Monster Paradise
290 The Ruthless Sword Master’s Ultimate Move
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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290 The Ruthless Sword Master’s Ultimate Move

Revival was a special forbidden skill possessed by very few soul spirit monsters. Once it was performed, it could bring a soul back to life. Not only could it recover the monster’s battle strength to its peak, it could even retrieve all the skills, combat skills, and even battle experiences that it had when it was alive when Revival was activated. However, there was a price to pay for performing such a forbidden skill. Although Lin Huang had no idea what this forbidden skill could do, he knew that the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s ability would be multiplied many times.

Lin Huang started to panic as he watched the bloody mist being sucked into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s eyes; the mist soon lessened. He had an idea and communicated with the Nephilic Judge with his mind. Soon, the sky turned dark. The area within 100 meters was covered in dark clouds and it looked like night had fallen. Li Lang stared at the sky in confusion as he had no idea how the weather that was so sunny earlier could turn dark so quickly. He could see faint golden lightning within the dark clouds.

Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. One lightning bolt, two bolts, three bolts…The lightning bolts were raining down on Sanguine Skeletal Spirit like a freak thunderstorm. Nevertheless, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not run away or even defend itself. Instead, it just stood there. However, even under the attack of the lightning bolts, it did not stop performing the forbidden skill while the bloody mist continued to be sucked into its eyes.

Meanwhile, there were no more fire boas or black scythes chasing after Lin Huang. Only the nine Punishment Chains were left but they could not threaten the Alexandrian Eagle anymore. At that moment, Lin Huang’s Life Wheels were filled thanks to Yi Yeyu’s help. Seeing that the bloody mist was almost done being sucked into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s eyes, Lin Huang instructed the Alexandrian Eagle without hesitation, "Go!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Alexandrian Eagle kept its wings close to its body and dove towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. It descended at such a rapid speed that there was a sonic boom heard throughout the land. However, it was too late. As it was still a distance away from the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, the last cloud of mist was completely absorbed into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Its blue eyes turned to gold in an instant and a bloody cloud surrounded its skeleton. As the three of them watched in shock, the bloody cloud then transformed into flesh and skin, covering the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s skeleton…Its dominating presence was increasing tremendously and it emanated the same terrifying aura when Lin Huang encountered the Supreme Overlord or even stronger nemesis!

"This is bad…" Lin Huang frowned.

Suddenly, a vague thought came into his mind. It was a message from the Ruthless Sword Master. Although it was not clear, Lin Huang knew that it was asking for his permission to attack. Although he had no idea why would the Ruthless Sword Master request so, he nodded anyway. The Ruthless Sword Master then hopped off the Alexandrian Eagle and dashed towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that had almost completed its transformation.

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit sensed that something was coming for it. The nine Punishment Chains then gave up chasing after Lin Huang and turned to the Ruthless Sword Master instead. The Ruthless Sword Master did not have wings, so it could not fly. There was no way for it to do anything in the air. Seeing that the Punishment Chains heading for the Ruthless Sword Master, the three of them was sure that it would not make it.

However, just when the chains were inches away from the Ruthless Sword Master, a black sword appeared under the latter’s feet. It stepped on it and rushed towards another direction. The chains proceeded to chase after it. With the help of the black sword, the Ruthless Sword Master moved in zig-zag motions in the air while getting closer and closer to Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

Lin Huang was stunned at how agile the Ruthless Sword Master was in the air. He knew that the black sword was created from its Death Zone but he had no idea that that skill could be used in such a way. The Ruthless Sword Master that was still in the air did not use its sword to fight the Punishment Chains. Lin Huang noticed that the brightness of its single crimson red eye became more blinding while golden patterns glowed and throbbed on the black sword that it was holding.

Within a couple of breaths, the Ruthless Sword Master arrived before the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. The growing of flesh was almost complete; all that was left without flesh was its head. However, the crimson red in Ruthless Sword Master’s eye had reached its peak brightness like a red star falling. The golden pattern that was surrounding its sword had faded away and the sword was now in completely bathed in a white glow.

"Hehe…You are in so much trouble!" The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit laughed cunningly with a black scythe in its hand. It then slashed its blade towards the Ruthless Sword Master so swiftly that Lin Huang could only catch a brief glimpse of it. He was deeply concerned. However, the Ruthless Sword Master waved its sword without hesitation and the white glow burst out of its sword like a shockwave, drowning the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit and its black scythe in it. The ground behind the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that was filled with lava was covered by the white glow as well up to 100 kilometers away.

The ground shook violently from the attack. Although nobody knew what the result was, the single swing of the sword alone showed that even if the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not die, it would definitely be injured under this hit. Lin Huang knew very well that it was the Ruthless Sword Master’s ultimate move, Absolute Life . No matter what, the Ruthless Sword Master would have to go back to its card form and would not be able to be summoned within 24 hours after this hit.

"Is this cyclops…a triple mutated monster?" Yi Yeyu asked in shock.

"No, it’s just a double mutated monster. That was its ultimate move," Lin Huang explained. The three of them stared at the direction where the battle was while anticipating the result. Soon, the Ruthless Sword Master disintegrated into black dots and disappeared. The white glow that was spread more than 100 kilometers away faded.

Most obviously was a gigantic hole on the ground 100 kilometers away. It was so deep that it seemed endless. Even the lava that was underground had evaporated from the attack. Meanwhile, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit revealed itself as the white glow faded away…


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