Monster Paradise
294 Killed in One Hit?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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294 Killed in One Hit?!

Yi Yeyu dived straight into the fire that the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard spat out but to everyone's surprise, nothing happened to her body. She had only found out about her immunity to fire seven months ago. It was when she had leveled up to a complete gold-level not long ago. Since her combat strength had yet to stabilize, she logged into the Hunter Arena as she had nothing else to do. After a couple of battles, she encountered an opponent that possessed fire elemental attributes.

She thought she would lose but after the intense battle, she realized that the fire-based attacks from her opponent could not harm her in the least. She won that particular battle. After logging out of the Hunter Arena, she attempted to burn her hand with fire. After several experimental attempts and confirming that she was immune to fire, she informed her family about her confounding discovery.

Her family then ran some tests on her body and realized that her body had gone through a major change. The change did not only make her body immune to fire; it also made her body highly compatible with fire. However, Yi Yeyu never had talents or monster skills that were of the fire element, so she could not make sense of that. Hence, her family picked the Fire Phoenix as the monster to get her to level up to holy fire-level. As long as she obtained the fire seed from the Fire Phoenix, she would be able to light up her Life Fire to obtain the secret Flaming Sword of Thunder skill. By then, with the help of the fire compatibility in her body, she would be able to execute the secret skill perfectly. Consequently, she might be able to be a genius that surpassed Yi Zheng.

Not many people knew about her immunity to fire. She had not wanted to swim across the lava river earlier as she did not want to reveal her secret, but not because she was afraid of emerging bald. If she had swum in the lava, none of her hair or eyebrows would be burnt off. People would be speculating if they saw that scene. However, she was not afraid to reveal her secret to Li Lang and Lin Huang since the latter had already revealed that he was Sword Genius and summoned three double mutated monsters in front of them. Although she was not close to Li Lang, judging from Lin Huang's trust he had for Li Lang, Yi Yeyu could tell that he was a trustworthy person.

That was the reason why she revealed her secret before the both of them. As the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard spat fire towards her, she went towards it without thinking twice. Nothing happened to her army green attire and her hair swayed in the air, making her look extra cool. Before the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard could do anything, Yi Yeyu's green saber relic pierced through its body with a golden glow at the tip of the saber.

Even Yi Yeyu herself was shocked as she did not expect her attack to go so smoothly. She recalled that Lin Huang had warned her of the monster's high defenses. The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard was stunned too. Not only could the fire do nothing to Yi Yeyu, even its defense which it was extremely proud of, was completely broken through. When it snapped out of its shock, her saberhad completely pierced into its body, leaving just the saber handle outside.

Yi Yeyu immediately set her thoughts aside and inserted all her Life Power into her saber. The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard groaned while fire spilled uncontrollably out of its mouth and nose. Looking at the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard struggling, it seemed to be experiencing intense pain. Li Lang gaped at the sight before him.

"So, this girl was hiding her real ability all along?" Li Lang turned around and asked Lin Huang.

He was not suspicious about how powerful the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard was as he could feel its aura from far away.

"It's not about her ability, it could be the characteristics of her Life Power which controlled the monster." Lin Huang knew what was happening. Theoretically, the attack should not have been able to break through the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard's defenses, so the frenzy that the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard was experiencing was odd.

As the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard roared, red flame spilled out of its mouth and nose continuously. Its body was changing colors and it seemed like its body had lost control as a result of Yi Yeyu's attack. Meanwhile, she held tightly to her saber handle without letting go. She looked like she was taming a wild horse that had gone out of control. However, the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard's reaction only lasted for a couple of seconds. The flames from its body soon disappeared and its body became stiff.

A while later, after Yi Yeyu confirmed that the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard was dead, she then pulled out her saber while investigating the monster's body. She actually had no idea what just happened. Seeing that the battle had ended, Lin Huang and Li Lang summoned their monsters and went to Yi Yeyu.

"How did you do that? You killed this Transcendent monster in one hit!" Li Lang asked Yi Yeyu while looking stunned.

"I don't know…" Yi Yeyu could tell that it had something to do with the change in her body but she had no idea what had exactly happened.

Lin Huang extended his hand towards the body and inserted his Life Power into it. Later on, he retracted his hand and said to Yi Yeyu, "There's no fire element left in it…Your body can control monsters with fire attributes and your Life Power might possess a special energy that can oppress such monsters. Perhaps that was how you managed to do that with that one attack."

"Lin Huang, please get me some other different monsters of the fire element. I'd like to try my abilities out." Yi Yeyu was eager to know more about her body secret.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's easy, most of the monsters in this ruins have the fire attribute," Lin Huang agreed immediately.

Yi Yeyu put the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard's body that was the size of a hill into her storage space and summoned the Rainbow Sparrow.

Lin Huang summoned Bloody and asked, "Is there any fire-type Transcendent monster around us?"

Bloody nodded and pointed towards a particular direction.

The three of them headed for the determined direction of their monsters. In less than half an hour, the three of them landed with Bloody's guidance. After recalling their monsters, Bloody got down from Lin Huang's left hand and moved forward like a lightning bolt. They chased after it and soon, they saw the second Transcendent monster. It was a huge Volcanic Giant…


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