Monster Paradise
289 Forbidden Skill Revival
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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289 Forbidden Skill Revival

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit noticed the three of them gather around from a distance. Although it was far away and could not hear what they were talking about, it could guess that they were talking about it. It then extended its gigantic hands from its bloody robe and a strange force surrounded the place. Red, boiling lava flowed towards the three of them, looking like someone had spilled melted steel from the smelting pot.

The three of them summoned their mounts and rode on them. However, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not give up. It waved its hands in the air and streams of fire boas made of lava came steadily towards the three of them. Although there was no more spiritual force in the lava and they could not be harmed as they were wearing defensive relics, they had to avoid the lava as they did not want to be drowned in it.

Lin Huang was upset as his plan was interrupted. He attempted to escape from the battle temporarily to refill his Life Power but they were chased by the fire boas.

"This irritating fella!" Lin Huang frowned. He knew very well that the expansion of lava ground was caused by the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit with the intention to avoid them from standing still. As the ground was covered with a thick layer of lava, there was no way for Lin Huang to launch his attack at all.

However, Lin Huang came up with a plan.

"Recall your mounts, I will get my Alexandrian Eagle to get you!" Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu.

She knew what was he planning. She nodded and recalled her Rainbow Sparrow. The Rainbow Sparrow flew towards the Alexandrian Eagle immediately. Soon, Yi Yeyu took out her monster taming token and recalled the Rainbow Sparrow and jumped. The Alexandrian Eagle that was beneath her flew up and caught her deftly.

As she sat behind Lin Huang, she asked directly, "Are you ready?"

"Would it be affected since we’re flying?" Asked Lin Huang.

"No, as long as we are not interrupted." Yi Yeyu shook her head.

"That’s great. You can start now."

Yi Yeyu placed her hand on Lin Huang’s back and a red imprint appeared between her eyebrows like a gigantic red bird flapping its wings.

Lin Huang could feel a hot aura seeping from his back into his body. Not knowing what was that, he felt re-energized as his two empty Life Wheels were filled up with red Life Power.

"There’s a strong force refilling your body. You have received a Life Power Refill Card x1"

"Life Power Refill Card: Ability to store massive amounts of Life Power. Once activated, Life Wheels will be filled in an instant."

"Remark 1: A permanent card that can be used repetitively."

"Remark 2: Can only be activated once a day."

"Remark 3: The level of Life Power will be the same as yours."

"Remark 4: No restriction in daily refill until all the Life Wheels are filled."

Lin Huang did not expect to receive a new Function Card from Yi Yeyu’s Life Power transfer. Moreover, it was a practical card. After glancing at the card, Lin Huang put it aside as he did not have the time to look at the exact effects of the card.

Seeing that Yi Yeyu had hopped onto Lin Huang’s Alexandrian Eagle, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit knew they were up to something. It then gave up chasing after Li Lang and focused on the Alexandrian Eagle that the both of them were riding on.

It waved its hands, then the fire boas chased after the Alexandrian Eagle with their mouths wide open. It even gave up attacking the Nephilic Judge while getting its nine Punishment Chains to go after the Alexandrian Eagle. Suddenly, the Alexandrian Eagle was surrounded. The Nephilic Judge dashed towards the chains. However, the chains were like swimming loaches and avoided her completely while chasing after the Alexandrian Eagle. Lin Huang made up his mind at that very moment.

"Come out, Ruthless Sword Master!"

As Lin Huang commanded it, the Ruthless Sword Master appeared before Lin Huang in black armor and stood on the back of the Alexandrian Eagle. Although she could not tell how many times Ruthless Sword Master had been mutated, Yi Yeyu’s instinct told her that it was also a double mutated monster as she could sense its terrifying aura. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Just when the Ruthless Sword Master was summoned, the nine Punishment Chains came near them. A bloody glow twinkled in the Ruthless Sword Master’s eyes while it waved the black sword in its hand. With a black glow flashing in the air, it managed to block all nine Punishment Chains. Once again, the chains turned around and headed towards the Alexandrian Eagle while a couple of black scythes appeared at the same time. However, as the Ruthless Sword Master waved its black sword around, it managed to block all the Punishment Chains and scythes easily.

Yi Yeyu was watching the battle closely and was curious about the Ruthless Sword Master’s skill as there was neither any change of form in its sword, nor was there any sword glow coming out of it. However, with every wave, there were stripes of black sword glow around. With this performance, she was sure that this human-form monster was also a double mutated monster. Lin Huang knew very well that it was the Ruthless Sword Master’s Death Zone where it could attack any point it wished to within a 100-meter radius in the sphere-shaped space.

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit that was watching from far away was shocked when it saw the Ruthless Sword Master. It could sense clearly that the Ruthless Sword Master was just like itself - it was a double mutated monster. So far, Lin Huang had summoned three double mutated monsters and its fear of Lin Huang heightened. The Ruthless Sword Master’s defense was air-tight. Not only the Punishment Chains , even the black scythes as well as the fire boas could not get close to the Alexandrian Eagle.

Suddenly, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s blue eyes sparkled while its bloody robe was stripped off its body, revealing its gigantic skeleton body. The bloody robe was transformed into a bloody mist entering its blue eyes at the speed of light. Lin Huang frowned as he watched, knowing very well that it was the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s real ultimate forbidden skill - Revival …


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