Monster Paradise
288 Terrifying Defensive Ability
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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288 Terrifying Defensive Ability

When Lin Huang was still a silver-level rank-3, the Worldly Purification that he performed in the Hunter Arena was comparable to the ability of a holy fire-level’s. That was the reason why he had managed to defeat The Final Fortress’s ultimate defense. Now that he was a gold-level rank-2, not only did he have two extra circles of Life Power, his physique was also upgraded. With his rank-3 sword, he was much more powerful than with merely his Blood Spirit wings that were not even rank-1. The attack he was performing with his sword now was tenfold more powerful than his last attack with the Worldly Purification.

The multiplier of strength was only Lin Huang’s personal upgrade. With Tyrant’s strength of tossing him out and Seraphic Speed's talent, this attack was hundreds of times more powerful than the attack when he was a silver-level rank-3. When he was at silver-level rank-3, he was already a genius as a whole. However, his attack ability surpassed many ordinary geniuses as his attack was comparable to a holy fire-level. His attack this time was hundreds of times more powerful and he was confident that he could kill this blue flame-level Transcendent monster.

His ultimate move was akin to renting a hole in the air as he plunged the sword into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head. When his sword collided with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head, a golden spark burst out everywhere; it was too bright to look directly at it. Only Lin Huang who was performing the attack was not affected by the bright light. His pupils shrunk as he witnessed half of his sword pierce into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head.


A furious roar shook the sky. Although Lin Huang’s attack had injured the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, he had not killed it. After all, this Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was a double mutated monster. Its physical defense was so powerful that it was beyond Lin Huang’s imagination. Although it did not die, the attack definitely threatened the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. It knew that if the sword pierced more than 20 centimeters into its head, it would definitely die on the spot. There was fear in its blue eyes as it looked at Lin Huang.

The nine Punishment Chains came for Lin Huang at a speed of light, appearing behind Lin Huang almost instantly. He wanted to insert Life Power into his sword but he had to give that up as once he was in contact with the chains, his Life Power would be sealed. Helpless, he tapped the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head and leaped into the air. He then free-fell from the top, allowing his body to descend with the pull of gravity.

The Punishment Chains turned around and chased after him. Lin Huang flapped his Blood Spirit wings as he descended and avoided the chains. He glided towards the ground that was free from the boiling lava far away. Seeing that Lin Huang was escaping, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not chase after him as there was a limitation to the range of attack of the Punishment Chains and Lin Huang was beyond its range. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit stared at Lin Huang with frustration as it did not understand how a gold-level rank-2 human could come up with such a terrifying attack.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If he’s not a gold-level rank-2 but a complete gold-level, perhaps I’m already dead from his attack…" The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit started to fear Lin Huang.

Meanwhile, the golden glow of the Worldly Purification had completely faded. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang saw the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit where it was and Lin Huang standing on the ground. They could tell that his powerful attack earlier did not kill the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

"Even the ultimate attack of Sword Genius didn’t kill it? What a powerful double mutated Transcendent monster!" Yi Yeyu frowned as she watched, starting to be worried. She had seen all of Sword Genius’s battles and even a few of his classic battles. She knew very well that Lin Huang’s Worldly Purification drained a huge chunk of his Life Power. He could probably only perform that one or two more times at most. However, this confrontation with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was different from the Final Fortress in the Hunter Arena. This was a battle of life and death; it would not stand there waiting for Lin Huang to attack it as he wanted.

"The monster is hurt!" Li Lang noticed a sword gash on the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s forehead and felt optimistic.

"Although he’s not dead, if the attack really managed to injure it, all Lin Huang will have to do is to perform the same attack for a couple of times more!"

"How could it be so simple?!" Yi Yeyu saw the wound but she remained frowning.

"Lin Huang managed to injure it earlier because it underestimated him, thinking that he won’t be able to do anything to it. Now that his attack managed to hurt it, it must have its guard higher now. If I was the monster, I wouldn’t let Lin Huang come close to me again. It’s hard for Lin Huang to win this battle!"

Lin Huang, who was staring at the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, knew very well that the monster was not like The Final Fortress in the Hunter Arena. The former had allowed him to break through its defense just by standing there. It would be hard for him to get close to it now. Moreover, he had drained two circles of his Life Power for his last attack but he did not manage to kill the monster. If he was to perform the same attack, he would have to insert his last three circles of Life Power. The last bet was risky.

As soon as he finished his Life Power, the defensive power of his armor would lose its efficacy of protecting his body, leaving him with the basic function of an ordinary armor. He might die if the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit fought back or if he fell into the lava. Without the protection of Life Power, with his flesh alone, it was impossible for him to survive in the lava that was up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

"Must I use another One-Time Skill Card again…?" Lin Huang frowned as he was only left with two One-Time Skill Cards. Unless it was the last resort, he did not want to waste the card that could help him escape death. The higher his authorization was, the more powerful skills he would manage to copy. When he arrived at holy fire-level, the skill that his One-Time Skill Card would be able to copy would be upgraded to immortal-level.

"Lin Huang!" Just when he was coming up with a plan, Yi Yeyu approached Lin Huang together with Li Lang while the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was tied down by the Nephilic Judge. Lin Huang frowned when he saw that.

"It’s better that the both of you stay away. You guys can’t handle this fella," Lin Huang advised as he did not want them to risk their lives in his battle with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

"I know you’ve drained your Life Power for your last attack. I’ve got an idea to refill your Life Power fast but there’s a risk," Yi Yeyu said.

"Is it even faster than the Life Power supplement?" Lin Huang knew that the Nephilic Judge could not hold the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit down any longer.

The Life Power supplement was an expensive elixir that could refill Life Power in an instant. A tube of the supplement was as expensive as a gold-level weapon. However, it could fill up an empty Life Wheel of a gold-level rank-3 person within an hour. Lin Huang would need at least five rubs of the supplement. It could not be consumed more than two tubes at once, so Lin Huang would have to take it five times which totaled the refilling process to five hours. It was even slower than the time he took to recover his Life Power by the rotation of Life Skill, so he had never consumed the supplement.

Yi Yeyu nodded at Lin Huang.

"It’ll only take a maximum of one minute to fill up your Life Power."

"What!?" Lin Huang’s eyes lit up.

"I can use my Life Power to fill yours up," Yi Yeyu explained.

"Is that some special secret skill? Will you hurt yourself?" Lin Hung was skeptical as it was his first time hearing of such a Life Power transfer.

"It’s a secret skill I guess…" Yi Yeyu was stunned when she heard Lin Huang’s question.

"It won’t damage my body. On the contrary, it might burden yours. My Life Power comes with strong fire attributes, so you’ll have to release your Life Power as soon as I transfer mine to you. The longer my Life Power stays in your body, the more damage it will bring to your body."

"Sure! Let’s try that then," Lin Huang agreed to Yi Yeyu’s suggestion without thinking twice.


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