Monster Paradise
285 Forsaken Skeleton
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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285 Forsaken Skeleton

The red sparks that exploded covered the clouds in the sky. As the impact of the explosion spread out like ripples on water, it dashed towards the three of them from three kilometers away. They immediately rode on their monsters and escaped at the speed of light. The speed of the spreading of impact was nothing slower than the Alexandrian Eagle. Fortunately, they had reacted in time and the impact slowed down a couple of minutes later, finally stopping spreading completely.

The heat warmed their backs because the strong wind was blowing the residual energy of the explosion towards them. They were not affected as they had donned defense relics beforehand to fight the Transcendent monsters. Meanwhile, besides Lin Huang’s Alexandrian Eagle, the other two flight mounts suffered slight burn injuries. After confirming that they were far enough from the impact reach, they got their flight mounts to turn around in the air.

Lin Huang looked at the volcano that had exploded into chunks tens of kilometers away as well as the mushroom cloud on top. He stared speechlessly at Li Lang.

"I thought you said the range of explosion was three kilometers! Isn’t this 30 kilometers?! Couldn't you have only used the bomb after finding out the correct way to do so?! You almost got us killed!" Yi Yeyu condemned Li Lang without mercy. She was not hurt but her Rainbow Sparrow’s colorful tail was burnt.

Li Lang knew that he was at fault, so he grimly accepted Yi Yeyu’s outrage without saying anything. Looking at the impact of the nuclear bomb, the Forsaken Skeleton must have been destroyed. Without being able to submit the dead body, that would mean that their mission had failed and Lin Huang would have to look for another one…

Just when Lin Huang opened the map to look for the second Forsaken Skeleton, he heard a roar from far away, approaching their direction. He scanned around immediately. Yi Yeyu and Li Lang looked around too. The sound came from the direction of the volcano that had exploded.

"Is the Forsaken Skeleton still alive?!" Yi Yeyu asked Lin Huang in disbelief.

"It can’t be. How could it survive the explosion?!" Li Lang was shocked as well. The sound came from the volcano which had exploded and became a flatland.

"It really sounded like the Forsaken Skeleton…" Lin Huang nodded. He was shocked when he heard the roar as well because the explosion seemed to have destroyed everything around the volcano. They had no idea how the monster would have survived the explosion.

"Should we go for it?" Li Lang asked in doubt. Although he had no idea what exactly the nuclear bomb did, all of them had witnessed how powerful the impact was. With such a powerful impact, the Forsaken Skeleton’s ability to survive was beyond their imaginations.

"Why not? Even if it’s not dead, under the impact, it must be badly injured!" Yi Yeyu replied without thinking twice.

"Yeyu is right, this is a good time to kill the Forsaken Skeleton. No matter how powerful its defense is, based on the circumstances, it’s impossible that the monster is completely fine," Lin Huang agreed.

"That means I did the right thing to toss the bomb then?!" Li Lang was excited.

"Right thing? Right, my ass!" Lin Huang glared at Li Lang.

"Dumbass!" Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Li Lang.

Just when they came to an agreement, the Forsaken Skeleton that was covered in red lava appeared from the collapsed debris. Instead of running away, Lin Huang and the rest rode on their mounts and headed towards the gigantic Forsaken Skeleton. They managed to arrive near the Forsaken Skeleton that was 30 kilometers away in less than two minutes. When they were less than 20 meters from the ground, they hopped off from their mounts and recalled them.

Areas that were high in nuclear radiation were usually life-threatening to ordinary people. However, the radiation could not enter their bodies that were protected by Life Power, which also served to isolate the heat from the explosion as well. However, the ashes and pungent sulphuric stench that was lingering in the air were unbearable. Holding his nausea in, Lin Huang looked at the both of them, frowning. Li Lang put a mask over his mouth and nose as Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at him again. Seeing that the both of them were not wearing a mask, Li Lang passed two masks to them. Lin Huang shook his head to decline while Yi Yeyu put it on after some hesitation.

As the three of them were landing, the gigantic Forsaken Skeleton looked in their direction with furious eyes. Although its intelligence was low, it knew that they were the ones to blame for almost killing it with the explosion earlier since there was no one else around this area. After confirming that they were the culprits, the Forsaken Skeleton kept making its way up from the debris while roaring angrily at the three of them.

The three of them held their ground while waiting for the Forsaken Skeleton to advance. They were afraid that if they were to attack then, the Forsaken Skeleton would hide in the lava which made it hard for them to kill it. As they stood where they were, they observed the monster. The monster could only be seen from its shoulder up and that part alone was over five meters tall. It was huge! Although most of its body was covered in lava, they could clearly see that the monster was a flawless white in color like a perfect porcelain piece.

"Master would definitely love it if I were to make tea sets with the monster’s bones…" Lin Huang was thinking which part of the monster’s bone should he loot. It was not a strange idea as most of the items in this world were made of creatures including high-class tea sets, plates, and decorative sculptures. Unlike Earth, this world had too many monsters, so there was no law that restricted the hunting of monsters. In fact, the Union Government actually encouraged such behavior. There was no need to worry about the damage to the ecosystem as the Virtual Eye opened every day. If nobody was killing the monsters, there would be more and more monsters in this word which could be life-threatening to human survivors.

"We can submit the dead corpse but I’d like to keep one of its bones!" Li Lang shouted out of nowhere. He must have had the same thought as Lin Huang.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I’ll get one as well then!" Lin Huang shouted back.

Yi Yeyu did not say a word. Awhile later, the Forsaken Skeleton finally got out of the hole. It was more than 30 meters tall. With its entire body covered in lava, heat spread out of its body. Golden flames roiled around in his eyes as he looked down at the three of them…


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