Monster Paradise
286 Sanguine Skeletal Spiri
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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286 Sanguine Skeletal Spiri

"Don’t look at its eyes!" Lin Huang warned the both of them when he saw the golden flames in the Forsaken Skeleton’s eyes dancing dangerously. Right after he said that, a spiritual force shot out of its golden eyes. Although the three of them did not stare directly into its eyes, they felt the tremor on the spiritual level. It was a unique force that was similar to desolation which directly affected the human soul. Although they managed to avoid looking at its eyes, they felt uncomfortable.

Before encountering monsters with the deterrence ability, Lin Huang had never imagined that the impact would be this significant. The force of the ability even brought out fear in him; it was a feeling that he had not experienced for a long time since he had arrived in this world.

"Is Advanced Deterrence really this powerful? Or is this distress caused by the difference in spiritual level?" Lin Huang frowned as he looked at Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. The both of them were clearly experiencing it worse than he was.

"Don’t be affected by it. It’s just the effect of its Advanced Deterrence skill. It’s not as invincible as you think!" Lin Huang shouted at the both of them. As Yi Yeyu and Li Lang snapped out of their feelings of oppression and despair, the Forsaken Skeleton turned its head slightly and glared at Lin Huang. The flames in its eyes were swirling in doubt as if it was thinking. Seeing its pupils shrinking, he surmised that something was about to happen.

Suddenly, Lin Huang sensed that he was gripped with an intense sense of crisis. Without thinking twice, Lin Huang lifted his sword relic into a defensive pose and leaped backwards. A black scythe came out of nowhere and collided with Lin Huang’s sword…

The scythe struck him with a strong force and Lin Huang almost fell onto the ground.

"Is it attacking me first?" Lin Huang frowned.

"Did it randomly pick an opponent or did it determine that I’m the biggest threat to it?" he thought to himself.

The intense foreboding sense swelled within him again. He lifted his sword and swung it around. His sword collided with the black scythe that appeared out of nowhere once more. As they collided, the same unyielding force came out of the scythe again. Just when Lin Huang was backing away from the scythe, he saw a flaming chain whip around the Forsaken Skeleton’s hand from the corner of his eye. The chain dashed towards him, breaking through the sulphuric air and arriving in front of him in an instant.

He frowned as he tried to figure out the Forsaken Skeleton’s move. If it was randomly attacking, it would have changed its target when its first attack was blocked. However, it proceeded with its second and third attacks. Now that the Punishment Chain was whipped out, it was clearly trying to kill the biggest threat present.

"This fella sure can think!" He thought. Although unwilling to believe what he was seeing, Lin Huang confirmed that this Forsaken Skeleton was at least a double mutated monster. To be exact, it was no longer just a mere Forsaken Skeleton.

As he backed away from the scythe, he was unable to escape as he found himself plunged into the air. Seeing the chains heading his way, he knew very well that he could not come into contact with the chains. If he did, his Life Power would be sealed and that would be the end of the battle. Even Yi Yeyu and Li Lang could not fight such a powerful double mutated monster. It was very likely that the three of them might die there and then.

After some hesitation, Lin Huang figured that there was no way he could hide anymore.

" Dark Shield !"

A layer of dark shield resembling a piece of cloth spread out from his body, covering his entire being. It looked a thin layer of bedsheets as it swayed in the wind like a mosquito net. It collided with the flaming chains in an instant. As opposed to common expectations, the chains did not burn through the shield. On the contrary, there was a loud thud that sounded like the chains had collided with a hard object.

Upon the deafening sound, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang finally snapped out of the deterrence effect. They realized that Lin Huang was fighting the Forsaken Skeleton.

"Please be careful! This thing might not even be a Forsaken Skeleton. It might be a double mutated Sanguine Skeletal Spirit!" Lin Huang shouted at the both of them.

"What?!" They could not believe what they just heard.

It was difficult for a Forsaken Skeleton to complete its second mutation, but once it was done, it would become a Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Not only would its ability increase immensely, so would its intelligence.

The creature suddenly spoke, "Hehehe…busted!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Just when they were gaping at it in shock, the golden flame in the Forsaken Skeleton’s eyes turned blue. The lava around its body was now sheathed in a loose bloody robe that covered it from its head to its feet and a bloody crown appeared on its head.

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit had finally shown its true self. Although Lin Huang had gotten proof of his suspicions, he was discouraged to see this. The double mutated Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was much more powerful than the mutated Forsaken Skeleton. If the Forsaken Skeleton was a spirited puppet that lived by instinct, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit was a witch with human intelligence. Both its abilities and its intelligence were much higher than the Forsaken Skeleton’s.

"How should I kill the three of you? The bomb earlier almost killed me…"

The Sanguine Skeletal Spirit floated into the air with its bloody robe fluttering. Flying was not something that a Forsaken Skeleton could do.

"If I didn’t use the spiritual lava under my feet as my shield, I might not have been able to rise from the debris. The explosion earlier also destroyed all of the spiritual power in the lava which took me a long time to gather. Tell me, should I kill all of you?!"

The Dark Shield surrounding Lin Huang’s body faded away. Listening to the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, the three of them finally figured out how it survived the explosion earlier. However, they did not have the time to talk about the spiritual lava anymore as the situation was dire right now. They knew very well that they would not be able to escape from this Sanguine Skeletal Spirit.

The only choice they had was to fight!

"Take care of yourself."

After Lin Huang spoke, a gigantic shadow appeared in front of him. At the same time, a silhouette of a ripped body in silver armor materialized too. They were Tyrant and the Nephilic Judge! Lin Huang’s eyes turned a bloody red and two pairs of Blood Spirit wings tore open his clothes and sprouted from his back.


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