Monster Paradise
287 Lin Huang Versus The Sanguine Skeletal Spiri
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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287 Lin Huang Versus The Sanguine Skeletal Spiri

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were stunned as they watched Lin Huang transform.

"Lin Huang is Sword Genius?!" They looked at each other in shock. The both of them had seen Sword Genius fight in the Hunter Arena so when Lin Huang transformed, they could recognize him immediately. They did not expect him to be the champion of the Hunter Arena. They were embarrassed as they recalled encouraging Lin Huang to practice his skills in the Hunter Arena earlier.

Lin Huang had no other choice but to reveal himself. Since the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit could fly, there was no way that they could escape. Moreover, it was a double mutated Transcendent monster. Even a white flame-level, which was the lowest in the commander-level, could surpass a crimson flame-level or even a blue flame-level. This monster had reached Lin Huang’s ability limitation. He did not think that Yi Yeyu and Li Lang could handle this monster either although their combat strength was higher than his.

The only way to survive was to reveal his real ability and fight! He decided to summon Tyrant for its immense strength while the Nephilic Judge was needed for her rapid speed. Not only could she mess with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s attack, she could also help Lin Huang fight the monster. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit had outstanding defensive power, so it would not be wise to summon the Ruthless Sword Master which was skillful in physical attacks. As for Charcoal, Lin Huang would only summon it as his last resort as the dragon blood’s aura was too attractive and might even attract other Transcendent monsters. Lin Huang definitely did not want such trouble.

"An Imperial Censor that possesses two mutated summoning beasts…Seems like you’re not an ordinary kid," said the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. It could tell that both of his summoning beasts were mutated. However, they were nothing in his eyes. Also, they were all double mutated but there was a big gap between a complete gold-level and the holy fire-level.

"Since you destroyed my spiritual lava, I shall eat these two double mutated toys as my supplements then."

"Bullshit!" Lin Huang scoffed as he instructed the Nephilic Judge secretly. The Nephilic Judge flapped its golden wings slightly and appeared behind the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. With its purple spear on hand, it dashed towards the back of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head at the speed of light. Meanwhile, Lin Huang and Tyrant ran towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Sensing attacks from its front and back, a gigantic black scythe appeared behind it and collided with the Nephilic Judge’s spear.

As it was interrupted, the Nephilic Judge attacked from another direction. Just when it dashed its spear at the monster again, the black scythe appeared again and blocked its attack. The Nephilic Judge did not give up; it kept changing the positions of its attacks. Its spear came like a lightning bolt from every direction possible. However, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not move at all. As if there were eyes all over its body, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit managed to block all of the Nephilic Judge’s attacks.

As they were fighting intensely, Tyrant and Lin Huang had arrived in front of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Floating in the air with its body that was more than 30 meters tall, it was still far away from where Lin Huang could reach it. Lin Huang hopped onto Tyrant’s palm and attacked with the Worldly Purification from charging two full Life Wheels of Life Power into his sword. A sparkling golden glow shone from the tip of the sword.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang could recognize the ultimate move of Sword Genius. They might have thought that Lin Huang possessed monster skills that were similar to Sword Genius’s, but now that they were witnesses to the ultimate move itself and they could confirm that Lin Huang was the real Sword Genius. All they could do was to watch Lin Huang fight the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit from afar as a double mutated Transcendent monster was out of their league. If they decided to help, they would only drag Lin Huang down. Therefore, all they could do was watch, both of them forgetting that they were complete gold-level while Lin Huang was only a gold-level rank-2.

In the battle, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit looked at Lin Huang who was approaching beneath it. In its blue eyes were a sense of mockery as it then extended its white hands from its bloody robe. Suddenly, the boiling lava behind the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit spewed more than 10 meters above the ground and advanced at Tyrant and Lin Huang. Noticing that the lava was coming to them like an ocean wave which could devour the both of them within seconds, Lin Huang remained fearless.

"Tyrant!" Lin Huang shouted.

Tyrant tossed Lin Huang, who was in its palm, with all its strength towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s direction. In the air, he leaped with his four Blood Spirit wings opened and twin swords in both his hands. He headed like an arrow towards the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s face.

"Hmph!" Sanguine Skeletal Spirit gasped as a couple of black scythes appeared out of nowhere and flew towards Lin Huang.

Staring deadly at the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, Lin Huang zipped towards it without avoiding the attack. Suddenly, a golden lightning collided with the scythes. The scythes then faded away. It was the Nephilic Judge that had transformed herself into lightning. She was so fast that she cleared the obstacles for Lin Huang in an instant. Nine Punishment Chains shot out from the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s robe, breaking through the space and arriving before Lin Huang instantly.

"Seraphic Speed!" Lin Huang smirked and flapped his wings a few inches higher. With the help of Seraphic Speed, he arrived on top of the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head immediately. The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit did not expect Lin Huang to have such an ability. It happened very quickly, so it did not see it coming.

"Die!" Lin Huang shouted while piercing his sword with Worldly Purification into the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head. As the sword collided with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit’s head, a golden spark burst everywhere like a sun with its endless glow.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were shocked as they watched from a distance. Helpless, they squinted without closing their eyes completely as they did not want to miss the show.

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Shortly, a loud hammer-like sound came from the sky after the golden flow erupted. An energy force shook the place and any ground that was not sturdy within hundreds of meters collapsed. Gravel turned into dust within seconds and volcanic ash filled the place as the earth trembled.


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