Monster Paradise
293 The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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293 The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard

By the next morning, the five Life Wheels within Lin Huang were completely filled. The three of them had a light breakfast before departing to the location of the second Transcendent monster riding on their mounts with the guidance of Bloody. Twenty minutes later, they arrived near the destination where Bloody had detected the Transcendent monster, so they landed.

"Is it nearby here? But there's no volcano around here, so where's the Transcendent monster that you were talking about?" Li Lang asked Lin Huang as he looked around.

Besides a hill that was a distance away, it was flat land around them. There were neither monsters for a couple of kilometers nor were there any sinking ground nor lava river. Even if there were monsters around, there was nowhere for the monsters to hide. Yi Yeyi surveyed the area and peered at Lin Huang in suspicion.

"There." Lin Huang pointed and smiled.

The both of them looked at the direction where Lin Huang was pointing at in doubt. It was the direction where the hill was.

"You mean…behind the hill? Why did we land so far away?" Li Lang asked.

"That hill?" Yi Yeyu stared at the hill for a while before asking.

"Where?" Li Lang rubbed his eyes and stared at the hill with his eyes wide open. However, he did not see anything.

"Is that a rock monster? It doesn't look like it."

"It's not a rock monster, it's a Fiendish Terraflame Lizard. It's camouflaged itself to blend in with the color of the ground," Lin Huang explained.

The both of them were confused when they heard the name of the monster. Clearly, they had never heard of it before.

"Even if the both of you don't usually refer to the monster encyclopedia, shouldn't you at least do your research and figure out what kind of monsters are there in the ruins before you come here?" Lin Huang shook his head at the both of them before deciding to teach them about the monster.

"The Fiendish Terraflame Lizard is a demon-type monster and specializes in camouflage. It has powerful physical defense and super-regenerative abilities. Its mainly attacks with venom, mostly using a mist of venom as there's a strong venom in its teeth and claws. If the venom enters a Transcendent of the same level's body, he or she will experience numbness and lose control of their body. Besides venom, it can also spit fire.

"Such a monster has high defenses and moves fast too. Its only weakness is that it's afraid of any force that contains ice. Other attacks will harm it as well but the effect of an ice-based attack is the most powerful counter against it.

"The rarest of them contains dragon blood and has abilities which are superior to the ordinary ones.

"Although it's just an ordinary Transcendent monster, its physical defense itself is already a major obstacle." Li Lang frowned.

Yi Yeyu did not say anything as she had picked the Fire Phoenix, which was a double mutated Transcendent monster, to search for. It was even more powerful than the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that Lin Huang had killed on the first day. If she could not even kill a Fiendish Terraflame Lizard, she should not waste her time looking for the Fire Phoenix anymore.

"Li Lang, don't fight it first. I'd like to know what I can do. If I can't handle it, you guys can help me," Yi Yeyu said to Li Lang after some thought.

Although the both of them had asked Lin Huang not to fight the day before, he did not say anything as he knew that Yi Yeyu wanted to test it for herself.

"Alright, ladies first." Li Lang gestured to Yi Yeyu. Although he did not understand why would Yi Yeyu request that, he still respected her decision.

Yi Yeyu nodded to the both of them and took out a green saber. It was not a gold-level weapon but a saber relic. Lin Huang recognized that the saber relic was more powerful than the one he had. With the saber, Yi Yeyu summoned the Rainbow Sparrow and flew towards the hill while Lin Huang and Li Lang decided to watch from afar. The Rainbow Sparrow flapped its wings and soon arrived above the hill. The gigantic Fiendish Terraflame Lizard sensed Yi Yeyu's and the Rainbow Sparrow's aura.

It woke up from its nap and its eyes were wide open, spinning around and targeted at the Rainbow Sparrow that was flying in the sky. Without hesitation, it swiped its gigantic tail into the air. A loud swoosh was heard as its tail was aimed at the Rainbow Sparrow.

"Go!" Yi Yeyu instructed while the Rainbow Sparrow kept its wings close to its body and descended quickly, managing to avoid the terrifying attack.

Within seconds, the Rainbow Sparrow was less than 10 meters from the ground. It flapped its wings immediately and with the force of the inertia, it stopped less than three meters from the ground. Yi Yeyu hopped down from its back and arrived less than 20 meters from the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard. After recalling the Rainbow Sparrow, she dashed towards the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard.

Lin Huang, who was watching from a distance, nodded in approval. Although he had never battled with Yi Yeyu, her performance was satisfying so far. Despite encountering a Transcendent monster, she did not have any fear or doubts from the beginning. She knew very well what she wanted and what result she desired. She was firm in this battle of skills and wits.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With that mentality, Lin Huang was sure that she was halfway there. However, the monster that Yi Yeyu confronted was a ferocious Transcendent monster after all. It spat fire at Yi Yeyu, hoping to scare her away. As Lin Huang and Li Lang were anticipating her next move, they were shocked to see that Yi Yeyu did not avoid the spitting fire at all. She did not even swing her saber to defend herself from the fire but she plunged into the fire instead.

What she did stunned even the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard.

"Is this human dumb? How could she dive straight into the fire…?" Thought the Fiendish Terraflame Lizard.

"Is she…crazy?" Li Lang mumbled to himself.

"No, she must have done that after some serious consideration." Lin Huang remembered clearly that Xue Luo had inserted a red flaming bird's monster soul into Yi Yeyu's body to save her…


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