Monster Paradise
292 Credits To Mr. Fu
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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292 Credits To Mr. Fu

The refilling and the cultivation of Life Power were two different processes. Under normal circumstances, cultivation of the Life Power would require a massive amount of Life Crystals to extract Life Light and turn that into Life Power, filling the empty columns with them. Even with sufficient Life Crystals, an upper-range Life Skill would take two hours to completely fill one column of Life Power. With the time spent on sleeping and eating taken away, it was considered fantastic if an ordinary person could get seven to eight columns of Life Power within a day.

However, it was much simpler for Life Power to be refilled. It could be easily acquired by the rotation of Life Skill whereby the Life Power would be refilled into the Life Wheels automatically. The speed of the Life Power refill would usually take a hundred times faster than Life Power cultivation. Some people with special body physiques could achieve a speed that was hundreds of times faster than that of Life Power cultivation.

Since Lin Huang had already arrived at level-8 of Army Attack Tactics , his speed of refilling Life Power was terrifyingly fast as it was comparable to an ultimate Life Skill. With his unique physique, he only took more than eight hours to fill two Life Wheels. Although he had only filled two of his five Life Wheels, it was sufficient for him to survive as long as he did not encounter any double mutated monsters. He then halted refilling his Life Power.

Meanwhile, Tyrant had picked up the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s body from the hole without leaving any bones behind. However, without Lin Huang’s permission, Li Lang did not touch the bones although he was tempted to do so. A double mutated Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s bones could be used to make some high-end crafts.

"You haven’t filled up all your Life Power, have you?" Yi Yeyu had been watching Lin Huang and she noticed that he had stopped.

"It’s enough for now."

"It’s almost 6 p.m. now and the sun will set soon. Eat something before you continue. Take a good rest tonight. We shall continue to kill more Transcendent monsters tomorrow," advised Yi Yeyu, knowing that Lin Huang must be exhausted from the battle.

"It’s only been day one of our 10 days out here and we’ve already completed a sixth of our mission. We don’t have to rush," Li Lang agreed with Yi Yeyu’s arrangement.

"Sure!" Lin Huang knew that the both of them were worried about him, so he agreed to the plan.

As they were having snacks as their dinner, Lin Huang noticed that Li Lang had been eyeing the pile of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s bones.

"I thought you wanted the bones. There are broken ones anyway, so you can take them. Just leave one or two for me. We don’t have to produce the full body for the mission anyway."

"I shall do just that then!" Li Lang put down his snacks and walked towards the pile of bones.

"Take some for yourself. These are the bones of a double mutated Transcendent. Go and make some crafts with them. I bet your great-grandfather will love it," Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu with a smile.

Yi Yeyu shook her head. "It’s okay, he can probably tell that I didn’t kill it just by looking at the bones. It’s unnecessary."

"Alright then…" Lin Huang stopped talking and he proceeded to munch on his snacks.

Yi Yeyu was eating while pondering some questions in her head. Awhile later, she started speaking out of nowhere.

"I keep feeling that I lost part of my memories during the monster crowd 10 months ago. Do you feel that too?"

Lin Huang was shocked when he heard what Yi Yeyu said. He knew that Xue Luo wiped away everyone’s memories but he did not expect Yi Yeyu to recall anything.

"No, it’s your illusion, I guess." Lin Huang did not want Yi Yeyu to recall him using the Small Destruction Card as well as the appearance of Xue Luo.

"My brother said the same thing too. Perhaps it’s really my illusion…" Yi Yeyu stopped dwelling on that thought when she got Lin Huang’s opinion.

"You’ve managed to upgrade so much within a year. Mr. Fu must be really powerful." Yi Yeyu did not suspect anything suspicious about Lin Huang’s immense upgrade in his abilities; she thought all the credit went to Mr. Fu.

"Yeah, most of the credits should go to Mr. Fu as well as my good luck." Lin Huang smiled and nodded. Yi Yeyu’s assumption had saved him from any further explanation.

"I bet Mr. Fu killed the double mutated monsters for you," said Yi Yeyu curiously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yeah." Lin Huang did not know how to explain that but since Yi Yeyu had come up with such an assumption, he thought it would be easier if he agreed with what she said.

"My great-grandfather told me that there are a few people in Division7 that he doesn’t want to offend and Mr. Fu is one of them," Yi Yeyu brought Mr. Fu up again.

"Since you’re his apprentice, you must know about his combat strength then."

"I really don’t know anything about that as I have never seen him fight before." Lin Huang shook his head. He figured that Yi Yeyu might know more about Mr. Fu than he did.

Although he had always known that Mr. Fu had terrifying abilities, he was shocked that Yi Yeyu had revealed that the ex-general of Union Government, Yi Donglai, did not dare offend Mr. Fu.

"Oh…" Yi Yeyu knew Lin Huang was not lying as she noticed his helpless expression, so she did not ask further. They went completely silent. Soon, Li Lang picked up two bones and waved them at Lin Huang. Lin Huang nodded in approval, so Li Lang took the bones and returned to where they sat while proceeding to eat his snacks. After finishing his snacks, Lin Huang walked to the bones and asked Yi Yeyu again, "You sure you don’t want any of them?"


Seeing Yi Yeyu shake her head without thinking twice, Lin Huang then put all the bones into his storage space. He then recalled Tyrant and summoned Bloody because the challenge for this round was too intense and he needed information from it.

"Have you found the Transcendent monsters?" Lin Huang communicated with Bloody in his mind.

"There are four of them," said Bloody. It was the only summoning beast that could communicate with Lin Huang in his mind. Lin Huang could only receive blurry messages from the other summoning beasts.

"Did you find the Fire Phoenix?" Lin Huang asked again.

"No, it shouldn’t be around this area," Bloody replied.

"Take your time, there’s no need to rush." Lin Huang knew that they had time as it was only the first day of the second round of the training.

After communicating, Bloody returned to Lin Huang’s sleeve.

Lin Huang then turned around to look at Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

"Bloody has already found the next Transcendent monster. Let’s find a place to camp tonight and we’ll depart tomorrow morning."

"It’s so convenient to have such a summoning beast. It’s saved us a lot of time!" Li Lang smirked.

"If we were to find the monsters ourselves, I’m not sure how long we'd take."

"You don’t have to fight tomorrow. The both of us will do it," said Yi Yeyu.

"That’s right. You can even kill a double mutated monster now, so it’s not fair to us if you fight again. You don’t get to fight tomorrow!" Li Lang agreed with Yi Yeyu.

"Alright then…" Lin Huang did not expect that revealing his real ability would receive this level of sarcasm from the both of them in return. Now, he did not even get to fight.


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