her body and her aura was getting more and more powerful.

"Perhaps there’s her lightning contains the purification force," Lin Huang thought to himself.

The Nephilic Judge stayed afloat in the air for two to three minutes. Her 2.5 meter-tall body was shrinking fast under the white glow but it stopped when she reached 1.7 meters in height. As she shrunk, her body was even better formed under the silver armor.

"Congratulations, you have unsealed the Nephilic Judge card!"

"Congratulations, the Nephilic Judge has received a new skill - Purification Light."

Lin Huang took a look at the description of the Nephilic Judge immediately.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Monster Name: The Nephilic Judge"

"Type of Monster: Half Angel"

"Combat Level: White Flame-level"

"Skill 1: Spearheart"

"Skill 2: Seraphic Speed"

"Skill 3: Seraphic Wings

"Skill 4: Judgement Spear

"Skill 5: Lightning Control (Advanced)

"Skill 6: Elemental Transformation (Lightning)

"Skill 7: Purification Light (Light Attribute)

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Card Remarks: Trainable"

"Purification Light: A holy glow with a force that can purify most evil force."

"Remark 1: Major damage on dark creatures."

"Remark 2: Evil force will be melted away when it’s used on non-dark creatures."

After the unsealing was completed, the white glow shining on the Nephilic Judge faded away. The Nephilic Judge looked at Lin Huang and dashed towards him, stopping less than two meters away from him.

"There was a Nephilic Judge called ‘Kyle’ in a game that I used to play. I shall name you Kylie then, so you’d be Kyle’s sister," Lin Huang christened the Nephilic Judge without her permission. She did not respond to him at all.

"Your silence means that you agree to the name," Lin Huang smirked. Without waiting for her rejection, he then recalled her into her card form and put it away.

"Kylie’s unsealing is done, it’s Tyrant’s turn now…" Lin Huang rode on the Alexandrian Eagle again and patted its back.

"Let’s go to the jungle with the Undying Bloodoaks!"


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